AN: So this is my first attempt at writing a Tron FF. I'm not entirely sure where this will go or how long it will be, but it's based off of Tron: Uprising. Sort of similar to Beafstew's Curiosity Killed The Kat, but with a different twist. Hope you enjoy it, and CC would be nice :)

Chapter One

You would think that being stuck on the Grid would have taught me something about my every day life. For ten years I'd been stuck in this dark place waiting for Clu or his forces to find me. I'm not one to give in so early on in life - that's why I've managed to get away from his guards and generals.

I've been living in solitude for so long that it's impossible to remember what my old life was like. I never really thought much about my old life. My parents cared for me sure, but I was always more independent than most kids. Following Flynn had been my first mistake. Not listening to my parents was my second. This is my story, and I'm not about to sugarcoat it for some kiddies who don't like violence.

. . .

Mira sighed as she leaned against a railing. The circuits along her suit glimmered pale blue and white as her thoughts churned with anxiety.

She lived alone in a secluded part of Argon city for most of her life. No program felt any sympathy for her, and she didn't expect them to. When she had followed Kevin Flynn into the Grid, a couple of Sirens had found her. When they'd discovered that she didn't have an Identity Disc, it was the first thing they had given her. After that she was left to fend for herself, which she did quite well.

When she found the urge to get up again she looked at the lights that gleamed in the distance.

Argon really was a beautiful city. It was the last city that was really considered free from Clu's clutches. That was part of the reason Mira had been safe for so long. Only a few guards were stationed around Argon to keep it protected from any 'renegade programs' that might be on the lose.

Upon visiting a few clubs Mira had heard rumors that there was a new renegade around. She wasn't sure whether or not these rumors were true, and she wasn't about to find out. Hiding was really the only option for her at the moment, especially when there were more guards coming each cycle.

Without realizing it she was already reaching for the baton she kept by her waste. Her light cycle was about the only thing that struck out as odd to the programs around the city. No one questioned why she had such a pale face or the hazel colored eyes that changed from green to blue when she felt angry or frustrated. She had brown hair that was kept short due to the fights that would sometimes break out in the city. She was about an averaged size teen, close to five and a half feet. Those were about the only features that any User would find attractive or unusual.

It's probably better that I don't stick out, she thought as she rezzed her light cycle. Programs would start to question me if they noticed anything unusual.

Mira could still remember the first time she had reached the Grid. At first she had been shocked and fled before Flynn or his friends caught her. When Clu took over and killed Tron, she had no hopes in returning to the User world. The Portal had closed before she could reach it, and Flynn had disappeared.

When she reached the garage she wasn't surprised to see programs outside practicing their disk battles. Mira blinked in awe as she watched them dodge each blow that was sent in their direction. One program had literally lunged into the air and rolled aside to dodge a disk that would have sent him spiraling into the barrier. The disk games had suddenly stopped when one of the programs noticed her watching them.

"Hey there, everything alright?" It was a program with short brown hair that had a white streak across it. Mira simply nodded and turned her light cycle back into a baton.

"Yeah, my light cycle's been acting up lately and I'd like it to be checked out," she replied.

A grin spread across the programs face before a disk flew into his back. Mira gasped in surprise when he slumped over and glared at his spiky-haired opponent.

"Come on Bodhi, you should know better than to turn your back on your opponent," he said with a mischievous grin.

"Well... I guess you have a point there," he muttered. "Able's in the garage, he'll check the light cycle out for you," he added when he looked up at Mira.

"Thanks!" she called back before running towards the garage.

She was thankful that no one seemed to notice anything unusual about her appearance. Bodhi was really the only one who had noticed her at all. Even the spiky-haired program had ignored her while jiving his friend about not paying attention.

Inside the garage itself programs were busy at work. She'd seen Able before and recognized him almost instantly. His skin was darker in color and he was an older, more experienced program. From what she had heard he'd been on the Grid long enough to know what it was like when Flynn was around.

"Hi there," she said when Able seemed to notice her arrival. "Can you check my light cycle? It's been acting up lately." She rezzed the light cycle in front of him to show what was wrong.

The functions were all fine, but when she'd gone to the Outlands her light cycle began to glitch. It wasn't meant for off-road cycling, and Able seemed to know that.

"It's dangerous for you young programs to go out like that," he muttered with a heavy sigh. "I'll see what I can do."

Mira nodded her thanks before she looked out of the garage's entrance. Her eyes widened in horror when she saw clusters of recognizers heading towards the city. Leading the recognizers was a large ship that likely carried an army of soldiers.

Oh User's no, she thought wildly. If Clu or any of his generals knew that she was here, there was no where else left to hide. All of the other cities had fallen under Clu's occupation during the war. Most of them were heavily guarded and none of them would hesitate in capturing a User trapped on the Grid.

"Greetings programs." The voice seemed to come out of nowhere, sending chills down Mira's spine. "This is General Tessler. In the name of our great leader Clu, I now claim Argon as occupied territory." All around her programs began to watch as a heavy looking object was tossed over the fields where they were practicing their disk games.

