Deep waters

Chapter one: Separated


The sky was deep blue almost a mirror image of the sea below if it weren't for the red and orange streaks from the setting sun. Waves overlapped others and splashed onto the body of jumping dolphins.

A single bird flew across the sky as it soared with the wind. If it moved his head downward, it could look down upon the boat that floats on the ocean. If it flew closer to said boat, it would hear music and the laughter of children.

These children were currently listening to a story told by an older woman with dark brown hair and brown eyes; mother to one of the children.

"… and they all lived happily ever after." The older woman finished. She looked to the children: a girl of eight with raven colored hair and pale skin who was fast asleep, and a boy also of eight with silver hair and a pair of dog ears who was not asleep as can be seen from the golden eyes staring back at the woman.

"Will I also live happily ever after, mom?" Inuyasha said suppressing a yawn. He leaned his head on top of Kagome's which was currently resting upon his shoulder, one of his arms spread across both of hers from the back.

"Of course, sweetie. Now let's get you two to bed. You've had a big day today." Izayoi said as her husband approached.

"Need any help there?" An older man said. Izayoi turned to see a male of waist length silver hair tied up in a ponytail on top of his head and deep gold eyes that gazed back into hers. She smiled as he came to stop in front of her and kissed her lips.

"Yes, I do. Can you take Kagome downstairs please?" Inutaisho watched as his wife roused his son while he picked up the little girl. They both agreed to take Kagome on this trip after much begging from both children while her family remained back in Japan. Izayoi knew her mother since childhood and wanted their children to be friends as well.

Izayoi grabbed onto Inuyasha's hand and followed after his father who gazed back at him as he rubbed his half-lidded eyes. Inuyasha never got along with anyone like he did Kagome. Sure, he had friends but Kagome was his best friend. There was a special bond between them that no one could break. To Inuyasha, it didn't matter the difference in gender, it actually made him that much more protective of her.

Walking along the deck, they tried to avoid the passing sailors who were preparing for the night shift. They walked down the steps of the stairs and into the children's bedroom where Inutaisho laid Kagome on the queen sized bed with Inuyasha climbing in afterward.

With a kiss to his forehead from his mother, Inuyasha joined Kagome in dreamland.


"Aren't they cute together?" Izayoi said, watching the kids who slept facing each other.

"Yes." Inutaisho turned to look at the smile on his love's face. "Maybe you'll get the daughter you've always wanted."

"I already consider her my daughter. But if they marry it's just an added bonus."

"Believe me, they'll marry."

"How do you know?" Izayoi inquired, turning to look at her husband.

"You think we Inu's are as protective to anyone as Inuyasha is of Kagome?" Inutaisho said, smirking. "Trust me, sooner or later we'll be finding them making out in their rooms."

Izayoi squealed, clasping her hands together in front of her. "I can't wait for grandchildren!"

"Speaking of children…"

Shutting the door after them, Inutaisho picked up his wife like a bride. Wiggling his eyebrows at her, he made his way to their bedroom.

The door closed as a giggling Izayoi and her husband made their way inside.


Inuyasha looked out of a port hole to the dark sky. Hundreds of twinkling stars adorned the sky reflecting on the water below. Both his ears twitched madly from the noises caused by the sailors.

"What are you doing, Inuyasha?"

Inuyasha turned and saw chocolate orbs gazing back at him from the bed. "Nothing, Kagome. Just couldn't go back to sleep." Turning back to window, he saw a school of fish jumping out of the water.

Hearing some rustling of fabric, he moved his head just enough to see Kagome coming to stand beside him.

"It's so pretty. If only we could see the stars like this back home." Kagome said, smiling. Turning her head to the left, she saw Inuyasha looking at her making her blush. Walking back over to the bed, she laid down with Inuyasha following not far after.

Both looked to the ceiling in comfortable silence, both content being in each other's presence.

"What do you think Sango and Miroku are doing?" Kagome's voice broke the silence.

"Sleeping." Inuyasha exclaimed.

Chuckling as he felt a hand lightly smack his arm, he closed his eyes hoping for sleep to overcome him until he heard Kagome speak up again.

