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This is my first fanfic that I'm actually uploading. I've worked really freaking hard on it and I hope you like it. Go ahead and tell me things you'd like to see happen, or any idea's you might have. They are highly appreciated.

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PS, if it doesn't have a name and POV, it just means that it's Dahvie, since most of the story is told in his view anyways.

You know, most people look at bands that tour and think, "Wow, that must be so easy. Getting to sleep all day while you're getting driven everywhere you need to go, sleeping in every morning, staying up every night, partying with your fans all the time." Who the fuck thinks that's how it goes?

First of all, unless you're signing or you don't have anything to do the next morning, you better be heading to bed no later than 1:00am, because you're going to get woken up long before 10:00am, and you can't be cranky for your fans or your shows. You have to give them your all, your 100%. You also aren't really supposed to party with your fans. I used to all the time, and it was a mistake because then rumors like the one Jessie Slaughter started get spread, and it can easily make your life a living hell. Lastly, I get car sick so sleeping on long car rides is almost impossible unless I'm listening to something calming through headphones, and I'm able to block out the world. And it's not like shows are just... put on. They're put together delicatly, with lots of detail, hard work, and concentraition. So don't sit there and act like us musicians got it made. Hell, we don't even get payed that well.

"Dahvie!" There was a loud thud on my door, and a long pause of silence before the sound of Jayy's voice filled my ears again. "Dahvie, are you even awake yet?"
I sighed, and stood up. Truthfully, I'd been awake for a few hours, and I'd just been sitting at my desk writing songs and sketching because I hadn't felt like going out to the house yet. Not like anyone would be awake. Jayy was up pretty late last night blasting music, and I'd stayed up with him for most of it. I finally went and got into bed around three or four in the morning, but I hadn't slept much and ended up getting up by eight. Jayy, on the other hand, had waited until noon to come a'knockin.
I walked to the door, unlocked it, grasped the handle, and opened the door. Jayy was standing at my door in a pair of pink boxers and no shirt, all his torso tattoo's revealed, staring at me. He looked extremely tired, and his black hair had yet to be messed with, so it looked like a bunch of sex hair.
"Sorry, I was awake. Just zoned out." I shrugged. I couldn't imagine how horrible I looked compared to Jayy who, although looked like he really had just gotten out of bed, seemed to always look fabulous. My hair was knotted and untouched by a comb, I had no makeup on my face, and I was wearing a pair of baggy grey sweatpants and a A7x t-shirt. "Did you need something, bro?"
Jayy eyed me, raising an eyebrow. "You've been zoned out a lot lately. Are you feeling sick?" Jayy playfully reached out his hand to touch my forehead, but I slapped it away quickly.
"I'm fine." I said. I knew I was probably lying though. Not that I hadn't actually felt fine for the most part, but lately there have been little things bothering me about my life. Like how I have yet to find a good girl that likes me for me, and sticks around. I want to find someone who's worth waiting for, and who thinks the same about me. It was harder than average since I'm in the band Blood on the Dance Floor, which with songs like Yo Ho, I 3 Hello Kitty, Candyland, and so on, we have a lot of sex appeal and it makes us look like we don't honestly care about waiting or falling in love. But we do. I do, especially. "What did you need?" I asked Jayy.
"I wanted to remind you that you had a meeting today with the lady designing the set for Unforgiven."
"Shit!" I exclaimed. I had completely forgotten about her. What was her name again? Susan...Serina...Sarah... "What time and where?"
"She called the house phone a few minutes ago and said two o'clock at the food court in the mall."
"Holy tits. I have to get ready."
Jayy nodded as I jetted past him for the bathroom. I couldn't help but smile when I heard him say under his breath, "bitch woke me up."

