The Missing Prince

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Warnings: contains slash pairings meaning boyXboy and what not. If you don't like it leave. There will be Dumbledore bashing because this story honestly can't work without it though I really love Dumbledore. And there will be some light side bashing.

Authors Note: Welcome all to one of my first Harry Potter Fanfics. I'm saying that because I'm currently writing two at one time and I hope I don't become confused. This story is currently unbeta-ed. And I don't think I'll ever get a beta so until I do please deal with my grammatical errors and what not with dignity. Please enjoy.

Chapter One: Laying Claims to a Broken Boy

A boy sat in front of a large circular window looking down at the children running around below him in the courtyard. He placed his hand under his chin silently wishing he could go out and play with them. But he knew it was impossible. They would never play with him. He sighed and turned to get off the chair only to come face to face with one of his caretakers.

"Miss Brown, I'm sorry I didn't see you there." He greeted politely though his face betrayed no emotions.

"It's quite alright Harry, I didn't want to disturb you, you looked so peaceful." A smile spread across her face as she entered his small room. His room was one of the smallest no bigger than a cupboard. There was a small bookshelf filled with books and art material to keep the boy entertained. A shabby rug sat in the middle of the floor and a small cot sat in the corner of the attic like room. He, unlike the other children, wasn't allowed to share a room with anyone else. "I was coming to bring you new sheets," she indicated to the pile of white cloths she was holding in her arms.

"Thank you." he stood up from the chair and walked to her pretending not to notice how she took a step back when he came close. "I know you're busy. I'll put them on myself." He offered knowing she didn't want to be there any longer than she had to.

"Well, it's my job. How about you help me?" she mentally yelled at herself but smiled at the boy. She wanted nothing more than to turn around and run leaving the sheets behind on the bed.

"If you insist." He waved his hand beckoning her in the room acting more like an old man than a four year old boy. He was already small for his age and his pale skin and mop of black hair didn't help his case. He looked innocent and scared. But from the rumors she heard he was far from it.

She walked into the room trying to hide her fear. She moved quickly stripping the sheets off the small cot and handing them to him before putting the new ones on. As she was working she felt him watching her.

"Miss Brown?" he asked causing her to look up at him.

"Yes Harry?" she continued doing her job though listening to him.

"Why do all the other children hate me?" she paused shocked and turned to stare at him and realized that despite his strong front he was still a child. His emerald green eyes locked onto her dull brown ones and she suddenly realized she didn't have an answer.

"Well, Harry, I think it might be because they don't understand you." She suddenly realized how difficult this was going to be. There was no explanation as to why children acted the way they did. There would always be the odd one out and as the fates had deemed it he was going to be that odd child. "You're not like everyone else."

"Is it because I'm a freak." His green eyes turned cold as he spoke to her; his voice taking on a harsher tone. "Is it because my parents are killers? Because they kill everyone and anyone mercilessly? Because they killed people right in front of me? Because I sat there and didn't do anything? Do they think that the murder gene is contagious? Do they think I'm going to kill them all?"

"No!" she yelled shocking herself at her words. "I mean, no Harry, that's not it. Your parents were bad people but you are not your parents."

"Then why are you scared of me?" he asked taking a step towards her. "Why do you cringe when I come near? Why do you back away from me?" The woman hadn't even noticed she was backing away and mentally told herself to stop. "Did my parents kill someone important to you? Are you going to try to hurt me too?" he asked her.

"Hurt you too? Who else hurt you?" she asked kneeling down to pick up the sheets he had unceremoniously dropped at her feet.

"Who hasn't?" she looked up and saw how his hands went to rub his arms that were covered in a black sweater. She was tempted to raise the sleeve of his sweater but stopped herself. She could not involve herself with him. She simply stood up with the sheets in her hands and turned to leave. As she was walking out the door she paused.

"Harry, you'll be fine. You're strong and you will survive this." She didn't turn around to see if he was listening simply closing the door behind her and walking down the staircase back into the real world.

Harry watched her leave before walking back to the window and looking out. "It's going to snow."

Two Years Later

"Are you sure he's the one you want?" The boy looked up at his mother as she repeated her question to him.

"You told me I could come here and pick anyone I wanted. You said it yourself. Is there something wrong with him?" he asked crossing his arms and staring up at his mother before turning to the women holding the papers.

"Well, no sweetie there's nothing wrong with him. He's just got a bit of a history." The woman holding the papers walked over to where he was sitting. "See, his parents are convicted killers and after serving life in a maximum security prison were sentenced to death. He watched them as they killed people, that's bound to have left some mental scars." The woman tried to speak in more simple terms to the blonde boy staring at her.

"Is that all? He is obviously not his parents. This is no longer up for discussion. Go bring him to me." He ordered ripping the papers from the woman's arms and handing them to his mother. "Now." He repeated himself when the woman didn't move.

