Chapter 1: Revelations

Months had passed since Loki tried to rule the world; he is imprisoned in Asgard making sure he won't cause any harm to anyone again. Thor, ascending his father's throne, had decided to stay in Asgard where he belongs as the new ruler of his Planet; he promises the humans that he will come to their aid if something as tragic as what had happened like the last time at Earth. Black Widow went back to being an assassin and had been assigned to Russia to eliminate someone who's already included in her ledger. Hawkeye still works as an assassin at S.H.I.E.L.D and is the eye of New York City in case something horrendous happens. Tony Stark offers Bruce Banner to stay with him at Stark Towers and will be provided with all the equipments he needed and he accepted. Nick Fury told Bruce that if ever anything happens, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Captain America would be easy to contact and Hulk would be a great addition to them.

Months had passed since the battle ended and Tony Stark continued his life in his lab as if nothing happened. Also, it has been months since Pepper dumped Stark because she can't handle how careless Tony was. She and Tony agreed to be business partners and good friends and had been keeping a secret from the rest of the world. And it's been months since Iron Man and Captain America had not been in touch with each other. Everybody seems to live on and forget what happened, everybody except for Steve.

Steve was now living in the S.H.I.E.L.D headquarters which he thought was one of the not so best places to live. Nick told him he should stay at the HQ in cases something happens and because Steve is not familiar with how things are now.

Captain America, now laying in his bed at his room at S.H.I.E.L.D. The room was plain and simple, more likely those rooms you see in military movies, which Steve had gotten used to by now, plain bed with white bed sheets, one gray pillow, and a gray bedding. Over all, the whole room looks dull, so dull it would make any designer faint, but Steve didn't mind as he took his time reflecting on what had happen to him, what happened during his suspension (being frozen for 70 years) although he could figure it out already. 70 years had passed and still the memory of Peggy and Bucky never seemed to leave him. He then thought if Peggy and Bucky were buried, and if they were, he wished to go there.

He stood up and went outside his room and see agents roaming around the facility, Steve has to get use to this, he went upstairs to see Nick giving orders to everyone. He then gathers his courage to walk where Nick was standing.

"Agent Fury… Sir" he asked with the Captain America tone. He wants to show formality because he indeed is in their headquarters.

"Mr. Rogers" he turned back.

"Call me Nick please. There's no assignment. What is it Rogers?" he said turning back to his subordinates.

"Uhh, yeah Nick. Do you happen to know if… if Peggy and Bucky were buried properly?" he asked toning down his voice to just Steve.

"They're both buried in Brooklyn Diocese Cemetery." Nick said without turning back, he knew this was coming so he researched in advance the location of the cemetery. Nick then turned around and gave him the address.

"Thank you" Steve said looking at the address.

"Hey, Hey, Hey!" a familiar voice came from nowhere startling Steve and Fury.

"What can I do for you Stark?" Nick raised a brow questioning Tony, Steve looked at Tony a bit surprised.

Tony tapped Steve's shoulders which the cap jolted a bit. "Bruce left some of his notes in the lab here, I came to see Cap" Tony staring at Steve giving him a wink.

"Uhh, what can I do for you Stark?" the blonde hair man asked,

"Please, call me Tony, no need to be formal." He winked at Steve again, smiling at him. He then noticed the card he was holding.

"What's in your hand cap?"

"Oh, it's the address to where Peggy and Bucky were buried." He smiled sadly with sad look at his eyes.

"Hey Tony!" someone shouted, it's Bruce; he seemed to got what he went for. "Let's go back; I've got what I need." He said to tony while browsing the sheets on his notebook.

"You go ahead. I'll accompany cap for a while." Tony then stares at Steve. "Right Cap?"

Steve pretended looked puzzled. He seem to not know what's going on, he just nods. "Uhh, Yeah, I guess."

Tony winks at him again this time wrapping his right hand around Steve's broad shoulder.

"Well then, let's go." With that, Bruce head on first. Steve and Tony went afterwards, still Tony's arms around Steve.

"We'll see you Nick!" as Iron Man waved his left hand as they went to the elevator.

Nick Fury just stood there, his arms crossing on his chest raising a brow with great amount suspicion and puzzlement.

"What the fuck Tony!" Steve growled as Tony drives him to the cemetery.

"That was close!" he growled again, letting out a sigh.

