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Ketsugo is now 4 months old

Hinata and her friends watched with amusement as Ketsugo stared at his toys, which consisted of building blocks, several teddy bears, toads and foxes. He had an intense concentration for someone his age. Finally Ketsugo made a lunge for the fox and instead of playing with it he began to chew on its tail with a blank look on his face.

"He is so cute Hinata!" Ino squealed. Upon hearing his mother's name, Ketsugo looked towards her direction and made his way towards her, with the toy still in his mouth as he crawled. Hinata smiled as she picked her son up, who began to snuggle into her body. His grip on the toy began to waver and soon it fell out of his mouth and landed on the ground with a light thud.

With no missions for the day, Sakura, Tenten and Ino decided to spend time with Hinata. After all she was the only one of them that had a baby to cooed over…for now. Apparently Temari was now pregnant with none other then Shikamaru's child. Shikamaru's mother, Yoshino, was absolutely thrilled to hear that she would become a grandmother. She and Temari had gotten along pretty well since Temari and Shikamaru started dating. She was like the daughter Yoshino never had.

Sakura wiggled her finger in front of Ketsugo, who stared at in awe. "I still can't believe that Naruto-baka made something so cute." But just as she finished her sentence, Ketsugo smacked her finger away and gave the pink hair girl a glare. This cause Sakura to flinch a little at how effective the glare was.

Hinata smiled, "Ano, he doesn't like when you talk bad about his father Sakura-chan." Then she kissed Ketsugo on the head, earning a hum in delight from the baby.

Tenten and Ino just laughed at the look on Sakura's face as she turned red with embarrassment. There time together grew short when the sounds of boys could be heard outside the front door. Soon it opened and in stepped Naruto along with Kiba, Shino, Choji, Lee, and Neji. Shikamaru had to stay home in order to help a very cranky Temari with the baby. And Sasuke was still on house arrest and couldn't leave without an escort, namely Sakura.

"Oi Hinata! Sorry it took so long. The guys were determined to have me bring them over to see Ketsugo." Naruto said as he brought the groceries into the kitchen. Seeing his father, Ketsugo made a couple of whines, reaching out to him. Hinata merely smiled and kissed Ketsugo on the head again. That lowered the whimpering to a minimal but did not stop Ketsugo from trying to reach out to his father. No matter what the situation, Ketsugo absolutely idolized his father. He would struggle to follow him wherever he went and tried to do what he would be doing.

Kiba bent down to look at Ketsugo and grinned. "Hey there kiddo why don't you hang out with Uncle Kiba instead of your dumb old dad." Then he gently flicked the baby's noise. Ketsugo blinked for a few seconds before getting teary eye. Then all of a sudden he began to cry like crazy. This earned a gasp from Hinata, groan from the boys and the glaring of the other girls towards Kiba, who fell backwards from the shock of the baby's crying. And unfortunately for Kiba, Naruto heard this because he came running out of the kitchen and lifted Kiba into the air.

"You jerk! What did you do to my kid?" He growled as his eyes turned to red. Kiba gulped and raised his hands in defense. "I was just trying to be friendly! That's all!"

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata said as she comforted Ketsugo by patting his back. "No violence in front of the baby." She scolded.

Naruto growled a little but place Kiba back onto his feet and walked over to Ketsugo. Gently taking the baby out of Hinata's hand Naruto brought Ketsugo to eye level. The baby managed to calm down before realizing he was in his father's strong hands. "Aw, did the big bad meanie scare you Ketsugo?" Naruto asked in a baby voice as he rubbed his nose against his. The baby giggled and grabbed his father by the bangs of his hair.

"Ramen!" Ketsugo replied.

This caused all conversations to come to a halt and everyone stared at the baby. Ketsugo was now smiling at his father with a blank look on his face, unaware of what he just did.

"D-did he just…" Sakura asked in awe. Ino just nodded her head in response.

Finally the silence was broken when Naruto roared in approval, swinging his son in the air. "Your first word Ketsugo! You said your first word!" Ketsugo squealed in response, still unaware of what his father was so happy about but nevertheless what made his father happy made him happy. Soon everyone was laughing at this, watching with humor. Tenten leaned over towards Hinata and whispered, "He definitely is Naruto's son."

Hinata could only nod as she looked back at Naruto and Ketsugo, both of them showing off their trademark smiles to one another. An hour later Ketsugo soon grew tired and was fast asleep in Naruto's arms. Naruto smiled softly at the sleeping form of his son. "Naruto-kun give him to me I'll put him to bed." Hinata said.

Naruto nodded and handed Ketsugo back to his mother. As Hinata went upstairs to put Ketsugo to bed the other girls follow her. They soon reached Ketsugo's room, which to them was absolutely adorable. It was a blue wall room covered with toads hopping off lily pads. There was a shelf full of toys and books while half of the floor was covered in them. Then there was a crib painted with the Uzumaki clan symbol over the bars. At the back there was a closet filled with clothes and even more toys. On the other side of the crib was a small table with several picture frames standing on it.

"Um, Sakura-chan, could you get the pajamas hanging in the closet for me?" Hinata asked as she rubbed her baby's back.

Sakura nodded and went to dig through the closet. While she was doing that Ino was staring at some pictures on the table, one of them catching her attention. It was a picture of Hinata in a hospital bed holding a newborn Ketsugo in her arms. She looked very tired but yet happy at the same time, with tears of joy going down her cheeks as she stared at the baby. Sitting beside her was a smiling Naruto, with his usual trademark smile on his face, except with the added tears on his face. Ino couldn't help but feel glad for Naruto and Hinata. Naruto finally had a family and Hinata was with the man of his dreams and both had an adorable baby. She wondered is she and Sai would be able to have a baby as cute as Ketsugo.

Her thoughts were cut off by a squeal from Sakura. Everyone turned to look at her, wondering what it was all about. "Look! Baby Fox Pajamas!" She said. And true enough in her hands was a small pajama in the shape of a fox. Soon Ino and Tenten also squealed at the sight of it, demanding that Hinata put it on Ketsugo quickly.

A few minutes later all four girls were cooing at the sleeping baby as he was placed in his crib while wearing the squealing pajama. Hinata was the only one being silent, just staring lovingly at her son. He looked so peaceful and happy, without a care in the world. She still remembered when Naruto first saw Ketsugo, he was practically crying like crazy, saying how happy he was and that he swore to be a good father.

A knock on the door caught their attention. They turned around and saw Naruto standing at the door, a sheepish grin on his face. "Uh Ino, Sai wants to see you about something. Also we got a messenger bird from Sasuke wanting to see Sakura-chan."

Ino raised an eyebrow but nonetheless went downstairs, followed by Sakura and Tenten who figured to give the young couple some alone time with their son. Once the four girls were gone Naruto walked into the room and joined Hinata at looking down at Ketsugo's sleeping form. Hinata couldn't help but watch as a small smile formed on Naruto's face as he looked at his son. "He really looks good in those pajama." Naruto said.

Hinata nodded and slowly placed a hand on Naruto's. Naruto noticed this and smiled at his wife, since they got married a month after Ketsugo was born, and returned to look back down at Ketsugo. Naruto still remembered when he promised himself and Ketsugo that he wouldn't let his son grow a life like he did. Naruto would make sure that Ketsugo would have a normal life and Uzumakis kept their promises, believe it.

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