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Cleaning up to do. That was what Constantine had called keeping an eye on Gabriel, trying to find a new supplier of weapons, trying to forge new contacts to find jobs and helping Midnite rehabilitate Chaz. Chaz who had been laid out on a spare bed in one of Midnite's many hidden away rooms, with Midnite doing his hoodoo magic for him until he managed to move again, walk again. And now he was getting better he was already talking about going solo.

And when that happened Constantine wouldn't have Chaz for an apprentice anymore. He'd have to find someone else to drive him around and put up with his bullshit. Constantine wasn't sure what to feel about letting the kid do his own thing when it was obvious he was so unprepared for the real world.

And he wasn't sure how he felt when he headed down into Midnite's house to find Chaz sat up at Midnite's kitchen table, with Chaz and Midnite just hanging out, acting like they'd known each other for years. Especially when Chaz looked up from the sketch he was working on with one of the guiltiest expressions ever when he heard Constantine walk in.

And he really wasn't sure when weeks later he went to Chaz's room with a book he was pretty sure the kid hadn't read yet and nearly walked in on the pair of them; Midnite sat on the edge of the bed with one hand tangled up in the kid's hair, Chaz's legs folded up underneath his body as he leant closer to Midnite from where he was cocooned by pillows and cushions.

So, trying to make himself sure about something, he started snooping around. The easiest thing to snoop at in Midnite's place was the fine layer of Chaz that had been slowly spread around the house during the kid's stay. So maybe Chaz's private 'you-don't-touch-this-ever' sketchbook wasn't the smartest choice.

He was sure, at least, that it wasn't the smartest choice when he found the sketches of Midnite in there, doing everything that Midnite did; smiling, sulking, praying, sitting in that chair in the back room, walking, drinking, laughing, watching tv, reading…

There were words too, and Constantine just knew they were quotes of things Midnite had said. Pausing on a particularly detailed sketch of Midnite cooking something that had stopped half-way through he would've bet anything that this was the day he'd walked in and seen those two. How long had this been going on without him realising it?

What was happening, anyway? All these sketches, and Midnite was here a lot more than Constantine, surely he'd seen them, surely he knew. Did the kid had some stupid crush and Midnite was taking advantage? But Constantine knew Midnite, he wouldn't do that.

So Constantine just let time pass. And when Chaz started doing jobs alone, exorcizing demons all on his own, making his own connections in the underground part of the world, building up his own reputation, Constantine still wasn't sure about letting the kid put himself in danger like that.

But when he didn't move out of Midnite's even though he'd been healthy for a long time, when he told his roommate to find someone else to take his place at that dank little apartment downtown, when he started sleeping in the same room as Midnite and walking 'round Midnite's house like it was his, and in a way it kinda was, Constantine was sure he was okay with it.

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