Two hours later, I was sitting at the food court with who turned out to actually be a Sabrina. I had decided not to do much to my brightly colored hair, nor wear makeup or my normal clothing. I didn't want to stand out too much, because all I'd have to do is walk past Hot Topic, Zumiez, or Spencers, and there'd be a crowd. It happened much to often here.
She sat and rambled on about some tree's and snow while we ate some chinese food, but I was barely paying attention. I was still thinking about what it'd be like to meet a girl, fall in love, get married, and have little Blood on the Dancefloor kids running around. I had to hold in a smile when I thought of a little boy with spiked black hair, giving the middle finger and a little six year old scene girl with teased up colorful hair and a Hello Kitty dress. Okay, so I'd never let my kids be like that so young. Hell, I probably wouldn't even let them listen to mine and Jayy's music until they were fifteen.
"So I think that wraps it up," Sabrina said, standing up and reaching her hand out to shake mine. I stood up quickly, and shook her hand. "Thanks for meeting with me, Dahvie."
"The pleasure is mine." I said, giving a slight smile. "Jayy and I are both excited for the music video release, and so are all our wonderful fans."
"It's great to see someone so dedicated to their fans. It's not common in the music industry anymore, I'll tell you that much."
"You don't have to tell me twice." I chuckled. Sabrina and I threw our food away, and she headed out quickly.
Hell, I thought. I might as well look around. I didn't get underdressed for no reason.
I wandered around the mall, and sadly, I did get a couple glimpses from people who probably sort of recognized me, but I was quick to get away from any one starring.
I walked into Spencers and was looking over all the cute little key chains when I accidently ran into someone. I got knocked back a couple inches, but she almost fell to the floor. I quickly grabbed her hand to ease her balance. Her skin was so soft, it was surprisngly hard to let go of her hand but I did to avoid any "awkward turtle" incidents.
Oh my God. She was beautiful. She had wavy, dark blue hair, and light green eyes that she covered with too much eye liner. She shouldn't wear makeup. I could tell she'd look fine without it.
"I am so sorry!" I exclaimed, feeling rather embarressed.
She giggled, and her smile seemed to light up the otherwise dark store. "Don't worry about it. I didn't see you there."
"I didn't see you either." I smiled. "Then again, I was staring at key chains."
"I have no excuse. I was just walking. I guess I'm not smart enough to actually look for other people in a popular store."
I shrugged. "Hey, I run into people all the time. Obviously." I gave a little wink.
She put her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow. "Have I met you before? You look sort of familiar."
Well, damn. There goes any chance of me having a decent conversation with a pretty girl.
"I..." I quickly thought up a little white lie. "I'm always here, so you've probably seen me here before. I'm sure we've run into each other somewhere."
"Literally," She added, giggling. "I'm Chamile, but you can call me Cammie."
"I'm Dah-Uh, David." I smiled, half at her and half at my smooth save.
"It's nice to meet you, David. What do you happen to be doing in this lovely store of pot accesories, sex toys, and t-shirts today?" She smiled. "Oh, wait. You're looking at keychains."
I couldn't help it. I let out a loud laugh. That did sound pretty pathetic. "I could be asking you the same thing."
"Actually, I'm just here for the jewlery. Not interested in any bongs, dildo's, or provacative clothing today."
We smiled at each other. "I guess I'll see you around?" I said as I headed for the entrance, deciding not to buy anything.
"Hopefully!" She waved at me as I walked out.
That girl was totally gorgeous. She had been wearing the bombest Marilyn Manson shirt and a pair of dark skinnies to go with it. She'd had a rockin' bod, a sweet voice, and smooth skin. I couldn't stop looking into her eyes through my mind.
I was already at the front of the mall when I decided what I needed to do.
I started to sprint back towards Spencers, people starring and pointing. It took a good minute, and when I finally reached the store, I was almost out of breath. Tiredly, I fast-walked up to Cammie, and poked her on the shoulder. She turned around and looked a little surprised to see me again.
"Would you..." I said breathlessly. "Would you like to get something to eat with me?"
Cammie smiled happily. "I thought you'd never ask."