"Well, how rude." She huffed as she stood up and walked out of the room quickly.

"You didn't have to be so rude. I'm sure you're father will be very displeased to hear you acted like this." His mother took out a pen and began to fill out the forms. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather have a Hawk or maybe another broom? Does it have to be a boy for your birthday?" She asked one last time trying to talk her son out of this nonsense. "Boy's require a lot of attention and you won't be able to just throw him aside because you're bored with him. He'll be yours forever."

The boy rolled his eyes at his mother, "Honestly mother? I know. And I still want him. He is what I want. And his name is Harry."

"Hurry up child. The faster we get you and that terror out of here the faster things can go back to normal." The woman snapped her fingers at the little boy who was reading on his bed.

"I'm sorry, what's going on?" He asked sitting up.

"Harry!" she moved into his room and picked up the suitcase sitting by the door. She began to move around the room in a hurry packing all his belongings inside. She would finally be rid of this monster and maybe people would start donating money to the orphanage again and she could get that nice car she had been eyeing lately. Not to mention the people who were adopting him paid er donated quite a bit of money to make sure this stayed on the down low. "You're leaving today. You've been adopted."

Harry felt his heart drop when the woman said he was leaving until she said he was being adopted. Someone really wanted him? Despite all the bad news that was following him around.

"Really? He asked doubt filling his voice.

"Yes, now move before they change their minds." He quickly sprang into action grabbing his few things before adding them to the suitcase. Once they were done the woman handed him the suitcase and told him to follow her.

Harry turned to take one last look at his room before turning and walking out the door. As he walked down the hallways and staircases he heard the whispers around him.

"So that little freak is leaving?"

"Good riddance he was nothing but a nuisance."

"I feel bad for the people adopting him."

"Maybe they'll do us a favor and finally rid the earth of that useless peace of crap."

Harry held his head high though he felt tears threatening to spill over. Once they reached a door the woman opened it and pushed him inside. "Harry, this is Draco Malfoy and his mother Narcissa Malfoy. They will be adopting you today."

Draco walked around the room wondering what could be taking so long. This place was disgustingly dreadful and boring as well as being disgustingly dirty. He didn't even know what made him turn and decide this was going to be where he picked his boy. But he was excited to get him.

All year he had been asking for someone to play with, someone he could care for. His mother got him a kitten and even though the kitten was cute it was not what he had in mind. Then about a week ago his parents asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He, of course, said he wanted a boy. From their confused faces Draco realized he would have to be more specific and said he wanted a little boy that would be all his own. A boy he could take care of and call his own. His father had laughed asking him where they would find a boy. He said he wanted one from the muggle orphanages that he saw in the newspapers all the time. His father only raised his eyebrows before looking at his wife to fix this problem. But his wife was a pushover and the second she saw her boy look at her with his beautiful blue grey eyes she smiled and said they would find one.

Of course it was harder than it sounded. Every orphanage they went to Draco couldn't find what he was looking for. When they were simply driving around looking for another orphanage Draco stopped at an old abandoned looking building and suddenly felt like he should check it out. He grabbed his mother's hand and dragged her towards the building. Before he even reached the door he felt like someone was watching him and looked around before suddenly looking up. There in the window sat his boy. He turned to his mother a smile breaking out on his face as he told her this was it. He waved towards the window and said that was his boy.

By then a women had walked out greeting them though Draco could tell she was eyeing their expensive clothing. She asked if she could help them with anything. Narcissa had simply smiled and said she was looking for a playmate for her son. While the woman had quickly waved around at some of the kids playing in the yard Draco cut her off saying he already knew who he wanted. The women looked shocked but smiled asking him to point out the boy and she would get him ready. When Draco pointed at the now empty window the woman took a deep breath before shaking her head. She told Draco he was not a suitable playmate and that any of the other boys would make much better options. But Draco was having none of it and demanded she go get his boy. The woman looked to his mother for help but Narcissa simply smiled and told the woman she should just get the paperwork while they looked around.

Once the woman was gone Draco told his mother he was not changing his mind. That boy was the one he wanted and he was not going to change his mind. He could still see the boy in his head and knew he was perfect.

Narcissa sensing a temper tantrum quickly reassured her son that she was going to get his boy and that he had nothing to worry about.

Even though it took awhile Draco got his boy and he was pleased. But obviously these pathetic muggles didn't know how to accomplish the simple task of retrieving his boy and he was getting restless.

"Draco darling, come sit down. I'm sure they're moving as fast as they can." She patted the seat next to her.

Draco turned to yell at his mother only to hear the door open. He turned and vaguely heard the women talking only focusing on his boy.

There he stood in the flesh, though he was smaller than Draco thought he would be. He had a head full of messy brown hair that was begging to be combed and Draco knew once they got home he was going to comb it. He was very pale, probably even paler than Draco was and the boy had the most brilliant green eyes Draco had ever seen. He was standing almost behind the woman and was looking around the room as if he was frightened. Draco couldn't have his boy being scared of him.