Mira could only stand and gape as the statue was dropped, sending jolts across the city. Orange lights replaced the calming blue as the statue revealed the face of Clu, current leader of the Grid. Mira's fists began to tighten and her teeth ground together as she glared at the statue.

"Hey, you can't do that!" Mira cringed when she heard Bodhi call out to one of the guards. She didn't want to see him get derezzed. "This is our field."

"This field belongs to Clu now," the guard replied. "No more games."

Bodhi was about to say something else when the guard suddenly swung at him with a staff. A single cry was heard before he was derezzed in front of the guard. Mira had to place a hand over her mouth to keep herself from crying out.

She'd seen programs derez before her many times, but this felt different. It seemed unfair that just because a program had become confident his punishment was deresolution.

"Bodhi!" Mira didn't want to hear any more. She turned to face Able, but his eyes were wide with shock and horror as well.

"I think I'll take my light cycle as it is," she whispered.

"It's not safe for you to go out on your own," Able replied firmly. "Not with General Tessler around."

"Oh come on, since when has anyone ever cared about my safety?" she demanded. Her arms folded in defiance before she shot him a glare.

Able eyed her curiously before he sighed and shook his head. "How long have you been living on your own?" he asked.

"Long enough to know when it's time to leave. I can take care of myself." She waited for him to say something else, but was beaten to it when the programs who were outside walked in.

"Beck." Able suddenly called to the spiky-haired program, who looked up in surprise. A solemn look had replaced the mischievous grin. Mira guessed that Bodhi had been his best friend. "I need you to do a favor for me. I'd watch her myself but I've got my hands full at the moment. This program needs someone to watch her."

Oh no, the last thing I need is a babysitter, Mira thought with a roll of her eyes.

"Look, I don't need someone-" She was cut off by Able's hand.

"I can't." Beck's words made her blink in surprise. He didn't meet Able's gaze as he spoke. "I've got something else that needs to be done."

"Beck, I know you're upset about Bodhi. We all are. But this has to be done." Able was able to look at Beck in the eye before the mechanic sighed in defeat. "She can step up for Bodhi. We'll need an extra hand now that General Tessler is here."

Mira just stared at Able as if he'd grown wings. A place to stay? If she stayed here long enough programs would begin to guess what she was. A User wasn't welcomed on the Grid anymore. She was sure that if Beck knew what she was he would derez her on the spot. Even Able would send her to Clu if he had the chance.

"No one can replace Bodhi," Beck grumbled. His eyes narrowed before he nodded and looked at Mira, whose own eyes were shadowed by fear and surprise. "What's your name?"

"Mira." She shrugged the name off and looked down at her feet in embarrassment.

It wasn't the name her parents had given her. She couldn't even remember the name she had in the User world. It felt like ages since she'd last seen the warm face of her mother or the over-protective look of her father.

"Come on, there's a place where you can stay upstairs." Beck led her towards what looked like an elevator shaft.

Mira was hesitant to follow at first. She glanced over her shoulder at Able, who seemed to calculate each move she made. If she was careful enough no program would notice what she was. Beck seemed to uninterested in her, which was enough to give her a spark of hope.

Once they were upstairs she saw that there were benches and beds in several places. A locker room with the names of employees was to her left, which was where Beck headed. She followed him nonchalantly and saw that he'd grabbed something from Bodhi's locker.

"You can rest over there," he said before spinning around to face her. Mira narrowed her eyes and folded her arms once more, taking on a serious pose.

"You're not going to let them get away with what they did, are you?" she demanded. He looked at her in surprise but said nothing. "If you're planning on dealing with them, I want in. I've got my own drama to deal with, especially if it has something to do with Clu."

"What did he do to you?" Beck sounded bored as he walked on. Mira noticed that he was fumbling around with his ID; an image of his suit had shown up. She was stunned to see a bright 'T' mark on the suit's chest.

"It's not something that you should hear about," she replied. "It would likely put your own life in danger."

That seemed to catch his attention. Beck raised an eye before he shook his head in grim amusement.

"I'm about to put my own life in danger. Try me." Mira was about to say something when he lifted a hand. "Wait, you should hide your face if you're going out like this." She blinked in surprise before she realized that he was right.

She watched curiously as she handed him her disk. A silent alarm had begun to sound within her mind as she thought of how trusting she was. If Beck suddenly decided to turn on her he could use her ID to his advantage.

Relief washed over Mira when he began to work with the image that showed up. She wondered how often he'd done this without getting caught by his friends. Messing around with your suit's coding was fun if you knew how to do it. Mira had learned overtime to manipulate the colors and patterns on her suit, but she never thought of changing the appearance when she went into hiding.

"There, that should do it." He handed her disk back and grinned like he did when he was with Bodhi.

Mira met his gaze before she placed the disk back. Her blue and white circuits were replaced by black and white lights. A mask hid her face from the mechanic as he hid his own face from her prying eyes. Once that task was complete, they went to work.

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