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Summary: A witch curse a young druidess into submission but the curse goes awry. A scout finds her and she is bond to him. She must find a way to free herself from him and return home before he finds out her secret. But what if he already knows?

Althea walked up the path, holding onto her youngest two-year-old daughter, Nola, by her right side stood her eldest five-year-old daughter, Myrina. She had wanted to bring all four of her children with her. She knew they weren't going to understand, but that didn't matter. She wanted him to see his children one last time. She hadn't been able to find her eldest son who was ten and Nola's twin brother. So she had her children with her. Nola had fallen asleep in her mother's arms and Althea didn't have the heart to wake her up.

"Althea," her husband, Calatin, whispered when he spotted her. He rushed over and gave her a light hug before hugging Myrina. "You should not be here," he whispered.

"We have come to say our goodbyes." Her voice cracked ever so slightly, but her face remained stoic. "I couldn't find the boys. I'm sorry."

He kissed Myrina's forehead before kissing Nola's, then he looked at his wife. "I must do this. You understand, do you not?"

She nodded her head. "I have not come to try to talk you out of it."

"I am glad. The only way to fight the Romans is through the magic of the old gods. They will honor this sacrifice. I know they will. I am the last prince of my father's blood, the son of a druid and queen. My blood is sacred. When they honor my sacrifice we will win. And when we win, our children's children will never have to fear. And…" He looked at Myrina and smiled. She smiled back at him. "Better me than one of our children."

"I love you, papa" she said as she hugged him. She was her father's little girl, despite resembling Althea in nearly every way, long brown hair and brown eyes.

He returned her hug before forcing her to move back. "But I need you and your mum to leave now," he said. "Go."

She nodded. "Come, mum," she said as she grabbed her mother's hand. Althea let her daughter go and reached out toward her husband. He grabbed her hand and kissed it before taking a step back. She forced herself to smile before allowing her daughter to lead her out. Calm, collected, she had to pretend for her daughter's sake. Myrina didn't know that her father was about to die a gruesome death. He was going to sacrifice his body and blood in hopes that the gods would gift them with the magic of old. And she prayed that they would honor his request.

"Althea," Bram's cool baritone voice interrupted her thought.

"Uncle Bram," Myrina said happily.

"And where have you been, little hawk?" he teased. He placed a hawk feather in her hair, making her smile.

"We went to see papa," she said.

He shot his sister a quick look and she gave him a slow nod. He reached out and grabbed her hand. "It's for the best," he whispered.

She nodded. "I know," her voice was soft and difficult to hear. She looked up at the full moon then quickly closed her eyes. Two tears ran down her cheeks, but she didn't sniff. "I wanted to bring the boys with me. But it's too late now."

"Come," he said as he wrapped his arm around his sister and led her away.

Three boys came out of the woods; one was Bram's older son, who held baby Darren, while the other was Brandon, Althea's oldest child.

"Where have you been?" Althea said in anger.

The boys looked at her in surprise by her tone.

"We were playing, mum," Brandon said softly. He rarely saw his mother angry, and especially at him.

She closed her eyes and shook her head. "I'm sorry," she whispered. "I just…" She stopped talking and her eyes widen in horror. "Bram, one of the groves is on fire." She pointed in front of them.

"No!" he shouted. "Althea, get out of here."

He didn't have to repeat his demand a second time as she grabbed Myrina's hand and started running away from the fire. "Go with them Reghan!" he shouted at his son. The young man nodded and grabbed Darren, quickly following after Althea.

They reached the edge of the woods when they heard a horn. Althea turned to Reghan and shoved Nola into his other arm. "Take the children and hide. Don't come out for any Roman."

"And you?" he asked in fear.

She looked up the beaten path that she had just come down. "I must protect my husband. I can't let them stop the ritual." Reghan opened his mouth to protest, but she cut him off. "Take them! Trust no one. Look for Merlin. He will keep you safe."

He finally nodded and turned.

"Mummy?" Myrina cried as her brother grabbed her arm.

"I love you, Rina," Althea shouted.

Myrina didn't have long to see her mother as her brother dragged her through the forest. The second they were in the forest Althea rushed out of their sight.

"Come on, Rina!" Brandon snapped as he pulled his sister. She turned and followed after them.

"Reghan, wait!" she huffed. The boy was nearly thirteen, and he was soon far ahead of the two children. Suddenly, he stopped, giving the children enough time to catch up.

