Cammie POV
I sat their and listened to Jayy yell at me, and even though all his words felt like bullets going through my chest and penetrating my heart, I took it all because I knew I deserved it. But the moment he told me David might as well be dead, my knee's buckled and I fell to the concrete ground. The tears I'd been holding back were all running down my face, and my whole body hurt suddenly.
It was official. I hated myself. I couldn't believe that I'd affected David so badly. I was hurting him every single day, and I wasn't even speaking to him! I was the most horrible of horrible people ever. I was the queen of horrible. I was a bitch. I didn't deserve to have even the memories of those few days with such a pefect, caring boy like himself. I was horrible. I wanted to hug him again, but I'd probably burn his skin. I wanted to kiss him again, but I'd probably hurt his lips. I wanted to call him mine again, but I didn't deserve to even go near him. I hated myself, and I loved David.
I was shocked when I felt an uneasy touch on my back, and the sound of Jayy's voice saying, "Shh, shh... There, there..." His voice was low and confused, like he wasn't sure what he was doing. I cried harder though, and the more I cried, the closer Jayy got to me until he finally hugged me tightly and let me cry onto his shoulder.
After a couple minutes, I sniffled and pulled away to stare up at Jayy. God, he was tall.
"Why?" I asked lowly.
"Why what?" He asked my back.
"Why are you holding me and comforting me, when just a second ago, you were yelling at me and blaming me?"
He sighed and shrugged. "I was so angry because you left him and he went downhill. I had no idea you actually cared about him."
"I do..." I admitted. "I think about him every day. I moved here so I could get a fresh new start on my life, but I guess that didn't include my heart too... I want him back so badly. I never should have left him. I was just so conflicted at the time."
Jayy hugged me again, and then pulled back and an evil grin crossed his face. "Do you have anywhere to be?"
"Other than my apartment, no." I said, raising an eyebrow and wiping my nose on the back of my hand.
"Now you do." He chuckled, and when I opened my mouth to say something, he put his hand over my mouth to shush me. "Shut up, and get in the car." He laughed.
Jayy made me get into his silver Dodge Charger, stuffing my guitar case into his trunk, and then left, coming back with another girl that I recognized as Haley Rose from their Evolution album. When Haley got in the car, she looked at me confused, and then at Jayy. He filled us both is.
"Cammie missed Dahvie. Dahvie misses Cammie. So I'm taking Cammie to Dahvie, so they can talk it out." He looked back at me as he drove out of the strip mall, and smiled. "Whether she likes it or not."
"Isn't that kind of like kidnapping?" Haley asked as she giggled.
"Kidnapping is such a harsh word. We're showing her the new house."