Chapter 7 – Finale

Steve immediately rushed to Tony who is now lying unconsciously on the floor. He covered him with towel and laid him in his bed. He doesn't know what's happening and for all he know Tony was doing well all this time they have been together.

"Uhmm. JARVIS? Can you call Dr. Banner over here please?" he hurriedly said to the ceiling. The A.I. informed Bruce straight away and went to their aid.

"What happened?" Dr. Banner bursts in looking at Tony who's currently lying on his bed. He then shifts his look at Steve who is clueless on what's happening.

"He just—I heard a crash and I went to check him then I saw him lying on the ground" Steve explained. He was worried and having a bit of a panic. Bruce is checking his vitals when he sighed.

"He was just overworked." The doctor said. "Over fatigue" he explained. Bruce gave Steve some medicine and told him to give it to Stark when he wakes up. He was sleeping. Dr. Banner left them to continue his work in his lab knowing that everything is perfectly fine. Nothing serious.

Steve sighed in relief. He thought something bad had happened to him. he stayed there watching the brunette sleep in comfort then JARVIS butted in.

"Mr. Stark has not been able to sleep properly this past few weeks sir." It reported. Steve just gave the ceiling a confused look.

"During your time in Russia he had been preparing your room personally Mr. Rogers." The English voice continued to echo around the room. "He said he wanted to give you the best room in the floor and he wanted to do it by himself" he added.

Steve smiled although he was not happy on Tony being over worked and stuff. His cheeks turned red and he caresses the sleeping man beside him. He ran his hands through Tony's hair and he smiled some more. It was nice to see how vulnerable Tony can get when he sleeps. And the thought of him working his ass off to make him his room was sweet.

Steve got caught up in the moment and he fell asleep beside Tony. His arms wrapped around his boyfriends.

That morning Steve wakes up early to make breakfast. Bruce hasn't got out of his lab yet so he figured he'd just bring him food later and Tony is still sound asleep in his room. He made heavy breakfast today, lots of fruits and carbs.

Tony went out of his room still wearing the towel in his waist. He seems lost scratching his head and looking as groggy as he could get.

"What happened?" he questioned the man cooking in the kitchen.

"Why am I naked?" he asks some more. His eyes widen and went to where Steve was. Whatever he was thinking was wrong. Steve explained to him what happened and that he collapsed while he was in the shower.

"You saw me naked?" Tony turned into a blush. Steve nodded at him forcing not to smile.

"Well I have to say that's kind of unfair cap." He grinned at his man.

"You have to show me yours" he said naughtily.

"OMG! Tony what are you talking about?" Steve looked at Tony whom he thinks is still dreaming.

"C'mon cap. Just a peek?" he said, his hands slowly moving towards his waist.

Steve tries to take his hands off him because he can't concentrate on finishing their breakfast when Dr. Banner came up from his lab. The two men jolted and took his hands off each other.

"Uhh.. I'll just pretend I didn't see anything." Bruce said going to his room. Tony went to his to change and Steve was left in the kitchen blushing.

When Tony was done changing he went out of his room heading towards his lab downstairs.

"I'll be at the lab when you need me" he waved at Steve. He had some work left to do and since he went to Russia and had collapsed he doesn't have much time to finish his project.

"Anthony Edward Stark you are not going anywhere!" Tony froze not taking any more steps. He looked at Steve whose arms are crossed to his chest.

"It's either you stay in your room or you sit here in the couch and watch T.V" the captain ordered. Tony feeling sick was a big deal to him. In fact he was a big deal to him. The billionaire seemed to have no choice so he chose to take a sit in the couch and watch T.V. maybe he can finish his project some other time.

"I will not let you go to your lab or do any work until I am convinced you are better." He said going back to his work—preparing breakfast. "Now if I see you touch any of your gadgets thingy there I will go back to my old room" he went to him bringing him his tray of food, and coffee.

"This remote is a gadget" he tried to joke but it wasn't funny to Steve.

"I mean it Stark" he glared at him. Tony shuts in.

Steve handed down a bowl of chicken soup to him but Tony didn't get it. He crossed his arm on his chest his mouth pouting like a child.

"You just have to feed me then" he looks at the captain grinning. Steve sighed and lets him do what he wants. He fed him spoon by spoon; he even wipes his mouth when there are spills. Then again Banner passed in front of them heading to his lab waving his hands. "Don't mind me. I'm invisible" he said his voice slowly fading. The love birds chuckled.

"Thanks Tony." Steve said with a calm voice.

"For what?"

"For everything. You've flown to Russia just to see me. You offered me to stay with you here. You even prepared my room yourself that's why you got over fatigued." He continued.

"How did—"Tony raised a brow

"JARVIS told me that. You know I feel like he's a real person and not some machine or whatever" Steve said. He could see Tony mouthed 'JARVIS' feeling like he's been betrayed by his creation.

"I told you I would do anything for you" Tony said looking at Steve's blue eyes. God it was captivating. Tony did prove he'd do anything for him and he's thankful for that.

"I love you Tony" he said staring directly at his boyfriends hazel eyes.

"I love you too cap" Tony said blushing. He wasn't used to saying these kinds of things but for today he said it coming from his heart.

"Maybe I could return the favor to you" Steve whispered in his ear which gave him chills to his spine. Steve handed him his food and went to his room. "If you need anything I'll be in my room taking a shower." Steve grinned slowly taking off his shirt before he entered his room.

Tony choked and liked his lips. "This is the best thing I've ever done so far" –meaning him taking Steve to live with him.

Tony went after him with no second thoughts. He's been dying to lay his hands on his man—who is a 90 year old virgin which needed to be tested.

Tony entered the room—Steve already half naked searching for his tees in the closet. He came in closer giving the captain a hug from behind. You could feel the tension growing between the two. Both of them were getting into the mood when they noticed Banner outside the room.

"Uhhh. Sorry I-"

"Go on you guys. I'm not here. You didn't see me." His voice fading as he went to the kitchen looking for something to eat. He remembered he left something into the table near Steve's room and accidentally saw the two on their way to heaven. It was embarrassing.

Steve and Tony looked at each other and laughed. Banner was very good at timing.

"So—how about I get a taste on that 'Fondue'" Tony said smirking.


Note: Hello dear readers! First of all I would like to thank you for reading this fic I enjoyed writing it the most. I am planning on making a sequel of this entitled: "An American Love Stony 2: The Proposal" where it's been years since Steve and Tony had been into a relationship, after all struggles and problems Tony decided to settle down and ask Steve "the question"

Thank you again and I love you all!