Three months later.

"…There were thousands of dogs, Bambi wasn't a bit scared," Thumper was telling a story to some of the woodland animals, including his sisters, Flower, Friend Owl, Faline and even the porcupine, all waiting for someone to show up.

"It got closer!" He directed to his sisters, making them cower.

"And closer!" he turned to Flower, making him hide in the patch of flowers he was standing in. "There was nowhere for him to run. Then a dog as big as a tree, roared from the shadows!" he screamed the last part, making everyone jump.

"But Bambi was too fast and he…"

"…jumped high in the air!" one of his sisters joined in the story telling. Thumper gave her a glare before continuing.

"And came crashing…"

"…crashing down on the big dog's head!" another sister interjected. Thumper tapped his foot on the rock, waiting for order to return. After a moment they did settle.

"And…" Thumper stopped himself to make sure he would not be interrupted, to which silence followed, with a smile he proceeded "And the best part…"

"…and the best part was when Thumper helped Flower make his bestest bravest face, ever and scared all the dogs away!" Thumper almost looked annoyed but realized that he was okay with what they had said.

"Yup, that's the story," to which the smaller of the animals listening in cheered. Faline's ears perked up during the excitement and turned around.

"Hey, Bambi's here!" Faline interrupted the excitement, making the sisters turn around and dash to Bambi. Thumper crossed his arms and smirked.

"Y'know what, I guess they're okay for sisters, it's just too bad they're girls," Thumper said, earning a polite clearing of the throat, making Thumper flinch. He suddenly looked to where his sisters ran off to "H…Hey look, Bambi's here!" Thumper repeated, hoping to change the subject.

Bambi was walking towards the group when his head suddenly got caught on a branch of blossoms. He shook his head free, revealing two small antler stubs.

"Well, it seems as though your antlers are growing in quite nicely young prince," Friend Owl said with a smile.

"Really? I haven't noticed," Bambi added, making the others laugh. Bambi looked around and asked "Hey, where's Nathan, this is my last day here, I thought he'd be here,"

"He said he had to go to his mom and dad's wedding," one of Thumper's sisters explained.

"He said quite a few times," another added.

"More like complained," Friend Owl muttered under his breath. He spoke up again "Well, yes, Thumper was telling us quite a story; one of 'thousands of dogs'," He said leaning on the log he was perched on.

"Thousands?" Bambi shot Thumper a skeptic look.

"Heh, what can I say, I'm a natural born story teller," Thumper defended sheepishly.

"I bet it seemed like a thousand, Bambi," Faline said smiling, getting closer to Bambi, making hi back up into the porcupine.

The porcupine snickered at the opportunity for revenge and turned around, sending his quills erect and sticking Bambi. Bambi jumped from the quills and accidentally planted his lips to Faline's, making both back up. Bambi blushed while Faline looked as though she enjoyed it.

"Feh, twitterpated," Friend Owl muttered accidentally, right by Flower and Thumper's sister, who heard him.

"What's twitterpated?" Flower asked, making Friend Owl panic.

"It's, uh, eh…"he sighed "I'll uh, tell you when you're older," Friend Owl said looking up, thankful for avoiding the awkward conversation.

Bambi and Faline were still staring at each other when they heard someone's voice break their moment.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't the young prince," Ronno said hopping stones placed in a stream "Just know this princess, when we meet again, I'll-" he began not watching where he was going, falling into the water, making the others laugh. Grumbling, Ronno ran away.

"Oh I gotta get going, my dad's waiting for me, bye guys," Bambi said running off, the others waving goodbye.

Bambi ran in on the Great Prince and Meena talking. Bambi stopped just in front of the two.

"Are you ready to go Bambi?" Meena asked Bambi. Bambi walked to Meena but stopped before getting near her, a sad look on his face.

"Is something wrong?" the Great Prince asked, to which Bambi nodded.

"I just wanted to say goodbye to Nathan before I left," Bambi admitted. The Great Prince looked at Meena without speaking; Meena understood the message with a nod.

"Did Nathan say where it was taking place?" the Great Prince asked Bambi. Bambi thought for a moment.

"He said it was happening in a place near a 'gee-olf' course," Bambi tried to remember how Nathan said it. The Great Prince looked at him curiously.

"That one game where we saw the people hitting those white balls with the sticks," Bambi further explained.

"Ah, yes, well why don't we drop by and say goodbye?" the Great Prince suggested, Bambi nodded in excitement.

"Do you, Maricel Malnik, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

"Yes, I do."

"Do you, Manny Williamson, take this woman to be your wife?"