"Reghan," Brandon said, trying to catch his breath. Then he gasped. A large bear stood in their path. It stood up and roared. None of the children could move. The earth seemed to tremble when it landed back on all fours. Myrina reached out and grabbed a chunk of its hair as it ran past them and lunged at a Roman knight.

The children didn't wait another second as they continued their flight.

Myrina screamed as a horse crashed through the woods and stopped in front of them. The horse reared, nearly sending its small passenger out of his saddle. The boy, roughly Reghan's age if not a little older, stared at them in horror. He clearly didn't expect to see children.

"There are soldiers that way," he quickly said, pointing in the direction that they were running. "There isn't anyone that way." He pointed in front of him. "There isn't much time. Keep going that way. Just get out of here. They're going to kill everyone. If you know of a place to hide then go hide there. Don't come back."

"Why are you helping us?" Brandon asked. The teen was clearly Roman. He wore Roman armor, and had a sword by his side.

"Because…" He looked back toward the fighting then back at them. "I had to give you a chance." He didn't wait for them to say another word as he turned and ran back to join the fighting.

"Bran!" Rina shouted at her brother as she grabbed her little sister and started to run. Her eyes darted around her surroundings. She could barely see much. She coughed. Smoke! She turned and gasped in horror. The grove was on fire.

"We must hurry, Rina!" Bran yelled. Darren started to cry as Reghan tried to calm him. But they couldn't stop. Darren's crying woke Nola up, making her cry as well.

"Mummy," she whispered as tears ran down her face. "Mummy?"

"Silence, child!" someone snapped.

The children froze in fear as five men appeared in front of them. The men wore hides and had blue paint on their bodies.

"Our mummy!" Rina said, knowing that they were her allies. She pointed in the direction of the fire.

"Should we go help the others, Merlin?" one of the men asked.

"Merlin!" Reghan said. "She told us to trust you. That you can protect us."

Merlin looked in the direction of the fire then nodded his head. "We need to get the little ones to safety. Come." He picked Myrina up, and motioned for two of his other men to pick up the twins, allowing Bran to run with them.

Rina watched from behind as they ran, tears running down her face. Her home, her parents, they were gone.

Thirteen Years Later

Guinevere stood in front of a small lake, and cautiously looked around before stripping her clothes off. She untied her hair allowing it to flow loosely around her body. The only entrance to and from the small lake was the little dirt path that she stood on. The rest of the lake was surrounded by a cliff. Guinevere smiled as she ran then dove into the water. She took her time before finally resurfacing. It had been a while since she had enough time to enjoy herself in the lake. Her father had kept her busy learning about the land and trying his best to make her into a fine warrior.

She didn't mind fighting and actually enjoyed getting up early in the morning to practice. It was her favorite time of day during any season. She felt alive. But, at the same time, she slightly dreaded it. Brandon, Calatin's oldest son, was a morning person as well. He and his siblings had become permanent members of her village, much to her delight and small dismay.

The children were the only survivors of the druids who were massacred by the Romans. Merlin had gone back, some days later, to see if anyone else had escaped. But there had been no one. And so, the children grew up in Guinevere's home, unofficially adopted by her father, Merlin.

Guinevere sighed. For her, they were her siblings albeit annoying, the boys especially, but her siblings none the less. But had problem had started for her. Brandon had started being sweet to her. Rumors of a union shortly after the children came with her father. Her father told her that they had druid blood in their family. She was the best candidate for Brandon to marry. Merlin was already the unofficial leader of the village, making Guinevere an unofficial princess.

She had to admit, Brandon was handsome: his shoulder length blond hair seemed to always flow perfectly behind him. And the two different eye colors, one blue and one brown, fascinated her. He was also a great inspiration to the people, even if he never fought a single battle. But, she had seen him with another woman. It was an accident, as she was making her way to a Roman's home. She was going to spy on the Roman and see what she could do to make his life miserable. As she walked in the woods, she had seen Brandon with another woman.

Guinevere shuddered at the memory. She had caught them while they were at their most intimate moment. At least neither had seen her. Still, she knew she would never be able to get that image out of her head. She couldn't be with him. No, he was practically her brother, they grew up together. But the beginning pressures of her father and the council were getting to her.

Normally, she voiced her frustrations and concerns to Myrina. But the young woman had been busy as of late.

