Jimmy never expected that a man would come and change his life. Hope had been really sick for months and recently she had been diagnosed with kidney failure. He felt like he was going crazy. He could lose his little girl. There were times that he nearly made tons of mistakes as a parent and all of those regrets were coming back to haunt him. Thoughts he had... times he got mad... if Hope didn't get new kidney she could easily die.

Sabrina knew her friend Mark had same kidney type that Hope had. He was her high school teacher and he befriended all of his students. This was a long time ago. She had spent a year abroad in London. Mark had been a personal friend to her even going so far as to donate a nodule of his liver to save her mother. Had it not been for Mark... or sir as she called him back then her mother would be dead. Her plane landed and she immediately took off for Mark's flat and knocked on the door. He opened it and a smile spread across his face.

"Sabrina," he exclaimed, "it's been a long time"

"Yes it has," she said smiling sadly.

"Well come on in," he said stepping out of the way.
She entered the house.

"It looks like you had a rough day," Sir said sitting down next to Sabrina.

"Yeah," she said, "Life really sucks"

"The hurt fades," he said.

"My mom's got about six months left. Her liver is failing."

"And mine is working just fine," he said, "and I happen to be a universal donor."

"A what?"

"I would be glad to give part of my liver to your mother."

"So your boyfriend's daughter needs a kidney?"
Sabrina nodded.

"Ten years with Hope is not enough for Jimmy," Sabrina said softly, "He loves her."

"Sabrina," Sir said, "You don't have do explain. I have to say I am impressed with what you did. Of course I will give her my kidney."

"I owe you more then you can ever know."

"No you don't," Sir said, "You're my friend. Don't worry about it"

Hope was sleeping. Jimmy had not left her side for a minute. The only time he would leave was to go to the bathroom and that was only when he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Are you milking a cow and hoping for diet coke?"

Jimmy jumped.

"Sabrina," he said smiling, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh please. Hope is practically my own child. I'm allowed to come by whenever I want," she said, "But I have-"

"No I mean I thought you were in London."

"Yes," she said, "I was. Jimmy I want you to meet Mark Thackary."

"Hello Jimmy," Mark said.


"You've heard me talk about him before but I call him by a different name. He's always going to be Sir to me."

"You're Sir? Sabrina's talked about you all the time. You're practically her hero."

"Yes I am sir," Mark said.

"Her mother would be dead if it weren't for you," Jimmy said.

"Yes," Mark said, "But I'm not here to talk about fond school day memories. I'm actually here to give Hope my kidney."

"You're WHAT!" Jimmy exclaimed hugging Sir, "That is incredible."

"Let me tell you what's really incredible. Sabrina's dedication to you. She flew all the way to London for this."

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