Big Nate:I don't know what love is

Hey what's up Big Nate Fans. As you notice I am a new fanfiction author who is going to deadicate most of his fanfiction writing time to Big Nate. So here is my frist story. Enjoy. Review!

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Chapter 1:Changes

Nate's POV

I walk in through the door prideful and boastful. It's been a long summer;I have spent the summer in Australia. But the good times don't last don't last, so I'm back at P.S.38 for a boring time. My two friends walk up to me, Francis and Teddy."Hey Nate", Teddy chucked. "What's so funny" I asked in an annoyed way.

"Nothing, except you look a little different than before, wait a minute", Francis said in a confused way.

"I know I'm awesome and the ladies are starting to notice me."I say in an eyebrow rising way referring to the group of girls ahead of us gigging, looking at me in a dreamy way. "Lets not get ahead of ourselves here, let's just get to class frist said Francis.

"Okay" I say in agreement. "Nate, I would like to make a bet with you and you too Francis", Teddy said in a challenging way.

"Okay shoot me" I say. "After school we'll have a scateboard race around town and whoever is the last one to finsh would have to buy the winner a soda" Teddy says.

A bet? I'm so going to win it."Deal" I said full of confidence. "After all, we all kow who is going to win". "Humpth, yeah right" Teddy snorted. The school bell ranged.

"Well, we have to go to Homeroom" Francis says. Usually I'll groan but I'm in a good mood so I am ready for anything Homeroom and Social Studies throws at me except for two people Mrs Godfrey and my Arch Nemesis,rival and all time enemy "shudders" Gina.

Wow I can't believe it took so long to write this chapter down and the fact it is done. Okay? Don't give me that look. Forgive me if I make any mistakes you see in my frist chapter. I would like to give out a SHOUTOUT to KaitoMagico for writing out the 2nd chapter and inpiring me to start writing this story.

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