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Third Person POV

"Amu wake up. Wake up!" Marzia hissed, leaning over the sleeping form of the minor she was in charge of.

She'd falled asleep as soon as she could, waking up only long enough to get off the plane and then waking up again to get to her bed in the early morning hours when they arrived. With a glance out the window, she could tell it was already late evening.

"You've slept over 24 hours! Wake up!"

Amu remained still, but her Charas all stirred from their own sleep, except for Akemi who was still out like a light.

"Marzia...? What's wrong?" Su asked, doing her best to rub the sleep out of her eyes.

"You and Amu have been asleep over 24 hours! It's not natural. And it can't be safe either." The Charas all moved over to Amu, attempting to help Marzia wake Amu up.

Even after ten minutes of trying, Amu was still fast asleep, refusing to stir. Ran, giving up, decided to try and see if Akemi would be any help.

Floating over, she lightly shook Akemi. When it didn't work, she tried again before Akemi bolted up, wide awake. Moments after, Amu did the same, yawning and stretching as she sat up.

"Marzia?" She tilted her head, confused to see her manager. "What's wrong? Why're you here?"

Marzia eyes Amu's confused face as she looked around, seeming surprised as to where they were.

It's hard to believe this kid I've known so well has such a scary second half... Marzia thought.

"Weren't we in America? When did we get back here?" Her attention going back to Amu, Marzia sighed.

"You got sick so we decided to come back here. You've been asleep over 24 hours, so I decided to wake you up.

"Huh. Weird." Amu mumbled, falling back into bed. "Well, I'm awake now and feel fine so don't mind me, you can go home now Marzia."

Marzia hesitated before nodding. "Okay, you do look better. But if you need something, just give me a call, okay?"

"Got it." Amu nodded and with one more glance at the girl, Marzia turned to go.

A week later...

"I mean, can you believe it?" The pinkette laughed as she sat on the Director's desk. "Marzia did all she could to stop little Amu from coming, saying our meeting was canceled. She and Auntie really think they can stop me."

Smirking, the Director placed a hand on Amara's knee.

"You're to powerful for them to handle. Soon enough we'll have all the power we need."

"Oh yeah, what do you want me to do with these?" Amara's finger tips lightly brushed again the Humpty Lock.

The black lock glowed for a moment before ten X Eggs appeared around Amara, all brushing against her affectionately as she hummed. The Director took a moment to look at them before shaking his head.

"Dispose of them. Just absorb their power for yourself."

At the sound of his words the eggs went wild, flying away from Amara before she hummed a different tune, this one causing them to all freeze in place, but their struggling was still obvious.

"Oh poor things," She cooed, taking one in her hands, it's color slowly draining from it as her hands pulsed pink. "You're so useless now." The X egg was soon enough a dull, ugly gray color, letting out low cries of pain every now and then.

"See ya," Amara whispered, letting it fall to the floor. The egg seem to let out a shriek as it cracked from the impact, but its sounds were cut short by a sickening crunch as Amara stepped on it to reach the others.

She repeated this process with the remaining nine eggs, taking their power and then walking on them as if they were nothing but dirt beneath her.

"How does that feel?" The Director asked as she finished up the last one.

"Beautiful. They're struggling made it so much sweeter." She wore a cruel smile the original Amu would never have even been able to come close to, one that showed that deep down, she was just rotted black.

Retaking her seat on the Director's desk, Amu flipped through one of his files. "So, Director, when are we initiating the plan?"

Sighing at the eagerness in her voice, the Director took the file from her hands. "Not yet, even if you're this powerful, I'm not sure about sending you into a fight with the Guardians-"

"But they're so below me!" Amara hissed. "They couldn't even character transform before Amu came along, how powerful can they be?"

"Calm down Amara. You forget the core of your powers. Amu may be more powerful than them, but in comparison, you have only eighty percent of Amu's powers because she isn't fully merged with you. But it's also mainly because your powers come from dark energy and hatred. The power of your Charas is meant to be used for good and happiness, so using them in dark manors and changing them to be so against the light makes them slightly weaker."

"Your point?" She demanded, crossing her arms.

"My point is that there's six of them, meaning they each have 100% of their improved powers versus your 80% of Amu's powers in a dark form. Though it's unlikely, there's still the possibility of them over powering you."

"Bastard." Amara hissed, jumping off his desk. "How dare you doubt me, I'm the most powerful Chara bearer in centuries!" Before the Director could say another word, she turned away. "Whatever, don't bother me anymore."

Taking a seat on chair closest to the door with an angry 'Hmph!' Amara muttered, "Your turn Amu." while glaring at the Director.

The cold dark piercing gaze that held the Director melted as the cold gold eyes melted into a warm, bright ember as Amu took over her body.

"You made her mad..." Amu muttered as she stood up. "She'd like to skip training for the next three days. If you try getting her out she says she'll kill the trainers and anyone who comes near her." Her eyes were fixed on her lap, knowing her other personality meant what she'd said.

"Yes yes, whatever. You're dismissed Amu. Tell Marzia you have the next three days free for concert preparation."

"Yes sir, have a good day." Amu bowed before leaving the room, unintentionally slamming the door.

"Teenagers..." The Director muttered, rubbing his temples. "Having to handle such a terrible one is such a headache."