A cold breeze flowed through the lake sending chills down her body and knocking her back into reality.

"A bit late to be swimming," a deep voice said.

Instinctively, Guinevere placed her hands over her chest. "It's rude to spy on a woman bathing," she snapped.

Brandon smiled, but didn't turn away or move. He leaned against a tree with his arms across his chest. "Come now," he said, standing up. "You shouldn't be shy. After all, I believe your father is prepared for us to marry."

She gulped. Maybe he was prepared, but that didn't mean she was. "But we aren't," she said with a glare.

Something grunted then moaned, causing both of them to look down the trail. A bear nearly as tall as Brandon stood at the entrance of the path. It looked from one to the other before it charged at them. Guinevere cursed at herself. Where did she leave her weapons? Brandon shouted as he jumped back and entered the water. The bear stopped at the edge of the water then stood up to its full height, roaring at the two.

"Do something, Brandon!" Guinevere shouted.

He looked around, but both were in the water and their weapons were on the shore.

She frowned. Did it just chuckle? The bear's body shimmered as the hair and claws disappeared. Its back legs became human legs and its front legs became human arms. The body and head of the bear immediately became that of a naked human, and Guinevere recognized Myrina.

"Get out of here, Bran!" the young druidess snapped at her brother. "What were you thinking?"

He kept his head turned so he would have to see his sister's body and took off his cloak. "I surrender," he said before he disappeared into the woods.

Myrina rolled her eyes, but picked up his cloak and wrapped it around her. "That is the one disadvantage of changing into an animal form," she said, not really talking to Guinevere. "Don't have any clothes when I change back."

Guinevere made her way out of the small lake and smiled gratefully. "Thank you," she said.

Myrina nodded. "I'm going to speak to him. I don't know what possessed him to do that."

"He is right. We will be married soon." Guinevere frowned. Why was she defending him?

Myrina's eyes narrowed as she looked at her friend.

"Do you bring any news?" Guinevere asked, quickly changing the subject. She couldn't express her doubts and fears and what she saw between Brandon and the mystery woman.

Myrina sighed. "I don't know. The Sarmatian knights have taken up residence at a village nearby. I think they were chasing after some bandits. I don't think they are here for us. I was on my way back when I spotted you and my brother."

"You spied on them as a bear?" Guinevere asked a little skeptical.

Myrina laughed, shaking her head. "I was a hawk. My usual spy form."

Guinevere nodded. It was strange to think that a person had the ability to turn into a hawk and a bear. They discovered her ability to shapeshift just after they arrived at the village. There were only two forms that she could shift into comfortable: a hawk and a bear. The hawk form proved to be invaluable, allowing her to spy on the Romans.

Nola, on the other hand, could heal. But her healing abilities came at a grand price. The few times that Nola ever used them she became drastically sick and once to the point of death. Merlin rarely allowed her to use her ability because of that.

As for the rest of her family? Neither of the two boys could do anything special, and not for lack of trying. No one was entirely sure how the two girls developed their magic power. The sacrifice was Reghan's explanation. Calatin had sacrificed his life in an attempt for the old gods to bless them with magic. But why did the girls have magic while the boys didn't? No one was exactly sure. Myrina had told Guinevere once that she and Nola had been the last to see their father and had been kissed by him.

"We better go," Myrina said, looking up into the sky. "I believe it's going to rain."

Guinevere nodded and the two young women made their way back to their village. It was a quiet walk since neither spoke to each other, but it was an easy silence. They stopped once for Myrina to get her clothes that she had hid and put them on.

"Do you think your brother really wants to marry me? Or does he care for someone else?" Guinevere finally asked.

The young druidess looked at her in surprise then frowned. "I haven't heard him talk about anyone else. Although I have seen other women look at him. But," she paused. "To be honest, I haven't heard him talk about anyone. I…" Myrina stopped talking and froze. A group of riders rode toward them.

Guinevere recognized her father, Nola and Darren in the group before them. The three pulled ahead and stopped in front of the two young women.

"What has happened?" Myrina asked, spotting the tears in Nola's eyes.

"Reghan is dead," Nola whispered.

Panic crossed Myrina's face as she took a step back. "No," she whispered, covering her mouth with her hand.

"Come," Merlin said as one of his men brought out two fresh mounts. Both girls got on the horse and started to follow everyone back.

