It was unnerving to sit there in front of my father.

I held on to Al's sweaty palm with all that I had.

My mother looked like she wanted to escape, she stood up and said smiling nervously "I'll get something to eat"

Without waiting for a response she practically sprinted to the kitchen.

My father's piercing eyes looked like they were ready to kill.

Al had a strangely calm and composed look on his face but his sweaty palm cutting off the blood circulation in my hand was telling me a completely different story.

My father asked "So, Albus, what do you do?"
I glared at my father, he already knew didn't he?

Albus answered "I'm the head Auror of the British Auror department"

My father nodded "Hmmm, you want to marry Sahana, is that right?"

I resisted the urge to rip my hair out.

Al nodded "That is correct"

I wouldn't be surprised if my Dad challenged Al to a duel next.

Al had insisted that he wanted my father's permission before we got married, I was all for getting the permission after the marriage but Al was stuck on his decision.

It hadn't been this hard with his parents, his mother and father had treated me just fine.

Papa said "I didn't like you before, I sincerely hoped that Sahana wouldn't still be stuck on this childish idea of love"

I gaped. Al squeezed my hand so I didn't say anything for his sake.

My father continued "I tried everything to get her not to be with you…"

I didn't argue there, he said "But she was determined, when she puts her heart on something she will pursue it with everything she has. I admire her for that and for many other qualities and my only wish is that you don't mock her determination to pursue you"

I felt like hugging my father when he said that.

He looked at me "I know there's no point telling you not to get married to him, is there?"

I shook my head forcing myself not to cry.

A small smile appeared on his face "I know you've never forgiven me for what I did but is there any chance you'll forgive me now?"

Al slowly slipped his hand out of mine and I leaped at my father.

He caught me and I sobbed "Yes!"

He patted my head "Shhh….bas..bas…"

I pulled away and looked at my father "Thank you Papa"

I wiped my tears as he stood up and kissed me on my fore-head "I want you to be happy and if he makes you happy then so be it"

Then he turned with a stony face to Al who was smiling "You hurt a single hair on her head or ever treat her badly, you will have me to answer to. Do I make myself clear?"

Al paled slightly and I snorted behind me father.

Al nodded "Y-yes Sir…I understand"

Papa laughed and patted Al hard on his back "Don't look so afraid!"

Al rubbed his back with a painful smile on his face and I almost burst out laughing.

When my mother came with a laden tray she was surprised to see us talking with smiles on our faces.

She was every happy that Papa had accepted our relationship.

That night as we sat around the dining table Ma asked "So where are you going to hold the wedding?"

Al and I exchanged a look.

I said "England" at the same time as Al said "India"

I glared at him and he glared at me.

It was an ongoing argument.

I said tearing the chappati with more force than was required "I told you I want to have it in England"

Al said taking a sip of water "It's my wedding too if you have forgotten, I want to have it here"

We glared at each other sharply and Ma tried to smoothen things out "It shouldn't matter where it is held should it? As long as you two are together and you are happy?"

I said "I'll be happier if it's in England"

Al said flatly "I've seen too much of England"

I argued "Well I've seen too much of India"

Al scoffed "Yeah but you spent an equal amount of time in England haven't you?"
I glared at him and he smirked like he'd won the argument.

I stuttered "That's….that….."

Papa said nodding "He does have a point"

Al grinned "Thank you for the support!...Uh.. Sir"
Papa said smiling "No problem"

Al smirked "Then it's decided, we're having the wedding here"

I was outraged "Mumma say something!"

Ma shrugged "I don't see a problem in Albus's decision"

Al muttered "In your face pug-face"

I crossed my arms "Fine, we'll have it here"

Papa asked "Why do you want to have it in England in the first place?"
I mumbled blushing "Iwanttowearawhitedress"

Al was the only one who caught it because he stopped eating to look at me.

I pushed my chair back and said "I'm going to sleep"

I climbed into bed and pretended to be a sleep when Al came up.

