There is going to be a surprise relatives of Ace Thompson!

While Ark was driving the car, Leon asked, "Did you buy new clothes for them?"

Before Ace and Claire could open their mouth, Ark spoke up, "Yes."

Ace and Claire's eyes widened and their jaw's dropped. Before they could speak, Leon replied, "I thought you three forgot it."

Ark smirked while the two sighed worriedly.

Steve and Sherry were asleep. The time they spent at the mall were tiring to them.

They stopped at the nearest gas stop since it was almost empty. As Leon went outside to do it, Ark's thought drifted to his plan.

Plan to buy clothes because his younger sister and Leon's wife were busy doing their "mission".

Ark was outside the arcade when he spotted a familiar long blonde-haired woman observing the view.

"Elza!", Ark shouted while waving his right hand.

She looked up at the source of the voice and waved at him. She went to Ark and hugged him. Ark blushed in the process.

"Aww, still blushing?", she teased.

Ark sighed and pulled away and chuckled nervously while scratching the back of his head.

"So, what are you doing here? When will you two come home?", she asked worriedly.

"We'll come home after my assignment," he replied, "and Ace and her friend are busy doing their match-make mission."

"A match-make mission, eh? Nice, but are you sure they're going to be okay?"

He nodded and smiled, "Yeah. They can handle themselves just fine."

A familiar short, black haired guy went to them. He's wearing a blue polo shirt, blue jeans, and blue sneakers.

"Hey, Ark and Elza", he yelled while waving his hand.

"Chad?", they asked in unison.

He basically looked the same, except he had grown older and his body...

Ehehe, he gained more muscle, but not as bulky like Chris...

And more hotter than Leon...

Um, ahem!

He smiled, "Long time no see."

They nodded, "Yeah. So you're looking at Ace, right?", Elza smirked.

Ark nodded in agreement, "We're fine."

Chad blushed in embarassment, "Um... yeah... Ehehe..."

Ark grinned, "She's here."

Elza smirked evilly, "And waiting for you..."

Chad blushed redder while Ark eyes widened.

Elza had been influenced by her pervert sister when they became friends.

Elza giggled, "Geez! I was only kidding!"

Ark cleared his throat, "After their mission, we'll return to Leon's house."

"So you two are visiting him?", Chad asked.

He nodded, "Yes."

Elza blurted, "Can we come?"

Ark grinned, "Sure. But, can I ask you two a favor?"

They both nodded, "Sure", she said.

Ark took a deep breathe, "Can you two buy some clothes for Sherry and Steve?"

They both smiled, "Sure, it's not a problem.", replied Chad.

He sighed in relief, "Thanks. I knew I can count on you two."

Elza's smile widened, "Of course. Shall we go?"

He handed the "list" of clothes to buy and some money, "Here. This will help you."

She took it, "Thanks.", then pecked his right cheek, "See you later, Ark."

Chad waved and the two went to the department store.

'Well, time to go back to the arcade.', he thought and re-entered the arcade.

Leon returned to the car, and luckily, Ark was now waiting.

"Shall we go?", he asked.

"Sure", answered Leon while yawning.

Then they drove to Leon's house.

Ace and Claire sighed in relief while sitting on a sofa. They will thank Ark later.

"Hey Ace, how did Ark bought the clothes?", Claire asked.

Ace shrugged, "I don't know. And it's absolutely no way he bought the clothes before. He's with us all the time.", she answered.

Claire nodded in agreement, "Yeah... by the way, where's the two lovebirds?"

She points at the stairs, "They're upstairs, sleeping. Both of them are pretty heavy, too."

Suddenly, there's a knock on the door.

"Wait, you have visitors?", Ace asked.

Claire shook her head, "I don't know. Maybe something important?", she replied then went to the door.

"Who is it?", she asked.

"Claire, it's us, Elza and Chad!", a female voice replied back.

She quickly opened the door and let them in, "Hey! Come on in! Have a seat!"

They obliged and sat down on the sofa.

Out of nowhere, Ace glomped Chad, "Honey! I missed you so much!"

After she said that, while Steve and Sherry are now awake and about to go downstairs, their eyes widened.

This, of course, includes Leon and Claire.

"What did you say?!", they yelled.

"What? Is something wrong?", she asked while hugging Chad.

Ark sighed, "Let me tell you this straight... you didn't introduced yourself properly, right?", he said while sweatdropping.

She nervously laugh while scratching the back of her head, "Ehehe..."

Ark and Chad both sighed while shaking their head, "Typical Ace..."

"Is Ace really married?", both Sherry and Steve asked while going downstairs.

Ark nodded.

"Ace! Why didn't you tell me?!", both Sherry and Steve asked.

She grinned, "That's a secret."

All of them, except Ace, sighed.

"She loves to hide something.", Chad said while still hugging Ace.

"Yeah, and Elza and Claire are cousins!", she declared cheerfully.

Both Elza and Claire looked at her annoyingly, "Damn it, Ace."

Steve and Sherry's eyes widened.

"So that means... YOU'RE my half-sister, Ace?!"

"So that means... YOU'RE my half-brother, Leon?!", both Leon and Ace declared in horror while pointing each other.

Both Ark and Elza sighed in their immaturity, while Sherry and Steve chuckled at their immaturity.

Both Leon and Ace glared at each other, and after a while, it looked like there's a spark on their eyes.

Both Chad and Claire stood up, pulling their respective lovers away from each other, but they still had their glare glued on each other.

"I will get you someday...", they both whispered evilly.

Ark, Elza, Claire and Chad sweatdropped.

"Anyway, since everyone is here, how about a karaoke?", Claire asked.

Ace's face brightened up, "Of course! We have a lot of snacks!"

Leon's face also brightened up, "Okay, sweetie. Me and Ark are going to set up the machine."

"And I'll get everything that is needed!", Ace declared and went outside to grab everything.

And everyone did their own tasks.

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