Darren turned and gave Guinevere a quick glance before he looked at his sister. "Rina!" he shouted.

She had turned her horse around and was riding in the opposite direction that they were going. She didn't look back as she forced her horse to gallop away.

"Don't! Merlin ordered Darren who started after her. "Let her be. She will come back."

Darren looked at the older man then at his sister before forcing himself to rejoin the group. The sky rumbled overhead and then it began to rain.

"Why?" Myrina sobbed, ignoring the rain as she buried her face into her horse's mane. She didn't care where it was going and didn't even try to look up. Reghan had died. He had been the only person allowed himself to talk about her mother and father. The images she remembered were blurry and she remembered nothing of that fateful night. No one else really knew her parents, except for Brandon. And he refused to broach the subject. She had gotten close to her cousin, because of his openness.

She clenched her fists around the reins. Why didn't Merlin let her sister heal Reghan? If only she had the ability to heal. She wouldn't let Merlin control who she could and could not heal. No, Reghan wouldn't have let her heal him, even if she could.

The stallion screamed in surprise as it rose up on its hind legs. She had been unprepared for the sudden stop, and screamed as she fell. She landed on the ground and coughed as the wind was knocked out of her. She lay on her back, allowing the rain fall on her. She didn't care, nor did she move, even after she caught her breath. She felt so useless. Yeah, she could change into an animal, but that was it. She always felt drained after she changed back.

Her horse! She quickly sat up and looked around, but it was nowhere in sight. She stood up and winced in pain. Her body felt bruised, but she was sure nothing was broken. She started to move in the direction of her home when she heard someone approach.

"Oye! Look at what we got 'ere, boys," a man said as he walked out of the woods. Myrina looked at the man as he smiled looking her up and down. Two more men stood closely behind him. The three men were similar in appearance, in the way that they were fat, balding and bearded.

"Leave me alone," Myrina hissed as she turned and faced them. She wasn't going to keep her back to them. Inwardly, she looked for the bear. "I have no time for you." Her body shook in fear and rage, but she pretended that it was from the cold wind.

"Did you hear that, boys?" the leader asked as he walked toward her. "She got no time for us." His smile widened, and her eyes narrowed as she took a step back.

Where was it?

"Let's make time," one of the men behind the leader said as he giggled.

She froze. Inwardly, she found the bear, but her body was too weak to change into it. She had exhausted mentally and physically exhausted herself.

Like lightning, the leader took her brief moment of weakness and lunged at her, grabbing her left arm. She screamed as she ripped her arm away and punched him. Her fist connected with his jaw, causing him to stagger back in surprise. His men laughed behind him.

"That was a mistake," he snarled as he spat out blood.

She didn't even hear him say his last line as she turned and ran. "Help!" she screamed. She had no weapons on her, she hadn't intended on her sudden ride.

She screamed as she ran into one of the bandits and tried to move away. He smacked her across the face, stunning her. She felt someone tackle her to the ground and quickly recovered from her daze. She screamed again as she struggled with her attackers. He lay on top of her back and laughed at her futile attempts.

"Looks like we got a feisty one." The men laughed as they neared her.

"Get off me," Myrina screamed. She was angry and distort now. If only they knew. As a bear, she would have ripped them apart, but she couldn't. Her magic had abandoned her in her time of need. Tears streamed down her face as she realized what was going to happen. Her family was nowhere near to hear her screams or come to her rescue.

One of the men cried out as he collapsed onto the ground, an arrow in his chest. The man on top of her kept his knee on her back, but straightened his body as he looked around. His other companion unsheathed his sword.

"Show yourself!" the man shouted.

She smiled as she looked in the direction that the arrow had come from. She half expected to see her sister standing with their brothers, but was surprised to see a young man. The man sat relaxed on his horse and held his bow and arrow ready to shoot again.

"The lady told you to get off her," he said in a deadly voice.

"You should have just told us that you had a man," the leader said as he quickly stood up and raised his left arm in surrender. Despite his words, Myrina saw the man reach for something with his right hand.

"No!" she screamed as she kicked him in the gut. An arrow hit the man in the chest and he fell back dead. The other man screamed as he scurried away. Another arrow quickly brought him down.

She quickly stood up and stared down at the dead man.

Despite having trained for years on how to kill someone, she had never actually killed anyone, or been close to a dead body. The man's eyes were open and he stared vacantly up into the sky. She swallowed hard, trying to keep herself from vomiting.