He didn't understand why he's angry, is it because he almost ran down a cat or because he suddenly showed up at S.H.I.E.L.D. Tony was too busy to understand what Steve said, he was too busy thinking where the two of them should eat after without Nick trailing on them. For everybody knows, both Steve and Tony can't stand to be with each other's presence, but they're not. What everybody doesn't know is that they're dating.

Yes. Captain America and Iron Man are dating.

They have been keeping this a secret from the rest of the gang and of the world because c'mon everyone would cry if they knew that two of the most powerful and influential superheroes/bachelor were dating, and for the fact that it is not easy to accept these kinds of revelations. To both of them it's already been hard figuring their selves out, contemplating deep within themselves if what they feel is real and not some rebound thing. Of course, both were unsure at first but it turns out all of it was real. They started dating behind the avengers back, because Tony knew, Nick wouldn't be so glad if they broke out the news to him, although Nick had already been suspecting the relationship of the two. They have reached the cemetery before one of them could say something worth arguing. They got down from the car and head to find the grave of his dear friends.

"Steve." Tony called Steve as the other is busy searching.

"Steve!" this time raising his voice.

"What TONY?" he looked back at Tony who's staring at him with such compassion.

Steve went to where Tony is and for all he knew he was standing in front of the graves of his two best friends. Steve lets out a sigh and Tony just stared at him, he stared at Steve thinking of how much beautiful this person beside him was. The shorter man broke his stare when he notices Steve to tear up.

"Hey" a calm voice came out of Steve's mouth as he stepped down to take a closer look at their graves. Tony just placed his hands on his pockets clearly giving Steve his privacy. He went up to stand again as Tony rubs his back.

"This is Tony…" Steve points out his hand to him wrapping his other hand on the dark haired man's shoulder, talking to the graves in front of them.

"We've been dating for months now." He said smiling as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"Damn I wish you guys were here to see this." He sniffs as he tried to wipe the tears off his eyes.

"So much have changed…."

"I changed..." Steve said staring at tony as he tries to smile.

For some reason, Steve ended up introducing Tony to the only family he knew, his friends Peggy and Bucky. Taking them a couple of minutes talking to the grave, telling them stories of how they've met and hated each other, and on how they've ended up together. If ever the two souls were listening they would have given Steve and Tony a smile and would go on peacefully knowing Steve is at great hands.

"Well… We'll be going then." Steve sighed.

"Maybe I'll visit you some other time."

"Uhmm, We" Tony smiled at Steve.

Steve went on to their car thinking Tony is walking with him. He then notices that the shorter man was not of his reach and then turned back to see Tony saying something to the resting place of his dearly friends.

"I'll take care of him…. Forever" Tony whispered as Steve called him. He walks to where Steve was at and gave him a wide grin.

"Let's go." The other said, opening the door to his car.

"What did you say to them?" Steve questioned Tony smirking as Tony went inside the car somehow with a teasing look at his eyes.

"I told them you're a great person." Tony lied as they head on to have dinner.

Dinner, cuddle, kiss.

A mysterious shadow lurks within the trees of New York…

Steve went back home alone, taking caution, hoping Nick or the others wouldn't see them. He almost had gotten to his room when a commanding voice echoed the hallways.

"Had a lovely night Mr. Rogers?" it was Nick fucking Fury standing in the hallways, his arms crossed around his chest his left brow raising.

"Uhhm, I guess? I mean, I've managed to see—"

"I hope you know what you're getting into Mr, Rogers." Nick said shutting Steve up as he noticed Nick slapping a photo of Tony and him eating at a restaurant, to his chest.

"I suggest you cut all emotional ties with Mr. Stark" he said fiercely to the captain shifting back around to go check his subordinates.

"Make that an order Captain." He added as he went off. Steve noticed a shadow on the corner of the hallway, it was Hawlkeye. Before he was able to say something, he vanished.

Steve was speechless. He decided to call it a day and lays down his bed, both hands crossing, covering his eyes. There's no way for him to contact Tony because he never really liked those handy calling machines, he had a hard time learning how to use it. He just sighed deeply as he put himself to sleep.

The next day, he was called by Fury to the conference room. 'It must be an assignment' he thought to himself. He dressed up and went to the conference room. When he knocks on the door, he lets himself in to see Tony sitting uncomfortably on the chair, Bruce sitting across Tony and Clint Barton standing firmly on the corner. He froze for a moment when Nick told him to take a sit.

Steve felt that this was something other than their daily meetings. He knows this was about something else…

To be continued…