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Nate's POV

Wait a minute, what am I thinking. Calling her and such is weird and awkward. Why would I want to call her of all people? I'm not so sure but. Hold that thought, Dad just called me over to dinner. Ring! My alarm went off.

It was not fair. I was having a nice dream about kissing Gina. What? No! No! No! No! No! No! It has to be just a stupid nightmare. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I'll have to get some breakfast. What in the world? My bed is wet! I didn't eat much last night. I would talk to Dad about this but he wouldn't understand. He just doesn't have this thing with father-son talking thing.

I was eating breakfast also tuning out Ellen's blabbing, when suddenly. "Nate" Dad said. "Yeah" I said. You need to do your social studies project after school this afternoon.

"Alright" I said trying to get past this conversion. Dad's giving me the look. "Bye" I said rushing out of the door.

"Whoa, what's with the rush" Teddy said. Teddy and Francis were waiting for me at the mailbox. "Sorry, let's just get to school" I said not wanting to tell what happened this morning.

"Did you do your social studies project Francis said with a smile that is saying I caught you red-handed.

Francis can be such a moron sometime. "I'm going to do it this afternoon and it won't end up like last time or any time" I said with a full sense of confidence.

"Well it is now another day of school, you ready for this " Teddy said. "I was born to survive school" I said in my survival expert voice

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