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The dance finished and everyone clapped. Kol pulled back from Bonnie and gazed at her with new eyes. Before he could say anything, Rebekah walked over to them, the Prom Queen tiara still on her head.

"Congratulations Kol, I guess you win." Rebekah said.

Kol raised his eyebrows at her and shook his head slightly, trying to tell her to stop.

Rebekah understood and nodded before walking off back to Matt, students congratulating her for Prom Queen on the way.

Bonnie looked at Kol, confused. "Why did she congratulate you?"

"It was nothing." Kol said, trying to sound casual.

"What did she mean 'I guess you win'?"

Kol said nothing and Bonnie stepped away from him.

"We kissed and then she congratulated you. What is going on?!" Bonnie shrieked.

Kol looked at the ground. "Rebekah and I had a bet." He said in a small voice.

Bonnie's eyes searched his to see if he was telling the truth and it was obvious he was.

Tears rolled down her cheek as she put the pieces together. "That's why you kept asking me to Prom. To win a stupid bet." She whispered.

Bonnie turned away from Kol, but he reached out and grabbed her arm.

"Bonnie, wait." He said, his voice cracking with emotion. Elena and Elijah and Klaus and Caroline had noticed what was going on by now and were looking over at them, concerned.

Bonnie ripped her arm away. "I can't believe I thought you liked me." She stormed off out of the Prom. Kol started to follow her but Klaus took hold of his arm.

"I'm not sure that's a good idea." Klaus cautioned.

The others were there beside him too.

Kol had a crazed look in his eyes. "I have to go after her. I have to explain."

"What is going on?" Elena asked.

"It started off as a bet! But it's not like that anymore! I do like her! I really do like Bonnie!" Kol cried.

Caroline frowned. "What do you mean a 'bet'? Is that why you asked her to Prom?"

Tears were forming in Kol's eyes and he nodded.

Elijah's eyes widened and the girl's mouths dropped open in disbelief.

"Kol, why would you do this?" Elijah said, horrified.

Caroline scoffed. "Because it's just who he is. I should have known this was a trick. Come on Elena, we have to go after her."

Elena nodded and she and Caroline walked out of the Prom to follow Bonnie.

Klaus and Elijah pulled Kol over to a table and sat him down.

"This is all my fault." Klaus began. "I was there when you made the bet. I should have stopped you. I honestly didn't think it would go this far."

Elijah looked to Klaus. "You knew?"


Elijah shook his head. "I thought that Kol genuinely had feelings for someone for the first time in his life, but I guess I was wrong."

Kol looked up, angrily. "I do have feelings for her!"

"They were obviously not enough to keep you from lying to her."

Kol stared at Elijah for a moment before his eyes lowered to the ground and the first tears Kol had ever shed in his life, fell down his cheek.

Caroline and Elena rushed into the parking lot outside. They saw Bonnie in a car; it wasn't her car so they guessed it was Kol's.

"Bonnie!" Caroline yelled but Bonnie sped off round the corner.

"We'll go to her house." Elena suggested. Caroline turned to Elena and nodded.

The two of them arrived at Bonnie's. Kol's car was sitting out front on the curb and they saw Bonnie just walking through the front door.

The door slammed loudly and they heard the distinctive clink of it locking. Caroline and Elena rushed up to the door and Caroline knocked firmly.

"Bonnie, its Caroline and Elena! Let us in!" Caroline called.

They waited a moment but there was no response.

"We'll just have to let ourselves in then." Caroline said with determination. She put her hand on the door handle.

"No, what are you doing!?" Elena exclaimed.

Caroline twisted the door handle and the door unlocked from the power of her vampire strength.

The door swung open weakly and Caroline strode in.

"I can't believe you did that." Elena murmured as she walked in.

The two of them went down the hallway to Bonnie's room and stood in the doorway.

Bonnie was lying face down on the bed, still wearing her dress.

They could hear muffled sobbing as her face was pressed against her pillow.

"Bonnie, we know what happened. We're so sorry." Caroline said as she came into the room

Bonnie lifted her head for a moment; her mascara had run down her face.

"Go away." She moaned.

"We're not going anywhere. You're our best friend. We're going to be here for you."

"What, so you can tell me how stupid I was to ever trust Kol?" Bonnie snapped.

Elena sat down at the end of the bed.

"No, so we can help you."

