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Dead Faerie Tales

Chapter Two

Freaky Fighting Faeries



The next thing I was aware of was the sensation of floating, just like in the swimming pool. It was so relaxing, just drifting on my back. I hadn't felt this relaxed for a long time. It felt so nice. I wanted to stay with that feeling. But then, as people say, 'all good things must come to a end'.

The amazing feeling had to. I was sinking like a stone. I opened my eyes, a sick feeling washed over me. I didn't even realise I had closed them. It was bright, the sun felt warm against my skin. I loved that feeling of the warm sun against my skin. It was who I was, Sookie Stackhouse, Tanning addict . I had found out that the line of faeries I came from were sky. I was told this is why; I loved the sun so much.

As I looked round I realised I was on the top of a mountain range, not in water much to my disappointment. I noticed, as my eyes were wide with wonder. I was filled with terror yet so excited. I wondered, why? I knew this place. It ran through every cell of my body. It reminded me of my Grandparents and parents. I wondered once, what Faery would look like., I wondered if it was like something out of a medieval tale or would it be like something no one could imagine.

'I have returned' strange thought, not any stranger than this day or nightmare.

I felt as if I was in the middle of a painting. It was what I would imagine the mountains of Ireland or the Scottish highlands to look like. I wanted to go and visit there one day. But the colours were different, not of this world if that thought makes any sense. Brighter, sharper, alive. I looked around me. On one side was water, stretching on for miles to the horizon. The sky was a beautiful shade of dark blue, that I don't think I'd ever seen before. The water looked green blue. I felt pulled towards it, it looked so tempting. It was calling me into it. I wanted to strip to my underwear and swim. I forgot for a second where I was or how I had here. I just wanted to go and float in that pool. Talk about being confused.

I suddenly wished I had a camera. I wanted to show Eric, my husband, and Pam, but mostly Eric, I know he would have loved to see this. I wanted him to see this. I wanted to share this with him. I wanted to go home but this place felt so peaceful and relaxing. For the first time in my life, I felt truly at peace.

I looked again and spotted forest going on for miles. It was so thick, I don't think I have ever seen trees so close to each other before. Some were deep lush green, and others every shade you can think of including luminous green. Fields were planted with crops; every colour you could imagine going along the hills I was reminded of a patchwork quilt. I could see some sort of settlement in the distance. I wondered if Niall's house was there. Did Faeries in this realm even need to sleep? Did they have houses? Where exactly that thought came from, I'm not sure.

We were so high up I felt as though I was looking down from a cloud. It was amazing. I felt exhilarated, powerful. Then the panic started. I shouldn't be here. I didn't want to be here. I wanted to be at home.

I looked around at the Faeries that were with me and they all looked unsettled by something.

Claude looked smug and I wished I could wipe that smug look off his face.

He spoke" Are you enjoying the love of our motherland?"

"Faery." I whispered

Siobhan spoke right next to my ear. "You will be loved, the people will love you. The new day is here." She walked away from me leaving me even more confused.

"Claude, what did you do? Where are we?" I screamed at him. I felt panic run through me again, before it was replaced by anger, lots of anger.

'Who the hell does he thing he is taking me from my home?' I thought. 'I belong in Bon Temps.'

'But do you?' A giggly little voice in my head asked

I could feel a tingling running through me not unlike the sensation of pins and needles. It got worse. Each one of my limbs felt like they were dead weight, then nothing. Slowly the feeling came back. I felt as though I was going to be sick. I felt light headed. My head thumped, I could feel the pressure in it, as it pulsated with pain; so much that I thought it would explode. For a moment, I hoped it would. Then just as quickly, the feelings were gone.

All I could think was, 'Thank you!'

"She should not be here." Gift, the Elf from Hooligans, said as she started to pace. "Her vampire would not like it," she continued, matter of factly, putting her top back on.

I didn't look at her until she had put it back on.

She smiled, "Sister."

I smiled back. Not that I really wanted to but I did. I still felt sick. Home is not here, it's Bon Temps. The feeling, as a little voice inside me said, 'now you have a chance to explore who and what you are', confused me.

"You were trying to warn me?" I asked looking at her.

She nodded.

"He is trying to mount a rebellion against the prince?"

She nodded again. "He spelled us all, but we tried to warn you. Sister there are certain ways round magic." She still looked the way she did in the club. I saw her true face, but I wasn't scared of her. I didn't see a scary faerie. Oh yes, I believed if she meant me harm then I wouldn't even know it was coming. I would be gone, finished, dust in the wind. No. What I saw a woman trying to do the right thing. I could see right into her. What I saw was beautiful. Swirling pulsating colours bright and light like a trippy twirling swirling rainbow.

"Oh, do tell cousin how did you reach that conclusion"

I ignored him hoping he might just disappear.

It reminded me of the time I took the powder for Alcide, My friend who is the pack-master for the Shreveport wolf pack- acting as pack shaman. That night I felt powerful, strong, as if I could take on the world. Things feelings words just jumped into my head. I enjoyed it – probably a bit too much. I felt that same power now and I loved it. It excited me but it terrified me. I am a walking contradiction. I felt like that right now.

"You will be loved, the people will love you," she whispered so quietly. I thought I imagined it.

My brow knitted together and she smiled softly. Again, someone said that to me. I didn't know what it meant so I said nothing.

"The prince... He will not be pleased," Bellanos warned.

I turned at the sound of his voice. I could feel conflict coming off him. He was pleased to be home, they all were, but they felt for me. He did like me, he felt as though I was his sister and he wouldn't want me in pain. He sat on the ground and nodded at me.

I smiled, unsure of what I should say or do, so I smiled and nodded back.