She screamed in surprise as a hand touched her shoulder. The young man, her rescuer, had dismounted his horse and now stood behind her.

"Don't look at him," he said, pulling her away from the bodies.

She didn't fight him. "Th… thank you," she whispered. Finally, her world stopped spinning and she really looked at him. Immediately, she realized that he wasn't a Woad and he wasn't a man of the land either. He was a foreigner, a knight! She recognized the suite of armor that he wore and knew that he was a Sarmatian knight. She bit her cheek in an effort to not show fear. It was the Sarmatian knights who helped kill all the druids. There was no doubt in her mind that he would try to kill her if he knew who she was. But they were supposed to be ruthless and cruel. Why did he rescue her?

"Why did you help me?" The words blurted out of her mouth before she could stop them. She took a step back. She couldn't trust him, not yet. Maybe, if she had to, she could run away from him. She could feel her magic humming through her veins, but she still wasn't strong enough.

"You were in need of my help," he replied as he looked around. "Your horse?"

She looked around. "He got scared."

The man nodded, as if he understood. He got onto his horse then reached his hand down to her. "I will take you to it," he said, trying to sound reassuring. His face was difficult to read, but she felt no need to be afraid of him.

She grabbed his hand and let him put her on his horse. She sat in front of him and looked out as he commanded his horse to move. She knew she was tense. She was practically sitting on his lap. "Thank you, for rescuing me," she said softly.

"Those men cowards," he said. "And cowards like them don't deserve to live." He kept his eyes focused, looking for the horse.

Suddenly, a loud crack sounded overhead and the heavens opened up completely. He wrapped his cloak around her, but soon it was soaking wet. He didn't say anything as he stopped his horse and got down. He reached for her and she hesitantly let him help her off the horse.

"But I have to get home," she said.

He shook his head. "You will get sick. Come!"

It was then that she saw the small shack that was to their left. She followed him inside and immediately stiffened. She was alone with a man in a shack. Not just any man, a Sarmatian knight. Why didn't she… Her thoughts were interrupted when he walked back outside.

She looked around and spotted some wood to make a fire. She placed the wood in the fireplace and lit it. The Sarmatian knight was right. Walking in the rain would surely get her sick. Especially since her emotional state was so fragile. Her chest tightened at the thought of her cousin. She shouldn't have run away. She should have stayed with her family.

"Regret won't get you anywhere," the man said, causing her to jump in surprise.

"What?" she asked.

He didn't look at her as he took off his cloak and hung it over a chair. "Regret," he said again. "You can't change the past. Learn and move on."

"You don't regret? You don't regret the people you have killed?"

He paused for a moment then looked at her. "Most tried to kill me, or harm innocent people, like you."

She didn't answer.

"Best get comfortable. We may be here for a while." He still didn't look at her as he took off the items he didn't have to wear.

She looked around before she sat down on the floor next to the fire. It would take a while for her clothes to dry, especially since she was wearing them. Something dry landed on her lap and she looked down to see a set of men's clothes. She looked up at the knight and frowned.

"They are dry," he said. "Put them on, unless you wish to get sick."

"Turn," she commanded with a frown.

As soon as he turned she got out of her clothes and put his on. They were extremely loose on her, but it was nice to get out of wet clothes. "Thank you," she finally said. "I'm decent."

He still didn't look at her as he opened his satchel and rummaged through it.

She fidgeted, unsure of what to say or do. "What is your name? You rescued me and I haven't even asked for your name."

He shrugged as if it didn't matter. "Tristan."

"I'm Myrina, but you can call me Rina." Her eyes widen in horror and she quickly bit her lip to keep from saying more. Why had she given him her nickname? Only her family was allowed to call her Rina. And even worse he was an enemy.

He finally found what he wanted and turned toward her. In his hands was a pan and placed it on the fire before he put some meat in it. She could immediately tell that there wasn't much food. He had only packed enough for himself for the night.

Her stomach let out a loud growl when she spotted the piece of bread that he took out. She immediately busied herself by straightening her dress that she had draped over a table. She had no illusions that he would share with her his food. Why would he?

The smell of cooked meat was starting to get overwhelming. Maybe she would try her luck walking in the rain, alone, at night.

"Sit," Tristan commanded. She looked at him and he motioned for her to sit next to him.

