"Okay looks like I got everything," Nathan assured himself with a smile. He was eight years old and had short, spiky, brown hair and eyes. He was an active boy because he almost every day he went outside and explored the woods behind his house, regardless of the weather.

"Notebook, lunchbox, music player. I think that's it." He delightfully chirped to himself carefully putting the items into a dark blue backpack. He slung the back over his shoulders and exited his room.

"Nate, honey?" Nathan heard his mother's voice on the bottom floor of the house. He casually made his way downstairs to his mother. "If you're going to be gone a long time could you lock the door? I'm going to be heading out for a while," Nathan rolled his eyes, he knew what for but decided to ask anyway "To see him again?" he said with disgust. His mom got to his height "Honey, I know you miss your father but you need to move on, like I did." A year ago Nathan's real father was killed in nature. He was attacked by a deer though he wasn't a hunter. He was actually the reason Nathan enjoyed nature. Since his death Nathan made sure he went outside everyday.

Nathan despised his mother's new boyfriend. Not only because he replaced his old father in his mother's heart but because he was a hunter. Though he treated her and Nathan nicely Nathan still hated him. He once went over to his house and was mortified. The heads of murdered animals littered his wall. Bear, wolves and deer were only a few.

"Love you." she changed the subject with a kiss to the cheek. Nathan nodded as she headed out the front door. Nathan following shortly after.

Nathan made his way to his backyard through the snow. Winter had just started and it was a positive sign to him that snow was on the ground already. He trudged his way into the entrance of the woods.

'Now where can I sit down?' Nathan thought to himself. He didn't want to sit in the snow and get his pants wet. He also wanted eat.

Then suddenly he crossed paths a deer. It was brown with a few white spots. It looked back at Nathan with big, brown eyes.

Both Nathan and the deer froze in place. From what he gathered, it was about one year old, maybe older. Nathan was afraid it would attack so he and the deer remained frozen for minutes. 'Maybe if I slowly back away it'll leave.' Nathan backed away slowly. He noticed that the deer was eyeing Nathan curiously. Nathan sighed as the fawn finally ran off. 'Back to business,' he thought to himself.

After some time Nathan found a rock that wasn't completely covered in snow. Brushing off some, he sat down and ate his lunch. 'I wonder whatever happened to that deer I ran into?' he thought while chewing some food.

Some time after lunch he pulled out his notebook. It was a blue spiral notebook with no decorations on it. Inside was a picture of his father feeding a doe. Ironically the picture was photographed the day his dad was killed.

Suddenly Nathan heard some rustling ahead of him.

Nathan cautiously looked up and saw a animal's head poking out of a bush. "That's the deer that I ran into earlier." he whispered. The fawn emerged from the bush, revealing it's whole body. Nathan quickly sketched the deer. Contempt with his work, he looked up again and noticed that the deer was closer than last time. He was getting uncomfortable with the distance between them now.

In seconds the deer was inches away from him. Suddenly he heard the fawn'sstomach rumble. "You're hungry aren't you?" reaching into his lunchbox, he found a single cracker left over from his lunch. He put his hand out and offered the cracker to the fawn. The fawn slowly sniffed it and bit off half of it. Nathan smiled, remembering the picture.

Then a large deer appeared. It had thick brown fur, long antlers and an angry look on it's face. 'Uh-oh' Nathan assumed that deer was the fawn's father.

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