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Chapter 1

Rukia wiped the sweat off her brow as she had finished killing the last few hollows.

Today had been a busy day with hollows and they had been coming non-stop. Her and Renji had been going at it all day and now it seem the attack had come to an end.

"That's the last of them on my part" yelled Renji from across Karakura town.

"Yeah me too" Rukia replied as she speed towards him.

"They've been popping up all they I thought that they were gonna keep coming".

Renji looked at Rukia. She was staring intently at something in the horizon.

"Renji" she said.


"I can feel something is going to happen soon, I can just tell"

Renji only nodded and said "And?".

"And were not gonna like it".



Ichigo's hand shot out as he hammered his dad into his bed room floor.

"How... could you... do this... to your old man" Isshin Kurosaki cried (litreally).

"Shut up dad and get the hell out my room" Ichigo said to his dad.

Ichigo's dad sighed then smirked. "Ha watch out tomorrow kid". He then exited the room.

"You come here everyday you jerk!" Ichigo yelled to his retreating dad.

"Ichigo hurry up or you'll be late for school" Yuzu shouted from downstairs.

Ichigo groaned and got out of bed.

After he had his shower and had brekfast and left the house, Ichigo was walking to school on his own. It had been a couple of months since Ichigo had regained his soul reaper powers and had finished the whole fullbring business.

It was looking good in karakura town, apart from the usual attack of hollows everything seemed fine. Ichigo sighed, now he could focus more on finishing school rather than saving world. Ichigo had to let himself smile, it seemed he would be getting some peace and quiet for once.

Soul Society

Sosuke Aizen sat in the prison he was in. He looked like he was dead due to how lifeless he looked. It had been a while since Aizen had actually seen daylight but he still had his handsome face and perfect skin.

Two guards were watching Aizens from above his prison in a balcony. They weren't talking or moving, in fact they looked like they were dead.

Aizen smiled like he was in a good sleep but you couldn't actually see his face due to his bindment.

Its only a matter of time now, Aizen thought has he opened one eye.

Soul Society

The soul society was nearly as peaceful as karakura town. In fact so peaceful that some people were starting to get bored and impatient. Zaraki Kenpachi was getting agitated and none of those weakling could put up a decent fight against him. It was really sad.

He really wished Ichigo was here so he could slap his ass across the sereitei, now that would be fun. Kenpachi grinned and went hunting for someone to fight.

Kurosutchi Mayuri was studying in his lab. Kisuke Urahara had allowed the scientist to study the Hogyoku for a while although he couldn't study it properly as Kisuke had put a lock down on it reducing a major amount of its power.

"This is so intresting and I can still feel a lot of its power of the hogyoku" Mayuri said, "I could take over the whole seretei with this kind of power"

"Why don't you master?" Nemu said in lurking in the shadow.

"Because" Mayuri said in a bored fashion,"I'm not intrested in that kind of stuff, I'm a scientist".

Mayuri's eyes suddenly widen and he gasped.


"Yes master".

"Go and get some guards?"

"Why master" she asked.

"I need to talk to Aizen".

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