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This next one takes place after the fall of Rokkaku.

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Original Founders: Mistake in Dimesion

(Corn, Beat, and Gum)

After the fall of Rokkaku Gouji, most of the GGs had nothing to do. Yoyo was on a date, with Rhyth, Cube was trying to make peace, between Poison Jam and Rapid 99, and Clutch went out, to find more graffiti souls, taking Jazz along with him. Roboy even went out, to find any left-over Noise Tanks, and see if they'll join the GGs. That left seven GGs to try entertaining themselves. Combo, Boogie, and Garam were dancing, nearby the giant stereos, while Corn and Soda were working on a machine. Beat sat with Gum on one of the couches, playing with Yoyo's dog Potts, while watching them work.

"So what exactly are you two working on", he asked. Soda stopped working for a second, and looked up at him, through his goggles. "A teleportation device". "Why?" "Because we're bored", Corn answered. "Maybe I should have gone with Roboy or something", Gum said "Why did bucket head want to go find Noise Tanks again?" "He said now that Rokkaku is gone, and he's one of them, he should find a way to help his 'fallen brothers'". "How touching", Gum said, though it was hard to tell if she was being sarcastic or not. "Alright, it's done", Soda said. "Beat, Gum could you two stand in front of the machine, with Corn please". As Beat and Gum stood with Corn, on a circular pad, Soda went over to a keyboard and typed something in. "OK, now all I need you to do is tell me a location you'd like to go". Corn thought for a moment then said "Take us to Shibuya Terminal". "Alright, 'Shibuya Terminal' it is". Soda typed in the location. "Uh Corn", Gum said, "Shouldn't you test this with a random object first?" But it was too late. Soda pushed the button, and in a glowing blue light, they were gone.

In Shibuya Terminal, Beat, Corn, and Gum materialized. "Alright! It worked." Corn said. But Gum's expression said otherwise. "Hey doesn't something seem a bit off to you guys?" After looking around themselves, they understood what she was talking about. "You're right. Shibuya looks retro". Beat just looked at Corn, very displeased. "Corn, what did you do?" "I don't know, we were supposed to be in Shibuya Terminal". Gum heard roller skates, followed by distant siren. What she saw shocked her. "Um guys you might want to take a look at this". Corn and Beat looked to were Gum was staring and saw another Beat, skating pass them, followed by two cop cars. "Wait . . . that was me". "Let's follow him", Corn said, "But keep your distance and stay on the rooftops."

After three minutes the Beat they were following, lost the cops. The trio jumped down, from a roof and hid behind a car. The retro Beat was then approached by two rudies that looked like Gum and Corn. "Gum, Tab, there you guys are". Corn looked confused "Did he just call that guy Tab?" "Beat are you alright", the retro Gum asked. "Yeah I'm fine. I just had run in with Onishima's cops. Just then a broad cast from Jet Set Radio was on.

"The number one radio station here, to keep you wise with info, and jamming with music. JET SET RADIOOO!". "Now here's some funky news: There seems to be three figures, looking similar to Beat and his first two members, of the GGs, Gum and Tab. Now either these three are some crazy fans, or they're long lost twins. Or maybe they're aliens trying to take over the world, by replacing everybody. Hah, well guess what alien scumbags; Earth's not going down without a fight". "But alien invasion aside, it seems that the Love Shockers are up to no good. They're in Highway Zero, tagging over any GG tag they see. So if the GG want to keep their turf over there, then they better move quickly." "This is DJ Professor K signing off".

"Three people looking like us", Tab said. "You think they're really our twins?" "I doubt it, too coincidental", said the retro Gum. "Well right now, we should take care of the Love Shockers. Gum and I will handle it", the retro Beat said. "OK boss, see you back at the garage", Tab said before the two skated off.

"So I'm leader, in this world, cool", Beat said with a smile. "Things are looking up, for me". Corn glared at him, with an expressionless face. "Beat, I don't care if you're leader in this world, or the next. You're not leading the GGs". "Chill out Corn", Beat said, putting his hands up in defense. "I got over that a long time ago". "Whatever". "So what do we do now", Gum asked. "Let's see if that guy Tab can help us. If he's as much of a genius as I am, then he should be able to help".

