The shrill alarm pierced through the early morning, and the jumble of blankets on the bed twitched.


There was a groan from Greg, who'd curled up in the middle of the single mattress when his bed partner had got up to shower. Greg didn't realise that until he peeled his eyes open.


With a loud curse, Greg tried to untangle himself from the blankets twisted around his body and reach the alarm clock.


'You're a goddamn tramp!' Greg hollered as he finally flipped the switch. Some crappy pop song blared from the small speaker and Greg groaned; he so didn't need some shitty boy band singing to him at...

'Eight-thirty?' Greg demanded, twisting around on the mattress. 'Who the fuck set the alarm for eight-thirty?'

'It wasn't set for eight-thirty,' Mycroft said as he peered around the wardrobe door. It'd been hiding him from Greg's sight and Greg blinked rapidly. 'Sorry,' he added when he saw that he had Greg's attention. 'I set it for eight and I've been up since then- I mustn't have turned the alarm off properly.'

'You gotta flick the little thing on the side,' Greg murmured. He reached for the clock again and made sure the alarm was off before sitting back on the bed. 'What are you doin' up?' he yawned.

'My first class starts at nine-thirty,' Mycroft said with a smile. The younger teen was looking at the mirror hanging from the wardrobe door and running his fingers through his hair.

'Oh, I forgot 'bout that,' Greg said. 'My classes don't start 'til next week.' He gave Mycroft a cheeky smile when the red-head scowled at him, and flopped back onto the bed. 'I shouldn't be up!' he moaned.

'Well, you are,' Mycroft said, finally done fixing his hair. He closed the wardrobe door and approached Greg. 'We could get breakfast?' he suggested.

Greg giggled and shook his head from side to side. 'No, no, no-no-no-no-nooo,' he babbled. 'I ain't gettin' outta bed at eight-goddamn-thirty.'

'Not even for me?' Mycroft asked. He sat on the side of the bed and pouted down at his boyfriend.

'Nope,' Greg said. 'I'm a bitch like that.'

'And a bastard,' Mycroft said. 'Seriously, you won't have breakfast with me?'

'Um... you go get it, and come back, and we'll eat in bed,' Greg grinned.


'Come onn,' Greg groaned. 'Skive and stay in bed with me. We can have wild, passionate monkey sex.'

'We stayed in bed for quite a while after we moved in,' Mycroft reminded him. 'Yesterday we did nothing but eat and shag in your room. We annoyed your closest neighbour, remember?'

Greg groaned at the memory. Mycroft shared his floor with four other guys; Yasha the Russian, Marco who was also studying Maths, Tristan who was a bit of a weirdo, and Will, whom Greg was pretty sure was cooking pot brownies in the communal kitchen.

Greg had only met two of his own floor-mates, the other two so far remained nameless; Justin, the aforementioned neighbour who had glared at Greg at 3am when his and Mycroft's enthusiastic sex had woken him, and Jack, who was too busy thinking he was going to fail everything to really talk to anyone.

'So let's do it again!' Greg decided, shaking himself from his thoughts. 'Clearly you like it.'

'I have classes, Gregory.'

Greg groaned. 'You're no bloody fun.'

Mycroft smiled and leaned over to kiss him softly. Greg couldn't help but respond and the two lost a few minutes enjoying their early morning kiss.

When they broke apart, Greg asked, 'When are you free today?'

'Twelve-thirty to three,' Mycroft answered, 'so I'll be able to meet you for lunch if you want.'

'Mm, well...' Greg sat up and gave Mycroft a coy smile. Mycroft just raised an eyebrow. 'I can meet you at that café we went to our first day here, we can grab some lunch, have a nice, loong shag afterwards-' Mycroft snorted, '-then I can hang out with Yasha until you're done for the day,' Greg continued. 'After that we go have a nice dinner, and more shagging.'

'Sounds wonderful,' Mycroft said and kissed Greg again. 'But Anthea and Sally will be joining us for dinner, I already confirmed it yesterday.'

'Mycroft!' Greg groaned.

'They're our friends.'

'I wanted to feel you up under the table,' Greg pouted.

'You still can,' Mycroft chuckled, 'just make sure it's my leg.'

'Mm... 'kay,' Greg beamed.

Mycroft looked at his watch and cursed. 'I have to go,' he said as he grabbed his bookbag and BlackBerry. 'I want to get coffee and something to eat before class, otherwise I won't pay attention.'

'M'kay,' Greg said and finally pulled himself from bed. He followed Mycroft to the door and stood in the doorway.

There were a few people milling about he hallway- Yasha and Marco included- and each one of them hooted and made cat-calls when the couple appeared. Mycroft raised an eyebrow as he turned to face Greg.

'Oh,' Greg said, realising he was just in boxers. 'Well, now they know exactly what you have access to,' he grinned.

Mycroft rolled his eyes but grabbed Greg by the back of the neck and tugged him closer for a hot, wet kiss that had Greg's legs buckling. He slumped against the door-frame and moaned, his fingers gripping Mycroft's shirt and pulling closer.

When they finally broke apart, Yasha clapped loudly, while Marco wolf-whistled.

'Bravo,' Yasha said.

'Really, well done, that was way better than porn,' Marco added. He slapped Yasha on the shoulder and said, 'I bet your boyfriend never kisses you like that.'

Yasha rolled his eyes and Mycroft chuckled.

'I'll see you at lunch?' Mycroft asked, turning back to Greg.

'Yeah, just meet me at that café. Text me when you get outta class,' Greg said. He stood taller and licked his lips, savouring Mycroft's taste. 'Love you.'

'I love you, too,' Mycroft smiled. He pecked Greg on the lips and then walked towards the stairs, Greg watching his black, denim-clad arse disappear. He sighed softly and Yasha and Marco both awwed, earning a middle finger from Greg as the brunet slammed the door shut.

Greg looked around Mycroft's small room. He'd made it more his since moving in; a few posters, books lining the shelves, lamps that Maggie had bought as well as dark curtains and rumpled sheets. Greg smiled as he moved through the room, picking up a few DVDs and books that he and Mycroft had left lying around.

Despite its rather small size, Greg loved the room, and he loved his own, too. The beds were single, true, but it was just like living at home; they curled around each other at night, they discussed their upcoming classes, they pissed each other off and stormed out and travelled the ten minutes between their colleges to get some space... the only difference was the floor-mates, and the fact that Maggie wasn't there.

As Greg tidied up, sounds of people walking back and forth outside filtered through the walls. Greg wasn't used to there being so many people around, but he could sleep through anything. So he eventually abandoned his clean-up and, yawning, stumbled his way back to the bed. He fell face-first onto the unmade mattress, moaning as the warm, soft covers surrounded his body. He tugged the red duvet up and wrapped it around himself tightly.

Greg didn't have to get up any time soon; his classes didn't start for a week, he wasn't having lunch with his boyfriend- who he still livedwith- for a few hours yet, and dinner with his mates wasn't until later that night. The people who lived around them didn't care that they were gay, there were even other gay and bisexual people on the same floor, and Greg and Mycroft were both prepared and excited to start their studies.

A smile made Greg's lips curl, even as he buried his face in the pillows that still smelled like Mycroft. It was good to be him.


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