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It was three months into their strange little relationship and Molly still couldn't believe she had a healthy sex life and a healthy social life. Sherlock would tell her that being fulfilled in one sense of her life had led to more passion for other parts of what she did, but suddenly her old school friends were in touch, she'd got a promotion at St Barts and she found that Toby had adopted a little girlfriend with kittens expecting in about a couple of weeks.

Whatever the reason she truly didn't care, she was happy. She had almost everything she wanted from life. She knew Sherlock wasn't a traditional man and well she decided if that's the way, she didn't want to be a traditional woman. Why ruin what she had now with the dreaded M word?

Sherlock had thoroughly enjoyed dissipating rumours about his bloody virginity – he'd always assumed the focus on virginity had died out with arranged marriages. John had noticed less body parts in the fridge which pleased both the good doctor and Mrs Hudson who was sick of nearly fainting every time she tried to put milk in for them. Little did the pair of them really know Sherlock had moved the experimentation front into the bedroom; he'd been delighted in trying out the Kama Sutra as well as various other modern techniques. They'd even hired a car for the day just to see… well that had been an unexpected outcome and too much hype.

Learning about the female form with a live volunteer was a lot more fun.

Amongst rather rumpled sheets and pillows thrown to the floor Molly and Sherlock woke up to a rather trashed flat. Snuggling into his side she traced paths across his naked chest, occasionally dipping lower with soft fingertips. Sherlock growled softly every time her nails circled him and trailed up his inner thighs along up to his stomach and back down the other side.

"Molly." He whispered, eyes shutting when her lips pressed under his ear.

"Sherlock…" She giggled and felt him harden. Then she stopped as she held him.

"Don't stop." He ordered. "It's too nice." There was no begging from Sherlock.

"No hold on a minute Mr Holmes." She propped herself up slightly.

"What Dr Hooper?" He said almost irritably.

"I have a bone to pick with you Sherlock Holmes!" The wicked gleam in her eye told him he wasn't truly in trouble, though he did enjoy discovering "make up sex."

"There are no bones in the human penis, Molly." He slipped his hand between her legs, smirking when she gave a soft cry.

"I have a very firm grasp on anatomy Sherlock." She squeezed his length and smiled when he sniggered. "Shut up. After years of me trying to get you on a bloody date… all I needed to do was find a little competition for you and you come running?" She ran her hand up his length and grinned triumphantly as his breathing quickened.

"Speaking of competition." Sherlock growled, pushing her hand away and rolling her onto her back. "Did I win?" The naughty look in her eye never faded as she pondered his question.

"Well…" She drew out the word and looked into the distance in mock thought. "I'll just have to think about it… on even par at the moment I would say…" She said at length, the tug of a smirk on her lips as Sherlock huffed.

"Well then, looks like I need to prove myself." He whispered, biting softly at her neck as she wriggled beneath him.

"Sherlock…I've got to go to …." She tried to escape from his grasp.

"Call in sick." He planted his lips against hers firmly, feeling her will power to leave melt away as his hands skimmed over her hips, up towards her underside of her breasts. He brushed against them with his knuckles and blazed hot paths up to her nipples with the pads of his fingers. Her hands reached up to grasp the metal bars of the bed as his fingers and mouth teased the hardened nubs. His hands went south as his lips moved north to hers, swallowing the moans as his digits danced across her pale skin.

"Sherlock…" She keened when he reached her centre. "Don't tease Sherlock." She opened her eyes as he stopped moving and pulled away from her. "Sherlock?" Her eyes lit up as he brought back a black tie and bound her hands to the bedstead before continuing his torturous movements.

"I think I will tease." He grinned against her skin. "I'm very interested in seeing how quickly I can make you orgasm with different variables." There once would've been a time when his science talk during sex would've annoyed her and made her feel like an experiment, but now she enjoyed being his project – there were brilliant results at the end.

His soft kisses drove her insane as they slowly inched towards her hips, he kissed across her hips from the left to the right, back to the middle before heading down her left leg. His fingers teased her entrance, barely touching as he bit the inside of her thigh ever so slightly. Her moans became incoherent as he slipped a finger inside her, he watched as she tugged at her bonds and groaned throwing her head back in frustration. He added a second finger and she got a little louder. Running his thumb over her clit he was rewarded with her screaming his name.

"That was quick." His sarcasm dented the orgasmic haze and she barely had the energy to raise her head let alone make a comment back. Instead she watched him as he crawled back up her body and when he was positioned just right, ready to tease her oh so sensitive body again, she locked her ankles at his back and pulled him into her. She gave another happy sigh as he slipped inside her, smirking to herself when she heard the surprised noise from him followed by a soft groan.

"Shut up Sherlock. Untie me and fuck me like you're supposed to." She whispered into his ear as he bent down to admonish her. He made quick work of the tie and grinned against her shoulder as her hips rose to meet his. Their moans echoed around the flat as the pair rolled around the bed.

Their friends with benefits relationship revealed at John's wedding to Mary after they were discovered in the hotel lift, but that certainly didn't stop them. Sherlock had simply asked the shocked guest what floor they would like and smiled when they turned down lift, acting as though Molly's leg wasn't wrapped around his waist and his trousers weren't at his ankle.

They didn't forget that experience in a hurry.