Draco immediately walked forward and stopped right in front of the boy whose eyes now locked on him. "Harry, from today onwards you are my boy. You belong to me." Draco said leaning down and taking the suitcase from the boy's hands. He then used his empty hand to grab the boys hand and lead him to his mother. "Harry this is my mother,"

Narcissa smiled at her son and could already tell he was going to be possessive, "It's a pleasure to meet you Harry, my name is Narcissa but you may call me mom or mother, anything along those lines.

"The pleasure is all mine, mother." Harry whispered looking up at her from beneath his bangs. Narcissa shrieked on the inside. Draco had made a good choice; this boy was adorable.

"I suppose we should leave. Come along boys we have a car waiting." Narcissa waved at the door. Draco quickly walked out pulling Harry along with him. Narcissa smiled at his behavior before turning to the woman. "Thank you very much." And with that she followed Draco tucking Harry's documents under her arm.

The driver of the car quickly got out and opened the door noticing the boy had his hands full. He grinned when he saw the boy following the young Malfoy heir and figured that the boy had finally found what they were driving all over London for. "Well, Young Mister Malfoy, who is this?" he asked as he took the suitcase from the boys hands.

"This is Harry, he's my boy. Harry, say hi." Draco introduced him, his voice full of pride as he spoke.

"Hullo." Harry whispered moving closer to Draco.

"Well it's a pleasure to meet you. My name is Barnaby, the driver." Barnaby grinned, "Now let's hurry its dreadfully cold outside." He waited for them to get into the car. When Narcissa arrived he turned to her. "Back to the Manor?"

"Yes, and lets hurry. Lucius should be getting home soon and I want him to meet Harry."

Harry looked up at the blonde holding onto his hand. It was the first time he had ever felt someone voluntarily touch him. Normally people shied away from him or refused to come near him. But this boy seemed to want to be as close to Harry as possible. As soon as they got in the car Draco had reached over and buckled him in before buckling himself in. and Harry was left blushing and confused. Draco kept referring to him as 'his boy' and he wondered what that meant. Would he have to be this boy's servant or something? But with the way he was acting Harry could tell that he had a different role to play, he just couldn't tell what it was yet.

Draco and his mother were extremely beautiful people and he wondered what they could want with a ragamuffin like him. They both had this platinum blonde hair and blue grey eyes that looked like the sky just before it was about to rain. He had pale alabaster skin and when the boy smiled he became absolutely dazzlingly. He was beautiful.

"You're beautiful too Harry." Harry suddenly realized he had said the last part out loud and dropped his head as he began blushing.

He peeked up from his bangs to see Draco smiling at him. "Thank you Draco." He was rewarded with a brilliant smile before Draco asked him a question.

"How old are you Harry?"

"Oh, I'm six." He replied wondering if they were going to get rid of him because something was wrong with him.

"Six? You look much smaller!" Draco exclaimed, "I just turned seven." Draco pointed to himself, "And my mom is twenty five and has been twenty five for a very long time."

"Oh like a vampire?" Harry thought back to the book he had been reading.

"No not like a vampire downright dirty things they are. No more like she's afraid to admit how old she really is." Draco grinned when Narcissa shot him a glare. He reached out and took Harry's hand, "Since you're younger I'll have to take special care of you since you're my boy." Harry simply smiled up at Draco happy that someone cared about him.

"And who pray tell is this?" Lucius asked in a cold voice as he looked down at the trembling boy standing behind his son.

"That my dear is Harry…um well I don't think he has a last name." Narcissa pondered walking forward to stand beside her husband. "He is Draco's birthday present. And Harry this is my husband and Draco's father Lucius Malfoy."

"It's a pleasure to meet you sir." Harry whispered moving further behind Draco.

"Harry?" Lucius' eyes widened as he stared at the boy. 'It couldn't be.' "Harry, come here."

Draco glared at his dad for commanding his boy but decided he wouldn't do anything to him. When Harry looked at him for confirmation he nodded his head.

Harry let go of Draco's hand and walked towards Lucius who had kneeled to down to be at eye level with the boy though even on his knees he still towered over Harry quite a bit. Once Harry was within reaching distance Lucius raised a hand and brushed the hair on his forehead to the side revealing a lightning bolt shaped scar. He heard Narcissa gasp from behind him, knowing she saw what he did. "Harry, how did you get this scar?" he asked softly not wanting to frighten the boy.

"I don't remember. It's always been there." Harry was suddenly embarrassed of his scar. His skin wasn't perfect like the Malfoy's. Maybe they would get rid of him because he didn't have perfect skin like them. And they hadn't even seen the rest of his body.

"It's alright Harry, now can you tell me something?" at Harry's nod Lucius continued, "What is your last name?

"Potter sir. My full name is Harry James Potter."

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