He climbed in next to me and said "I know you're not sleeping quit pretending"

I turned to face him "What do you want?"

He winked coyly "You"

I blushed "Shut up"

He said seriously "I heard what you said at the table"

I shrugged "Good for you"

I was about to turned back to face the window when he caught me around the waist and pulled me into his chest "Do you really want to wear a white dress to the wedding?"
I sighed "No, actually there was another reason…."

I couldn't possibly tell him the reason, it would be embarrassing.

He asked, his breath hitting my neck "What is the reason then? Tell me"

I took a deep breath and faked a yawn "I'm so sleepy, good night!"

He kissed my cheek "Not so fast, first tell me"
I felt my face heat up, if I told him he'd laugh at me and his ego would inflate.

He whispered "I'm waiting"

I said my breath hitching in my throat "I'm not going to tell you"

As I drew out of his grip he flipped me onto my back and straddled me "If you don't tell me I shall tickle you until you do"

The horror must have shown on my face because he smirked devilishly.

His green eyes looked amused at my state.

I struggled "Al stop it, you're being silly"

He pinned me down hard "Just tell me"
I gave up "I like it when you wear a tuxedo okay? Happy?"

His eyes widened for a second and then he fell on top of me laughing.

I pushed him off me and glared at the wall waiting for him to stop.

I rolled over taking the blankets with me.

He poked my shoulder once…twice…thrice "What do you want Al?" I snapped.

He said sweetly "Hey don't be mad, I'm flattered, really, I'll wear a tuxedo everyday if you want me to"

I turned back to face him and I said "That would be cool, but I was really looking forward to it"

He kissed me "Well I want to see you wearing that Indian dress, remember when you wore it on Halloween, I've dreamt about you wearing something like that more times than I like to admit"
I laughed "Seriously?"
He smiled and nodded tucking a lock of my hair behind my ear.

I kissed him "Then I'll wear something grander for the wedding just for you"

He asked "Really? You don't want to see me in a tuxedo?"

I laughed "I bet I'll get to see you in a tuxedo more than once all though I'll probably wear a Lehenga for the wedding with all the jewelry only once"

He grinned "I'm looking forward to it"

I rolled my eyes "Trust me it's not going to be great, I'll probably trip and fall or something or maybe I'll just have my dress ripped while walking down the stairs"

He kissed my cheek "No, I'll catch you"

He looked into my eyes smiling and I was stunned by the depth his eyes held. This man was going to be my husband.

I blushed and he said "Good night Sahana"

I smiled "Good night Albus"
I turned on my side and closed my eyes I whispered "Love you Albus"

He responded "I know you do Sahana"

Trust Al to ruin the moment.

I whacked him twice "Fine, fine! You crazy woman I love you too! Merlin that hurt!"

This was what or lives would be, forever and ever.

Could I have been happier?

The answer was obviously, no.

The cockroach had found her rat.

Oh lord, that still doesn't sound good at all.

Whatever, get on with your lives.

Thank you for listening and the curtain falls. I shall take your leave now.


"I love you, please say
You love me too, these three words
They could change our lives forever
And I promise you that we will always be together
Till the end of time"


"Two very different people,
too scared to get along,
Till two hearts beat together,
underneath one sun,

One very special moment,
can turn a destiny,
And what some would say,
could never change,
has changed for you and me,

Cause it's all,
It's all in the way,
you look through your eyes,
and when all is said and done,
All of the fear and all of the lies are,
not hard to overcome,
It's all in the way you look at it,
that makes you strong,
We were two, (we were two)
now we are one,

We are two very different people,
so much to overcome,
So why care for one another,
when there's so much to be done,

Cause sometimes it's necessary,
just look how far we've come,
You could say my friend that,
it's the end,
or a new tale has begun,

Cause it's all,
It's all in the way,
you look through your eyes,
and when all is said and done,
All of the fear
and all of the lies are, (the lies)
not hard to overcome, (no no)
It's all in the way you look at it,
that makes you strong,
We were two, (we were two)
now we are one"

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