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Chapter Two: The secret in the wilds

As the last of Lily's spell was spoken, in the wilds of Ireland, an ancient fae awoke from slumber in answer to Lily's call. In one moment the fae was standing in the wilds and in the next she was standing next to the fallen form of Lily observing the young Hadrian Potter. The fae could sense ancient magic from the child and knew that the child was the reason she was awoken from her self-imposed slumber. She knew that she needed to guide him and teach him the old ways.

Suddenly she heard someone searching the house for survivors and quickly scooped Hadrian into her arms and vanished from sight as a very old, flamboyant, man entered the nursery with sadness in his eyes. He bypassed Lily's body and went straight to the crib hoping that the child he sought was still alive and was stunned that there was no child. He began to panic, he needed the child to win the war, the prophesy he was given by Sybil said so. Suddenly it was like a light bulb went off, he cast a little known spell to tell if someone was still living, status viventis1Hadrian James Potter, the light from his wand started to form the words

Hadrian James Potter

Status: living

Location: unknown

in the air before him. Slightly less panicked, Albus Dumbledore came up with a plan. He would tell all who asked that the young Potter was safe and hidden for his own protection, giving him time to search for and take back the young Potter so he will be raised to fit his plans. Yes, that will work perfectly for Albus. With his plan decided he quickly left Godric's Hollow, not knowing that he will never find the child unless his new guardian allows it.

At the same time Albus Dumbledore entered the nursery, the young boy and his new caretaker appeared outside another cottage, this one deep in the Irish wilds. The fae swiftly knocked on the door and waited for a response. When none was forthcoming she tried again and spoke, "Ana tá sé Mariel, cuir in iúl dom i.2" Suddenly the door opened and standing before the fae and child was an old woman, "Mariel! Tá tú awoken, agus le leanbh?3" Ana quickly led them inside, busying herself with making snacks and tea.

"Toghaireadh mé ag medicine óg chun aire a thabhairt agus a leanbh a chosaint i ndiaidh a báis. Is é seo a mac. Surrounds draíochta ársa air.4" She helped herself to some cookies and created a bassinet next to her and placed Hadrian in it as he slept. "Morgana dhíth orm do chabhair.5"

"Cad is féidir liom a dhéanamh?6" Mariel reached out and grasped Ana's hand, "Tá a fhios agam rud ar bith ar an am seo, a roinnt do chuid eolais le liom mar sin is féidir liom a chosaint dó níos fearr. Le do thoil.7" Ana nodded her ascent and grasped Mariel's other hand.

Cad a fhios agam

leathnú ar an méid a fhios aici

do chosaint a bharda

Is beannaithe a bheith8

As the last line was spoken Mariel let out a gasp and blacked out from the sudden influx of knowledge. Ana's magic quickly caught her before she fell and carried her to the spare room to let her sort out all the new information.

She didn't wake until the next day due to receiving century's worth of information. "So this is the common tongue now Ana?" she asked as she started making breakfast for them in thanks for Ana's help. "You've got quite the grasp on it already my child. Have you come up with your next course of action?" Mariel pondered that question as she continued making breakfast. As she was watching Hadrian make a mess of his meal she answered. "I am thinking of taking him to the New World, I mean America, and raising him there. I was thinking somewhere small and opening a store there. But right now I just want to catch up with you, it has been so long since we lasted talked."

The next day Mariel and Ana sat down to make a plan. Mariel wanted to raise Hadrian in relative seclusion, with a good education system, and a safe magical community. After a few hours they narrowed it down to a small Victorian styled home a few miles outside of Gatlinburg, Tennessee and a beach side house just outside of Waikiki on Oahu. After even more time deliberating they decided that Mariel and Hadrian would move to Oahu in the next few days. She decided that she would open a small café and specialty shop to provide for them. Ana helped Mariel get everything situated in Waikiki on both the legal front and with the Kapu. Mariel was looking forward to her new life and the brand new start for both of them.

AN:2/ The language used is classified as Irish but in Google I searched English to Gaelic translation so it might not be the best. After this chapter I most likely won't use the language as much.

Living Status in Latin

Ana it's Mariel, please let me in.

Mariel! You have awoken, and with a child?

I was summoned by a young witch to take care of and protect her child after her death. This is her son. Ancient magic surrounds him.

Morgana I need your help.

What can I do?

I know nothing of this time, share your knowledge with me so I can protect him better. Please.

What I know expand on what she knows for the protection of her ward blessed be