Bonnie glared at them. "I don't need your help." She stood up and grabbed her grimoire from her desk. She wiped mascara and tears from her face and opened the book furiously.

Caroline and Elena exchanged a look.

"What are you doing?" Caroline asked a moment later.

"I'm going to find a spell that will fix everything. I know that Kol's an original but there's got to be something in here that can make him pay for what he's done to me."

"That's not a good idea."

Bonnie looked up at her. "How can you be on his side?! He lied to me, deceived me and-" Bonnie paused and put her hands to her face as more tears started falling down.

"Made me fall in love with him." Bonnie finished with a whisper.

Elena grabbed the grimoire from Bonnie. "Hurting Kol is not the answer. You have to be better than him."

Bonnie's eyes moved from Caroline's to Elena's. Eventually she nodded and said in a small voice, "I can't believe Kol did this to me."

Elena moved to hug Bonnie. Caroline joined them in their embrace.

"I know. We can't either." Caroline whispered.

They remained in their hug for a long time before Elena pulled away and said,

"Well, I guess since Prom's over, we should take our dresses off. Can we borrow some clothes until tomorrow Bonnie?"

Bonnie's forehead crinkled in confusion.

"We're staying the night." Elena explained. "You need to be with your best friends right now."

Caroline stood up. "I'll go get some blankets." She said and left the room.

Bonnie's eyes followed her out and Elena took Bonnie's arm and lifted her off the bed.

"Come on, let's get you out of this dress."

Bonnie stood indecisively for a second then nodded.

"Thank you so much, Elena." said Bonnie, her voice thick with emotion.

Elena smiled. "Anything for you Bonnie."

Light rays shone through Bonnie's bedroom window the next morning. Elena and Caroline were in blankets on the floor and Bonnie was in the bed.

It had taken them all a long time to get to sleep since Bonnie couldn't stop crying. But eventually she cried herself out and fell asleep from exhaustion.

Caroline woke up first and, yawning, stretched her arms. She looked over at Elena and Bonnie asleep and smiled.

She moved to look at her cell phone to see if she had any messages but stopped when she heard a noise from outside. It sounded like music

Caroline listened and heard a man's voice singing.

"Can we bring yesterday back around? 'Cause I know how I feel about you now. I was dumb, I was wrong, I let you down. But I know how I feel about you now." It was "About You Now" by the Sugababes.

The noise woke Elena and Bonnie.

Bonnie looked around, half asleep. "What's that noise?" She said.

Elena got up and went to the window and opened the curtain.

"Oh my God." Elena gasped.

"What? What is it?" Caroline said and went over to the window too.

Outside, down the path to the house stood Kol with a stereo in his hand. He was standing in front of a word made out of rose petals. This time it read the word "Sorry."

Caroline groaned when Kol started singing the chorus of "About You Now" again.

"Who is that singing?" Bonnie asked.

Elena rolled her eyes and looked to Bonnie. "It's Kol."

Bonnie immediately tensed up and the color left her face. "Oh."

"This is his idea of an apology? Singing and a message? Seriously!" Caroline exclaimed.

Elena walked over to Bonnie and put her arm around her

"I'll go get rid of him." Caroline continued and left the bedroom.

Caroline went to the front door and opened it. Kol stopped singing when he saw her.

"Caroline? What are you doing here?" He asked.

"Being a good friend to Bonnie since you broke her heart." Caroline said, her voice full of malice.

Kol's face crumpled with sadness. "I came to apologize. I am so sorry for what I've done."

Caroline laughed. "Great way you're showing it. Singing and rose petals? Really? That's all you could come up with?"

Kol looked confused. "Well, I thought-" He began but Caroline cut him off.

"Maybe if you really accessed your feelings and came with a genuine apology, Bonnie might forgive you."

"Accessed my feelings?" Kol repeated and Caroline nodded. Kol stared at her for a long moment before a look of determination set on his face.

"You're right. But for now, just tell Bonnie how sorry I am." Kol said firmly then turned around and walked down the path.

Caroline said nothing as Kol walked up to his car.

"And I'm taking my car back!" He yelled and got into it and drove away.

Caroline closed the front door and went back to the bedroom.

"Is he gone?" Bonnie said; it was obvious she'd been crying again.

"Yeah, he is." Caroline replied.

"Thank you."

Caroline smiled. "Anytime. I mean Kol is a horrible singer."

Elena laughed and Bonnie managed a smile.