"Will we always be together, Inuyasha?"

Finding her hand, he held on tightly. Looking into her eyes, he smiled and informed her, "of course. I'll never leave you and if anyone tries to take you from me, I'll hurt them."

She smiled back and replied, "I'll never leave you either, Inu."



Both children fell asleep holding hands and similar smiles on their faces.


Inuyasha later awoke to the sounds of screaming and running footsteps coming from above deck. The noise was enough to wake the slumbering girl next to him. Confused eyes met and they scampered off the bed and into the hallway.

A large wave hit the boat causing it to rock, making the kids trip on the floor. Getting up, he helped Kagome stand and led her into his parent's room. Not finding them, he closed the door and mentioned to Kagome, "They're not here."

"Where are they?"

"I don't know. Maybe they're upstairs."

Heading up the stair, the boat jerked to the side and Kagome tumbled and would have fallen had Inuyasha not held her. Arriving at the top of the stairs, they stayed back and watched as sailors ran around in panic. Rain pelted down on the deck, dark clouds covered the once clear sky, and winds roared while it pushed the waves to crash into the vessel.

Walking out after an elderly man passed, they were quickly soaked from head to toe. They carefully tried to keep their balance though the occasional jerk caused them to fall.

Inuyasha never let go of Kagome's hand as he searched for his parents. The rain hitting his eyes made it hard for him to see but he continued on even with his enhanced hearing catching all the screams and yells from the people giving him a headache.

Unlike Inuyasha, Kagome couldn't see a single thing. The wind caused her eyes to burn and the rain splatting on her skin felt like rocks were being thrown at her. The loud panicking cries of the crew ringing in her ears terrified her and she began to slightly tremble.

A squeeze to her hand reminded her of her companion and she instantly relaxed, putting all her trust on her best friend. She knew she was safe while she had Inuyasha with her.

Both jumped when they heard a voice behind them. "Hey young ones! What are you doing out here! Can't you see the weather? Get back inside!"

Turning around, they saw an old man with black hair border lining with gray streaks, white shirt, black pants, and rain boots approaching them.

"But my parents…" Inuyasha began to say, but was cut off as the old man began to speak.

"…May already be in their room, looking for you. Now come on. Get!" The old man said, placing a hand on both their backs and pushing them in the direction of the stairs.

They followed his command, as they were taught to respect their elders. Looking back after a while to see the man no longer there, apparently leaving as soon as he saw them leave.

Both were standing near the back of the boat on port side, when suddenly a big wave crashed against the bow of the ship causing the boat to dip back, some of the ocean water splashing onto the deck. Not being prepared for the floor to suddenly disappear from under her, Kagome fell onto the railing, flipped, and went over the side. Inuyasha both heard and saw Kagome fall head first into the raging sea. Without second thought, he dived into the water.

Opening his eyes, the salty sea water stung his eyes as he looked around the dark, almost black ocean, quickly finding Kagome sinking slowly, and rapidly swam over. Grabbing her waist with his arm, he pulled her as close to his body as he could and kicked his legs as fast as his little legs could. Lightening illuminating their pale face as they broke the surface.

Gulping in some air, he turned to the sputtering and coughing Kagome. His eyes widening when another wave sent them under water once more, the momentum sending them flipping and twirling, though both held strong to their partners' hand.

At the same time, a lifeboat from the ship, insecurely fastened, fell away and dropped to the waters below. A wave knocked its side flipping it and almost hit the eight-year olds on the head, if it weren't for Inuyasha ducking, bringing Kagome's head down with him.

Kagome hastily entered the boat, being immediately followed by her best friend. Both turned to see the vessel fading away even as they called out, some thunder easily covering their cries.

"Mom! Dad! Help!"

"Uncle Taisho! Auntie Izayoi!"


"Help, anybody!"

Kagome felt liquid crawling down her cheek and knew it had nothing to do from the rain. Gazing to her right, she saw Inuyasha's ears plastered to his head, his left hand clutching the wood of the boat so hard his knuckles were white; his right extended as if he could grab hold of the ship and bring it back. They watched as it became a mere speck of light in the horizon until all the eye could see was the dark clouds and the disturbed ocean beneath them; the rain still beating down on them.

