Hi, hi! ^^ I have been wanting to write something about Finn/Holly (Yes, I do ship Finn and Holly) and since I don't have any REAL big story ideas now, I am just going to do these small cute story of them. Some stories might be long and some might be short!

But I do have a full Finn/Holly story :3 It is called Awake and Alive. Please drop by and have a look at it! Only if you want to O.O

Anyways! On with my first Finn/Holley love story thingy! :3

It's humanized!


"Let me get this straight, Finn." Holley started, looking at her partner with a shock expression. "You want me to just…have fun?"

Finn smirked at her and nodded. "Correct, Miss. Shiftwell."

Holley kept on looking at her partner with a shock expression. "But…I though you said spies can't have fun while on a mission."

"Well, looks like this is the first mission we must have fun."

"How?" Holley inquired, hands on her hips.

"Oh, Miss Shiftwell, you're really asking me that?" Finn chuckled, walking behind her, hands behind his back.

"Yes. Now may you tell me?"

Finn stood behind Holley with a smirk on his lips. "It's easy, Miss Shiftwell. You just let yourself lose." He spoke, placing a hand on her shoulder. "Don't care what the people think or say about you having fun." He slid his arm down to her waist.

Holley looked down, blushing. "I get where you're going at, McMissile."

Finn raised his eyebrows up and turned her around slowly. "You do?"

Holley looked up at his bluish-greenish eyes as he looked back at her light green eyes. "Yes, sir."

She placed her hands on his strong shoulders and leaned up to him so their nose touched. "I understand now." She slowly wrapped her arms around his neck.

Finn pulled her closely, lowering his gaze. "Do go on." He softly said with his slick British accent.

Holley started to play around with Finn's black/grey hair. "What you mean by the word `fun`…" Holley continued, lowering her gaze also. "Is to," She suddenly pushed away from Finn a pointed at him. "Be able to use my jets more since I always think people would be thinking that I'm some weird lady with jets!"

She then turned her jet pack on. "Thanks, Finn! You should of told me that sooner!" She then ran past him. "Come on, Finn! We must finish this mission."

Finn, bewilder and shocked, stood still with his eyes widen. He turned around to see Holley at the end of a building. He then broke into a smile and shook his head. He began to walk towards her, chuckling.

"Oh…young partners…" He sighed. "They never understand the real message." He kept looking at Holley with a smile, who was waiting for him. "You'll understand the real message one day."


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