Chapter 2

We were back at the Cullen's house, where everyone was just doing their own thing. Me and Edward were in his room, or our room as he now calls it. Entwined with one-another we were sat on the massive bed that Edward had brought for me when I was human,listening to his Debussy CD.

"I bet you must think that I'm some sort of freak vampire with a glitch" I chuckled.

" of course I don't think that. It might be just your own special power coming on love. It could be anything."

" yeah I guess so." I agreed reluctantly. I was paying attention to what Edward, but in my mind I was deep in thought. "what did this mean?" I wondered. "first I was hearing Jasper and Carlisle's thoughts and now Edwards" This couldn't get any weirder. Right now though I had to concentrate on being with Edward and trying to convince Rosalie that it was safe for me to hold Renesmee because I wasn't after her blood.

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