Kagome trembled when two streaks of lightning split the sky, followed shortly by thunder roaring like a battle cry. Inuyasha crawled over, putting a great deal of concentration on balancing on the boat as wave after wave was uplifted to strike. Another flash of lightening and we was upon her person, he quickly maneuvered her under him as another roar was heard in the distance. If lightening decided to fall onto their boat, it would strike him before hitting Kagome. Nothing would hurt her while he was around. He would protect her until the day he died.

Moving so that every inch of her body was covered by his, he placed his head down and prayed for their safety, even as Kagome's sobs cut deeply into his heart.


It wasn't until morning the next day, did the two parents discover the missing souls…

"Inutaisho, where can they be? They weren't in bed this morning and he haven't even gotten complains from the other passengers about our son. You know how mischievous he is!" Izayoi said looking up into her beloved's eyes.

She couldn't help but have fear creep its way into her heart. All the fuss from last night kept her up late and in turn kept her sleeping into the late hours of the day, along with her husband. She had seen that the children weren't in bed but waved it off, believing they were off playing somewhere. But now it was late afternoon and still she hasn't heard nor seen traces of her son and hopefully future daughter since last night. She was becoming troubled and her husband could sense her unease.

Wrapping his arms around her waist, he kissed her forward and spoke, "It's okay, honey. We'll find them. For all we know they may be playing hide and seek with us." He chuckled. Even his voice sounded a bit uncertain.

"Since this morning? I've asked around and no one has said that they've seen them." Izayoi said, worry etched in her voice. Inutaisho began to rub her back in a fail attempt at consoling her. "What if something has happened to them? What've if they're hurt? Oh, my baby! I want my baby!"

"Shh, it's okay. We'll find them. If you want I could go ask some guards to keep an eye out for them. Besides worrying won't help us find them."

Nodding against his shoulder, she let him lead her into their cabin. But she couldn't shake off the feeling that something was wrong. Only proving to be true hours later when they realized with dread that their loved ones weren't anywhere on the ship.


Kagome stared out at the calm blue ocean and the clear sky above. It was so peaceful, one could hardly believe that a storm passed by only a few hours ago. But it was kind of hard to disregard such an occurrence as a dream when you're lost in the middle of nowhere.

Her stomach growled, reminding her of their lack of food or water. "I'm hungry."

Looking over at his companion, Inuyasha saw beads of sweat forming on her brow from the sun burning her skin. True to his word, he protected her as much as an eight-year old could. Fortunately, no lightening reach a point close enough to their boat but he protected her from the chilly sea air and the rain in his embrace, even after the storm let up and through the night he kept her cloaked in his warmth.

A growl from his own stomach was all the indication she needed to know she wasn't the only one, even before she heard him mutter the words, "me too."

"Do you think there looking for us?" Kagome said. Grabbing hold of his right hand, she smiled as she felt him squeeze back.

"I'm sure, they are."

They went back into silence until a few minutes later when a chocked sob floated into Inuyasha's ears. Quickly turning his head, he caught sight of Kagome's tears as they spilled over, flowing down her pale skin and staining the spots on her dress where they fell.

Clutching her shaking form to his chest, he rocked her as sobs and hiccups escaped her mouth. He brushed back some hair from her face just like his mother did to him. He listened intently when Kagome began to speak.

"It's all my fault… if only I had… held on better… we wouldn't be in this mess…"

"No… no, it's not, Kagome… even I fell sometimes… you couldn't stop this… don't cry… shh…"

"Why… why did you jump after me… now you're in the same problem as me…?"

Frowning, Inuyasha lent down far enough to see her brown eyes, his thumb removing any traces of tears from her cheeks. "I will never leave you. I promised last night I would and I always keep my promises. Okay? We're in this together…"

Looking at his eyes, she smiled briefly, her eyes growing heavy with exhaustion. She let out a tongue curling yawn and felt her partner dragging her down until she felt wood on her back. She settled into her friends' side, one of his arms pillowing her head and let the gentle rocking of the boat lull her to sleep, her friend joining not long after.

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