"I do,"

"Then by the power invested in me, I know pronounce you two, man and wife," the preacher concluded the ceremony as Maricel and Manny locked lips, making Nathan fake gag and Garret stifle a laugh.

Nathan was watching from the back of the reception area as the rest of the family that had come was partaking in dancing; oddly enough, only Maricel's family showed up for the occasion. Nathan, in sheer curiosity, decided to turn around and look out at the golfers in the practice field. Then in the distance, he spotted a deer. Upon a closer look he realized he knew the deer "The Great Prince," he said managing to sneak out of the reception area without being noticed.

He passed by the golfers who were done in the practice field and went to the edge of the field, where the Great Prince was.

"Hey, long time no see," Nathan smiled, which the Great Prince returned.

"Yes, you've been busy with the wedding I assume?" he asked as Nathan tugged at the red tie around his neck.

"Yup and school, plus getting this thing on was a pain," he was referring to the tuxedo he was wearing "Do you need something?"

"Nathan!" he heard Bambi call out jumping at him.

"Bambi?" Nathan stuttered looking at Bambi "Geez you've grown," Nathan admitted feeling one of Bambi's budding antlers.

"So what's up?" Nathan asked. Bambi backed up.

"This is my last day here, and I wanted to say goodbye before I left," Nathan nodded.

"Will you ever come back?" Nathan asked.

"He will, when he is old enough to claim the Great Prince title," the Great Prince added. Bambi and Nathan looked at each other.

"I'm glad you came here before you left," Nathan admitted to Bambi. Meena walked in and said almost reluctantly.

"Bambi, its time," brushing up against Nathan one more time, Bambi walked to Meena and the two walked away.

"Bye dad, bye Nathan!" Bambi called out before disappearing from both the Great Prince and Nathan's sight.

"Great Prince?"

"Yes Nathan?"

"You didn't want to send Bambi away, did you?" the Great Prince looked at Nathan, he was surprised at the maturity of the question from an eight year old; The Great Prince sighed.

"Of course I didn't want to, but I'm a prince, I can't care for a child, that's a doe's job. Besides with Manny and his son, I can't afford to let something happen to Bambi, we are the last of the prince line," Nathan nodded, remembering the award for the Great Prince.

"Nathan!" Nathan heard Garret's voice, coming at him. He turned around and saw Garret running at him.

"I must go now…" the Great Prince said disappearing into the woods. Nathan ran to Garret.

"Garret, what's so important?"

"Its dad, the police are here for him," Garret blurted.

"What?" Nathan said in disbelief as he ran alongside Garret back to the reception area; lo and behold, police cars with the sirens on.

The two went inside and saw Maricel yelling at Manny who was in handcuffs, the argument ended, with her throwing her golden wedding band in his face. Nathan ran to his mom, who was now crying.

"Mom what's going on?" Nathan managed to ask. No answer came from his mother, who was still just crying.

"He's actually Ron Harrison," a police officer answered Nathan's question "He's a wanted man back in Lake Forest, Illinois. He's violated numerous hunting laws, hunting without a license, use of deer callers, exceeding the number of hunting dogs. All trying to get some deer called the Great Prince. He's migrated to this area in Memphis, Missouri, but we finally caught him." The police officer exposed Manny, or Ron for who he really was. The police officers were leaving as Nathan tugged on one of the legs of the officer.

"Wait, what about Garret?" Nathan pointed to the child holding back tears. The police officers talked to one another, uncertain what to do him.

"I'll take of him," Maricel said, regaining her composure slightly. Her eyeliner was running down her face. The officers shrugged and walked out with Ron. Garret walked over to Maricel and Nathan, he got close to Maricel.

"T...thank you," Garret managed.

Sometime had passed and everyone chose to forget the botched wedding, Garret officially became a Malnik alongside Maricel and Nathan. Nathan, feeling kind of sorry for Garret, talked to the Great Prince about how Garret never liked hunting and even, according to Garret, never even killed an animal.

"Nathan, where are you taking me?" Garret asked, hearing a concealed laugh from Nathan.

"Oh you'll see," Nathan turned to Garret as the Great Prince appeared from behind him.

The three went to the Temple of the Seasons and the Great Prince granted Garret the ability to talk to the animals. Something he discovered quickly after meeting Faline, Thumper and Flower. Nathan and Garret kept returning to the woods to play with their friends for the rest of spring, and the year to follow.

I should probably talk about where I wanted to go with this.

It was in May 2012 that I had the idea to do a quick little story before continuing with the story of Bambi that would be my first crossover. It would've been a Fox and the Hound and Bambi (duh) crossover that took place during Fox and the Hound 2.

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