We decided on a cute little hot dog venue, one of those carts with the guy who sells over priced hot dogs, and cans of soda. We'd taken my car, as long as I agreed to take her back to the mall so she could get her car afterwards, and the hot dog cart was parked right outside a nice river park.
Once we got our orders and our soda, we headed for a shaded bench near the river. We ate and talked for a long time; it was so nice to not have people all over me and calling me "Dahvie Vanity" but rather my birth name, "David Torres."
"So, Mr. David, what are your life ambitions?" Cammie asked with a smile as she sipped from her Mountain Dew can.
I took a moment to think about the question, but I knew what I wanted in life, and I already had most of it. "Hm, music. I love music. I love writing music, singing music, dancing to music. Music is my biggest passion in life and I plan to follow it until the day I die."
"That's amazing," She complemented me.
"What about you?"
"Well, I really don't know yet. I'm going to college right now, and I'm trying to decide between becoming a lawyer or a vet tech. I love to bring justice to people who deserve it and it's what my dad really want for me, but I also love helping animals."
"Do both."
"No way!" She said, shaking her head quickly. "That's a lot of schoolwork, and it's not like I can do both."
I shrugged. I guess she was right.
After a little more conversation, I discovered she was twenty-three years old, her favorite color was Navy Blue, and her favorite band was Aerosmith, although she didn't mind Asking Alexandria too much when it came to more modern music.
"You're extrememly interesting," I told her as I drove her back to the mall. We'd sat at the park for a good hour and a half, eating, talking, and skipping rocks into the water.
I looked over to see her cheeks get a little rosy. "You're not too dull yourself, David."
I smiled slightly. You have no idea.
She directed me through the parking lot, and I parked right beside a yellow Volkswagon Bug. Before she got out of the car, she smiled and put her hand out. "May I see your phone?"
"Uh, sure." I said, fidgeting in my pocket for the iPhone. Before handing it over to her, I unlocked it. I didn't want her to see the BOTDF wallpaper I had of Jayy and I. Smiling, she took the phone and began to type something in with her thumb. When she handed it back, it was open to a new contact that said "Cammie," and read her number with a note that said, "Call me sometime."
I blushed brightly as she got out of the car and waved good bye, getting into her own car. I waited for her to drive away, and then started on my way home.
I thought about her the whole way home, and even when I was walking inside the front door. It must have shown on my face that I was deep in thought about someone because Jayy, who'd been sprawled out lazily on the couch watching old Fall Out Boy video's on the tv, quickly asked, "Who are you thinking about, Dahvie?"
"Huh?" I asked, looking around the living room. My eyes finally landed on Jayy, and I couldn't keep a smile inside. "Oh, just a girl I met."
"Oh really? Dahvie Vanity met a girl?"
"No... David Torres met a girl. Dahvie Vanity... isn't in the picture."
"Oh, no." Jayy said, quickly jumping up. "You didn't tell her about Blood on the Dance Floor?"
I shook my head and shrugged. "It didn't really come up. She didn't ask me if I was the famous Dahvie, or if I was one of the singers from Blood on the Dance Floor. I don't think she even knows who we are. She didn't mention a word, and she listens to stuff like Aerosmith and Asking Alexandria."
"That's a huge difference in music taste. Weird dupstep screamo rock pop could be in there somewhere."
I shrugged again. "If she would have known, she would have asked, Jayy." I sighed. "But, I'm glad she didn't know because she sat there and talked to me about life and colors and music and college. For once, I didn't feel like I had to be careful with what I said because it'll be published. I was talking to a real person, who looks at me as a real person. I love that feeling."
Jayy nodded. "I understand what you're coming from. But tell me this... Say you two end up dating and falling in love, and you still don't tell her. What are you going to say when we have to travel all around the states, or when you can't hang out with her because you're too busy with an interview that will be viral on Youtube within days?"
"If I fall in love with her, I'll tell her the truth. It's not like I lied, really... She just never asked if I was in a band." I shook my head quickly. "We're not even dating, so what's the point of talking about this stuff? We're just friends."
"Because it's obvious you like her," Jayy pointed out, smiling slyly. I blushed brightly.
"Yeah, I like her. She's fucking beautiful. And she gave me her number!"
"When are you going to call her?"
"I have no idea. She wrote a note in my iPhone telling me to call her so, should I now?"
"You just got back. Wait til tonight, at least." Jayy chucked softly. "You fool."