"Hmmm. Where are they"' Soda said. "They should be back by now". He skated over to the screen, on the machine. "The location was typed in right". He went over to the blueprints. "And everything was correctly placed". He was about to turn away, until he noticed there was a rip next to the word "TRANSPORTOR". Potts walked up and barked at Soda, holding a piece of the blueprint in his mouth. Soda took it from him and placed it near where it had been ripped. That's when the full title of the blueprint was shown. "'Dimensional Transporter' . . . OH CRAP!"

Tab was a few yards away from the garage. He was about to go in when he heard someone call him. "Hey uh . . . Tab". Tab turned around to see Beat, Corn, and Gum. "Whoa! Who are you?" "We're the GGs . . . from another world", Corn answered. "Huh?" "We need your help" "My help? Why?" "Well you see . . ."

Tab sat in the garage, with the GGs of the future. "So you want me to build a transporter, to take you home", Tab asked. Corn nodded "Yeah. Do you have a member named Soda who could help you?" "Soda? No. But we do have a member named Slate. He's probably the same guy". "Great can you go get him?" "Sure. He's probably the Shibuya Bus Terminal". Tab got up from his seat. "Wow I still can't believe I'm leader of the GGs, in your world". "I'm sure you have what it takes. You're Beat just probably got lucky", Corn said, earning a glare from Beat. "I don't know about that. The Beat I know was already prepared for the job. I only had to teach him a couple techniques and he even learned those quickly". "Your Beat sounds a lot better than our Beat then. Maybe we should have him teach ours a lesson or two", Gum said. "I'm right here you know", Beat mumbled.

Tab, Beat, Corn, and Gum all skated to the Shibuya Bus Terminal. They saw Slate grinding down a rail towards them. "Slate", Tab called out. Slate stopped skidded to a halt, in front of them. "Tab . . . who are those three and why do they look like you, Beat, and Gum?" Tab was about to explain, until they heard the sounds of a chopper coming towards them. "Uh-oh", Tab said "That chopper's gonna be difficult to lose". "Don't worry, we'll deal with it", Corn said. "You just take Slate back to the garage". "Alright good luck Corn".

While Tab and Slate skated away, Corn, Beat, and Gum skated past the chopper. The chopper followed them down a street where Beat and Gum went to a telephone pole, on each side of the street and grinded on them. As the chopper shot at Corn from below, Beat and Gum got close enough, to spray the sides of it. The chopper started to smoke and it fell out of the air. When it crashed, the pilot got out and Corn quickly sprayed him. "That was awesome", Beat said. "Come on. Let's get back to the garage", Corn said before skating off.

"Alright the machine's all done", Tab said. "Good!" "Now we can go home", said Beat and Gum. Corn skated toward Tab and Slate. "Thanks for your help guys". "No problem", Tab and Slate said at the same time. Corn, Beat, and Gum got in position and Slate typed in coordinates. "Maybe we'll meet again sometime", Tab said. Corn smiled. "Yeah, maybe". A glowing blue light surrounded them and then they vanished.

The door to the garage opened and the other Beat and Gum came in. "Tab we're back", Beat said. They looked in wonder, at the machine that Tab and Slate was at. "Uh guys, what's that?"

Beat, Corn, and Gum appeared, on the top platform of the garage. "Thank goodness you made it back safe". The trio saw Soda, Boogie, Combo, and Garam sitting on the coaches. "Yeah, Soda here almost lost it", Boogie said. "Sorry. It turns out part of the blueprints was turn off by Potts. "It's cool", Beat said. "We were at least able to get an adventure out of it". "Where did you go", Garam asked. The three smirked. This was going to be a good story.

And that is it. I was going to make it like that episode on Family Guy "Road to the Multiverse" and put the canceled Wii version of JSR. But I kept it like this. Maybe next chapter.

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