chapter 1

Ok originally i got this idea from a batman beyond episode. But i figured since young justice is way cooler anyhow I'd make it a story for them, but now I've decided to hex with all that, and make a sweet love story(because I'm a girl and we do that) between an OC and Klarion, one of my favorite bad-guys. So without further a due. ONWARD TO THE BATTLE FIELD!

"Raven! Raven Blu get out of your room it's time for school!" Raven's mother called from downstairs. Raven groaned, why should she bother going to school when everyone there thought she was a freak? She was no different than any other person; though a strange love for anything mystical and dark seemed to be an off switch when it came to making friends. She groaned again, rolling off her bed and onto her black plush carpet.

"I'm not too eager to be going to school today." She muttered, crawling over to her dresser drawers, to pull out a black T-shirt that read; 'Hex' on the front, then slipped it over her head. She then stood up reaching into her closet to pull out a ripped plaid skirt. She then turned to her vanity mirror narrowing her eyes at the image staring back at her. She had long very dark blue colored hair with bangs that came to a point framing her face. Usually she never pulled her hair back into a pony tail, it seemed to preppy to her.

'Wonder what snarky comments I'll hear today.' She thought running a comb through her hair. She then glared as she wrapped a dog collar necklace around her neck.

"Well I guess I'm off." She muttered to herself, then ran downstairs.

"Raven Blu!"

"I'm coming mother!" Raven then shouted then ran down stairs where he mother and father were waiting.

"Raven why don't you ever answer when I call you?" her mother growled. Raven rolled her sapphire colored eyes.

"Because I don't feel like it." She mumbled. Her father, who was reading the newspaper, looked up at his daughter.

"Don't sass our mother Raven, now eat your breakfast." He scolded. Raven glared back at him and huffed.

"I'm not hungry. I'm goin' to school." She said, then stormed off slamming the front door as she exited.


"Raven! Raven!" A voice sang behind Raven in class, interrupting her reading. A girl with long blonde almost white hair came bouncing up to her. Her hair was shoulder length and was pulled back into an upward ponytail.

"Oh, hey Marry." Raven said, Marry was a friend she had had since she moved to Gotham City.

"Raven, how's it goin? Huh? What's that you're reading?" Marry asked batting doe eyes at Raven.

"Magick; Hexes, spells, and Curses." Raven said placing a hand on the cover. Marry pouted.

"Rae you read the strangest things." She said. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, well this is what I like. And it's much better than any stupid magazine about which celebrity boy has the cutest butt." She hissed, Marry shifted uncomfortably, then Raven let out a sharp sigh.

"That's what you have behind your back isn't it?" she asked. Marry nodded happily.

"Yeah! Totally! I mean, well sorta it's about that Nightwing guy from the league!" she shouted happily. Raven smirked a bit then picked up her old book.

"Oh yeah those guys? A bunch of grown men in tights; I'll pass thanks. Though that Superboy is kinda cute." She said.

"Oh yeah, they have a picture of him in the magazine wanna see?" Marry asked.

"No thanks, for some reason when they take pictures of Superboy it looks like bigfoot; all fuzzy and stuff." Raven said, then went back to her book.

"Think he's camera shy?" Marry asked. Raven shrugged.

"I dunno."

"Alright everyone quiet down." Said the teacher standing at the head of the class. "Time to pair up into partners for our lab."

The room was quiet for a while, wondering if they were going to be able to pick partners or if she was going to pick names from a hat like they did in grade school. Then she reached behind her desk to pull out an old magic hat. The class let out a collective groan.

"Alright first two up for partners; Raven Blu and Nancy Kesha." She shouted happily. Raven didn't look up from her book until a slender unnaturally tanned hand rose.

"Uh, excuse me, but I don't think it's very fair that Raven the uberfreak should be partnered with me. What if she tries to turn me into a frog with her 'magic spells." Nancy said, Raven narrowed her eyes.

"Oh you're sooo funny Nancy. And even I wanted to it's not like I'd waste good magic on some stuck up brat like you." She snapped, then grabbed her book and book bag then made her exit.

"Raven Blu where do you think you're going?" her teacher shouted, Raven swung her bag onto her shoulder and looked over her shoulder.

"Consider me skipping, I don't care." She hissed, then left.


"Raven!" Marry said breathless, she had been looking for Raven since class let out. She finally found her sitting in the library. "I should have known you'd be here."

"Oh, hey Marry." Raven said.

"That Nancy's some piece of work." Marry said.

"She's a piece of somethin alright." Raven mumbled, "I really don't understand how you two are friends."

"She's more my brother's girlfriend than my friend, anyway come on; it's lunch time." Marry said, Raven stood.

"Nah, I'm gonna go into town, go to that magic shop." She said gathering up her things. Marry recoiled.

"Ew you mean that creepy shop with the fake shrunken heads? Gross." She said.

"Hey I like it, they've got the books I love. And besides they are fake." Raven said.

"Well; alright then, have fun with that." Marry said then ran off back to the school building, while Raven went the other direction towards town.


Later Raven found her way in town, listening to her mp3-player* as she walked.

'If only this crap actually worked, instead of just being some gag in show biz. Then I'd show that Nancy what for.' She thought, then started imagining what it would be like to actually be able to perform real magic. The idea of revenge on Nancy made her smirk; she was so lost in thought she didn't even see what she bumped into. She fell to the ground, looking down at the contents that spilled out of her bag. She let out a low growl and yanked out her ear buds and looked up to whoever it was she ran into.

"Hey buddy watch where…you're…." her voice trailed off when she got a good look at the guy. He was thin, wearing a suit-like outfit, his jacket skirting down around his waist. His hair, which was short and black, was spiked into two points on his head, giving him a devil-ish look. He turned to Raven who was still on the ground staring up at him dumbfounded. In his arms he held a cat with run-like stripes and bright red eyes.

"Excuse me? You were the one not looking where she was going." The boy said, his cat meowed.

"Yeah yeah." He then said, as if he could understand what the cat was saying. Raven just stared.

"Hey, that book you have. Where'd you get that?" the boy then asked, Raven looked down at the lard leather bound book with a Latin writing on the front, she quickly swiped it from the ground.

"Why?" she asked holding it to her chest. The boy with the devilish hair smirked, then held out a hand to help Raven up.

"I'm Klarion, Klarion Bleak, and this," he said pointing to his cat, "Is Teekl and you are?" he asked introducing himself, Raven stood picking up her things and placing them back into her bag.

"Raven Blu." She said, tucking her hair behind her ear and blushed. "You from Gotham?"

"No, I'm from…out of town." Klarion said, "So where are you heading?"

"A magic shop called; Through the Rabbit Hole. The name is uber lame but, it's got some pretty interesting stuff." Raven said. Klarion rolled his eyes.

"I know a much better place." He said, then looked at the book Raven was still holding.

"In Gotham? Cause I've lived her for about two years now, and I've only seen Through the Rabbit Hole." Raven said running her fingers along the spine of the book, Teekl meowed. "The rest are pretty much crap."

"Trust me this one is, much more fun than some baby magic store." Klarion said, his cat Teekl climbed onto his shoulders as he placed his arm around Raven. "Follow me."

Raven blushed bright red, but nodded silently walking down the street with Klarion.

Ok so what do you think? Raven Blu, not Raven from Teen titans. I like her but this isn't her. I couldn't think of a better name but then as I'm half way through with this chapter I think 'hey kitten's a cute name' but I had already gotten used to Raven that I didn't change it. Anyhow I hope to have a picture of Raven Blu and Klarion up on my page. If you get a chance go check that out. Jem-Fukuyama. Review please!