Claude looked completely different now. He looked more like Niall: otherworldly. Deep blue around him; his face had changed, the skin translucent and the veins sticking out his skin. He looks frightening.

I can't see into him as I did with Gift. I turned to Bellanos as I heard his voice. He too looked just as he did in the human realm.

I could see into Bellanos; he looked as though he just wanted to be home but I felt the empathy he had for me. I didn't hear him but felt it; I instantly knew it to be true. This was a new feeling similar to feelings I've had before. I could see the colours of his magic and he too was bright and light, it swirled and pulsated differently to Gift's. It was more like a heartbeat. Steady and strong. I felt that powerful feeling again. I think I could crave that feeling. Would I be wrong to crave it?

I wondered if all super-naturals see that, the glows of magic. I felt something in me again; just as when I acted as Shaman. I was scared of that power then. It felt stronger now and I wanted it.

Never mind the Prince, my internal voice screamed. I am not pleased.

"Tell me what you did, answer me now." I could feel my anger building. I felt weird: tingly, sick, light headed. I thought I was going to faint. I'd never done that before, so surely not now.

Could it be the effect of the...what do they call it...Tele-porting? Jumping? Shimmering?

Or could it be the shift in the plane of existence? I think shifting planes of existence would do that to you, I suppose. Ugh, I felt worse than I did a minute ago. I bend over placing my hands on my knees. I thought I was going to be sick. My head hurt again. I dry heaved. Claude looked at me with distaste. Did I care? No, I couldn't help it if I got sick – I wish I had been sick on his boots. That might have made me feel better. Could my day get worse?

"I do not care who is pleased or who is not pleased. I have done what is best for our people," he said waving his hand about. The arrogance rolled off him. He truly did believe he was doing the right thing. He believed the people would love him for it.

"And what's that, Claude?" I asked, unsure how my voice sounded. I looked up at him. It sounded better to my ears than I felt. I straightened up, looking him in the eye and wiping my mouth.

"What the prince was too afraid to do." He laughed, looking at me and around the other Faeries.

"What's that Claude? What's the big plan?"I asked my eyes boring into him.

"I brought home all the exiled Fae in the Americas. All those with faerie blood, even a drop of faerie in them "he giggled.

Then I was terrified.

"All?" I asked, shocked at what that could mean for so many people, ripping them out of their lives.

"Did you think this through? Really I mean folks are going to be missed It's going to be noticed"

"Yes, I suppose people will notice. Perhaps they will blame the Vampires or the wolves."

"You'll cause a war or is that your plan, Misdirection"

He shrugged. "I'll ask again, how did you know what I planning?

"Makes sense" My anger was out in full force I wanted to tar and feather him. Yeah that's a thought I am and I will hurt him again. I looked at him again He had blood dripping from his hand from the bite I'd given him. His face was starting to bruise; he was soaking wet stinking of my cleaner.

"Answer me," he bellowed

"Well your arrogant, vicious, ignorant, hungry for power, you wouldn't know loyalty if it bit your ass. You disappeared with the prince, after feeding him a tale about Murry and the curse Dermot was under. You seemed scared when he was there so I would think that you're up to something, and I think you were scared of being caught. You seem to get off on the hero whisper from those you promised something too." He went to move and winced.

"Do I need to teach you to respect your prince?" he growled

"Do I need to teach you to leave me alone?" I countered. My god Sookie keep your mouth shut. He can kill you.

A thought hit me full force. "What about vampires with faerie blood in them?" What would happen if a faerie had been turned, would they be able to come here?

"Those who have been turned?" He asked to clarify his face disgusted.

I nodded not trusting my voice.

"I have never heard of a faerie being turned," he answered with a frown, "but I heard a rumour of a couple of humans with fae blood in them before the change getting turned so I suppose it may be possible."

"What change?" I asked, genuinely interested. I knew very little about the supernatural world, especially faeries.

"Oh, you don't know anything of being faerie." The tone he used was mocking.

I snapped back at him. Maybe I wouldn't have if I'd had more than two hours sleep. "No, I don't, because I thought I was human same as most of these folks" I waved my hand in the air." Perhaps if y'all, as in the faeries hadn't been so eager to share the love then not worry about the consequences, Yeah poof gone." I continued as I paced, my hands going in all directions "I would know more than I do now." I was almost shrieking by the time I had finished. I was right in Claude's face, poking him in the chest.

He looked at me with a frown. And I admit it I've never been an aggressive person but I pushed him he stumbled back. At that second, I wished I could control the element of fire. I'd set his pants on fire, cause everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie. Well the truth twisted to suit him.

"How dare you, How dare you steal us? We are citizens of the United States of America, with jobs families, lives, you send us back right this second."

"I am your prince "

I was very angry. It was as if I couldn't control it. I felt the same tingling go through me. I had a full head of steam going now.

"No, Claude you're an ass full off.."

I was cut off from my rant by a small voice, "Sookie," and my anger evaporated, instantly replaced by fear. I jumped back out of the younger fairy's way. It was a band around me, getting tighter, cutting off my circulation. Every nerve of my body was alight with terror. That cold sweaty feeling made its way over my body. Then the sick feeling was back with full force. I was scared for that voice I knew exactly who owned it, but I hoped and prayed I was wrong.

He wouldn't dare, would he?

Claude looked positivity giddy at the turn of events. "Oh, such fun! We will be one big happy family," he said, smiling, his eyes burning into me waiting for my next move.

Then I noticed everyone's eyes were watching me. Waiting for my next move. The band of Faeries that had come with us were poised for action. Against whom I had no idea: against me or against Claude? I continued to hear small popping sounds like corn popping in the pan. I allowed my eyes to take everything in more and more faeries and humans and Daemons.

What was I going to do? How did I get out of this? I wished I had an idea!