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Character(s): Nadja, Francis Harcourt, Keith Harcourt, Mary Ann Hamilton, Leonardo, Antonio Fabiani, Julietta, Thierry, Fernando Gonzales, Rosemary Applefield, and Christian.

Main Pairings: Nadja/Keith, Nadja/Francis, Mary Ann/Francis.

Side Pairings: Julietta/Leonardo, Rosemary/Fernando, Rosemary/Francis.

Chapter 1: A Faithfull Meeting

Nadja's P.o.V

"Maybe I'm going to take a sleep" I said and suddenly I smell something burned and I heard something fell like a glass. And I saw fire at the orphanage.

"Everyone, get out as fast as you can!" I said trying to save them from the fire and when I jumped from the window and saw two men between me "Who are you?" I asked frightened "Just give us that brooch!" one of them said "This brooch? No! This is a precious thing that connects me and my mother!" I said.

"Just give IT to us!" they said trying to take my brooch away from me, but suddenly…

BRUK! They fell someone has save me? "Never let that brooch out of your sight again, all right?" someone said with clear blue eyes and then kissed my forehead.

"All right…" that was just the word that I said "Well, then" he said riding his horse and goes.

"My star-eyed knight…" I said touching my forehead.