"I'm not hungry," she said, but sat down near him. He evenly split his meal into two and gave her the other half. "Thank you," she said.

He just shrugged, keeping all of his attention on his food.

She watched him as she carefully ate her food. Her eyes stopped over his tattoo. She wondered what it meant.

He continued to eat as if she wasn't staring at him.

"Can I ask you something?" she finally asked as she dragged her body closer to him.

He raised his eyebrows but nodded.

"Why are you here?"

"Does it matter? I was there when you needed me," he pointed out. "Why are you out in the forest alone?"

"I would have been alright if not for…" she caught herself just in time and crossed her arms over her chest.

The shack rumbled with the thunder. The two looked up and around as if expecting everything to collapse around them.

Slowly, she rubbed her eyes. "It's because of my cousin," she whispered. "He's… he's dead." At those words she started to cry.

Tristan shifted uncomfortably. This was not a situation he had ever found himself in. His fellow knights had talked to him about emotional females, but he had never had to deal with any.

He looked around then scooted closer to her. Hesitantly, he reached out and touched her hand. She turned and wrapped her arms around his neck, crying into his shirt. She didn't seem to notice that he still wore his wet clothes. He stiffened, now more uncomfortable than ever.

Despite the fact that he was uncomfortable he didn't move, allowing her to cry. He didn't touch her. He wasn't even sure how to touch her. Place his hand on her back? Small of her back? Her head? Her shoulder? He had no idea. So he just sat there with both of his hands on the ground.

Slowly, her sobs turned to soft whimpers as she began to relax. "Thank you," she whispered.

He opened his mouth to respond when he realized that she was asleep. Slowly, he lay down, and her body followed his. He could probably get out from underneath her without waking her up. But he wasn't entire sure, and he didn't want to wake her. Besides, he found that he was surprisingly comfortable.

Carefully, he reached his hand onto the bed and dragged the single blanket down and put it over her. Then he looked up at the ceiling. It was going to be a long night.

Myrina awoke to a splitting headache. She let out a yawn and turned to her right then bit her lip to keep from screaming. Tristan slept beside her. She quickly rolled off of him and took stock of herself. Physically, she felt fine, except for the headache. Carefully, she got on her knees and leaned in to get a closer look at his face.

"Tristan? I see yur horse. Git out 'ere," a voice from outside snarled.

Myrina looked at the door in fear as she heard horses and more voices. She jumped to her feet and spotted the open window. She didn't think for another minute as she ran to it.

Tristan quickly got to his feet just in time to see his clothes drop to the ground. A hawk flew out of the window. He knew exactly what she was.

"Tristan? Ya in there? Galahad, go in there and see if it's him," Bors shouted.

Tristan quickly packed his things and opened the door to find Lancelot there. The dark-haired knight smiled slyly as he tried to peak through Tristan's body. "Got some company?" he asked.

Tristan let the door open fully as he walked over to the small shelter where he had tied his horse. It greeted him with impatience as it stamped its foot on the ground. Lancelot wouldn't find anything, even if he searched the whole shack. Tristan had put Myrina's dress into his bag for safe keeping.

"Let's get going, Tristan," Bors demanded. "Vanora could be giving birth to my boy any day now."

"Don't you mean my boy?" Lancelot asked with a raised eyebrow.

"As if Vanora would ever sleep with you," Bors spat back.

Tristan ignored the knights' banter as they made their way back toward Arthur and the rest. His mind kept replaying Myrina's quick exit. She had turned into a hawk there was no doubt about that. Which meant that she was a druid. There were many rumors about the druids of old and their powers. But Tristan had it on good authority that all the druids were killed. But she had escaped somehow.

"How else can you explain how beautiful your children look?" Lancelot teased. "Because they all belong to me."

Tristan rolled his eyes as he looked around into the woods. Suddenly, fear flowed through his entire body. What if it was a trap? What if she was waiting for the other knights and… No, it wasn't a trap. She had been scared. He had seen her face when she heard Bors. She wasn't happy for catching them, but scared. Still, his eyes scanned the woods looking for a hint of someone preparing to attack them, but saw nothing.

"Back to the Wall," Arthur commanded as soon as the rest of his knights joined up with him. Tristan let out a sigh as they rode out of the meadow and back to Hadrian's Wall. Part of him wanted to see that woman again and part of him was glad that he was never going to see her again. She had opened up a part of him that he wanted to keep closed.