Okay, so is it wrong to hate her?

I mean she's just, frustrating.

She's a total freak show, that's what she is.

What do people see in her? Seriously!

The people here at Hogwarts worship the ground she walks on!

I however, don't.

But no one listens to me, ever.

If I had it my way, I'd feed her to Fluffy(Big, cute dog with three heads and huge teeth).

I swear she's got everyone here under her control.

Thank god I have a brain and I can tell with one glance that she's hopeless.

She's Jennifer Tilbury.

She's skinny as hell, has crazy grey eyes and hair that looks synthetic, it's brown with blonde streaks which let me tell you looks horrid.

But all the boys seem to think she's hot.

She's a disgrace to the female gender.

She has no brains.

But people love her. Her face is caked with make-up but people don't seem to care about that.

Oh by the way I'm Sahana Sharma.

Sometimes I go off on a tangent and forget that some people might not care what I'm talking about.

So I'm a half-blood, don't be surprised.

I come from India.

Every summer I go back to India. I came very reluctantly to Hogwarts.

When I was eleven I had no intention of doing magic.

I was focussed on English and Literature, but my dreams were thwarted when I got a letter from the Indian Academy of Magic, saying I could join on first June.

My Dad had gone to IAM, but I did some research and asking around and insisted that they send me to Hogwarts.

I wanted to come here because I had always wanted to see a different place and more importantly some great writers had come from Britain.

My parents agreed and with some difficulty they got me enrolled in Hogwarts.

When I came though, I wasn't happy at all. I did not want to learn magic, learn subjects that I couldn't discuss with my friends back at home.

I couldn't pursue my dream and the worst part? I hated learning something so many people thought didn't exist.

As time went by it grew on me.

I enjoyed my time at Hogwarts, made friends and enjoyed certain subjects.

I still wrote poetry, essays, stories and kept my diary.

I was a shy, reserved girl and I still am.

I got into Gryffindor even when I pined for Ravenclaw.

But now, I wouldn't be a Ravenclaw for anything, I'm too happy in Gryffindor.

I am pretty tall and have brown eyes. I'm athletic and play Quidditch. I have a wheatish-complexion and jet black hair the falls in waves. My hair comes to my shoulders and I wear it in a ponytail very often.

My best friends are Rose Weasley and Scorpius Malfoy.

I don't have much of a rapport with Albus.

He's this tall good-looking boy who thinks he's too cool for the rest of the world.

How could any one put up with him?

He takes me for a cockroach under his foot and I take him for a stupid arrogant rat.

His brother James is way better than him and has more decency than he will ever have.

If he falls off the edge of the earth, I would throw a party.

He gets on my nerves more than I hate Jennifer and that's something saying.

Urgh, I hate him! Why does Rose have to be his cousin.

he's a cocky, good for nothing, idiotic, cocky, cheap, mean, annoying, stupid, cocky, douche and did I mention cocky?

He's a rat, end of the story.

Why am I telling you all this?

This, dear readers is the introduction to my life.

This introduction is the key to my world and the craziest sixth year Hogwarts has ever seen and Hogwarts will ever see.

Just wait and watch!(I mean read)


I am back!

After reading 'Love's labor lost by Shakespeare' and 'Service with a smile by P.G. Wodehouse' I just had to write a new fic.

Like always I have no idea what I'm going to do in this story.

As usual, I'll play with the characters and try to make it as crazy as possible.


I will update soon, that is if you want me to.

Thanks for reading!