Chapter 22: Epilogue


"Are you sure?"

"Yes mom." Inuyasha assured for what seemed like the hundredth time that day.

"Inuyasha, maybe you don't understand. Getting married takes a lot of commitment and selflessness. Everything you do has to be approved by your partner or done with your partner. You will only ever be able to be with one person for the rest of your life-"

"Mom! I married Kagome long before we were given Kazuki and I have always been happy with her. I think since the day we got on the island we have acted like a married couple anyway. Don't you think?"

Izayoi sighed and nodded. She gave her son a quick hug and said, "Alright son. But remember I am with you every step of the way. I'll help you whenever you need me too."

"Thank you, mom."

Mother and son then moved from the kitchen toward the living room where the family lawyer was sitting with papers around him and Kagome and Mama Higurashi were coming in. One look at Kagome's face and Inuyasha could tell that she received the same lecture from her mother about marriages. He went to her side and gave her hand a squeeze. Kagome smiled at him and rubbed the back of his hand with her thumb. Unknown to them the older mothers witnessed the exchanged and they shared smiles.

Inutaisho entered the room. "You two ready?" Inuyasha and Kagome nodded. "All right then. Here's the paper that you have to sign. Before you do, be very sure you want this."

"Oh, dad. Come on, not you too."

"Don't blame me. I'm just being a concerned father." He handed the marriage contract to Inuyasha. "Let's get this over with."

Inuyasha and Kagome signed the paper proceeded by the lawyer. "It's official now Higurashi, Kagome is now Takahashi, Kagome." The lawyer commented. "Now for the birth certificate of the two children… Have you been to the hospital yet?"

"The day after they arrived. The head doctor of the birthing department has already filled out the necessary paper work for the pups."

"Excellent… Then all you need to fill out is the birth certificate. As this is a special case, not all the information is able to be applied and this has already been taken into consideration. So fill out all that you know and I will do the rest. Please fill out two copies for each child."

"May I write in their place?" Inutaisho asked.

"Yes. But they will have to write their own names themselves." Inutaisho nodded and proceeded to fill out the papers, leaving much of the information as 'unknown'. He handed the four copies to the lawyer. "Alright. You can keep these. They can work as the actual birth certificate but I'll send you a copy of the birth certificate once it's processed into the system." Inuyasha and Kagome gazed at the birth certificate of their children with happiness.

"Thank you."

After the lawyer left and Inuyasha and Kagome were about to leave the room, the parents decided to bring up their congratulatory presents. "Presents?" Kagome asked in confusion.

"What are they?" Inuyasha questioned.

"Well, Inuyasha when I saw the beautiful ring that Kagome had, I noticed you didn't have one and now that you two are married, I want to give this as a welcome gift into our family." Mama Higurashi produced a man's golden wedding band that matched Kagome's ring for Inuyasha from her bag.

Kagome gasped. "Mama, you didn't have to do that."

"Non-sense! Of course I did. Put it on, Inuyasha. I want to see if it fits." It did.


Inuyasha's ears flicked as he heard the sound of Kazuki and Isako's screams echoing through the house. He wasn't alarmed though for he knew that today was the Higurashi family's weekly visit. His children had taken an instant liking to their younger uncle, Souta, and every time he stopped by they made sure to make him their temporary play mate for the day.

He frowned when he heard the sound of four pairs of stomping footsteps coming up the stairs. Apparently Rin, his brother's adopted child, had come over to play. The island family had, indeed, met Rin a week after arriving back in Japan and they couldn't be more pleased with Sesshoumaru's selected choice of child. Rin was a twelve-year-old orphaned girl who was very optimistic. She was shy at meeting them at first but quickly grew comfortable. Kazuki and Isako are very fund of their cousin and they played together for hours on end.

The very same day, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru had a very uneventful reunion that left Inuyasha feeling very uncomfortable and very annoyed. Yes, Sesshoumaru had helped in his father's search for him and Kagome but even after those ten years, he knew that his half-brother still didn't like him. But he had noticed that Sesshoumaru was less hostile to his mother though they were nowhere close to a loving step-mother & step-son relationship yet.

The sounds of stomping footsteps were coming closer to his and Kagome's bedroom which made Inuyasha frown deeper. He was just about to leave to tell the pups to quiet down when they burst into the room with loud cries. A sleeping Kagome woke instantly and was momentarily surprised when the bed dipped with her pups and Rin's weight being thrown on it. She gave a short cry when she began to move up and down on the mattress that the children were beginning to jump on before Inuyasha stopped them.

"Pups! Stop it now!" Inuyasha scolded. "What were you thinking? What if you would have fallen on your mother? Then what would happen? And Rin, you're older than them. You should know better." Rin hung her head in shame and Kazuki eyes got teary while his sister openly sobbed at being scolded. Kagome rubbed at Isako's back in comfort.

"I'm sorry, Inu-no-nii-san. I didn't think they'd come in here." Souta said from the doorway.

Izayoi, who had come running when she heard Inuyasha and arrived during Souta's apology, interfered when she saw Inuyasha about to speak. "How about I take them downstairs, Inuyasha? You can take care of Kagome. I'll make sure that they don't come up here, alright?" Inuyasha didn't look very assuaged. "I'll be sure to explain why they can't bother Kagome, okay? They won't do it again." His scowl didn't lessen one bit.

"Inuyasha… please…" Kagome plead. There was a pause before Inuyasha sighed deeply and nodded his head. Izayoi smiled and urged everyone out of the room. She then walked over to the bed and picked up Isako before leaving the room and shutting the door behind her.

Inuyasha turned to Kagome who was struggling to sit up and went over to help her. She thanked him and leaned back on the pillows. "They didn't mean anything bad, you know. They're only kids."

"They could have hurt you." Inuyasha scowled again.

"But they didn't, Inuyasha. I think you were a little hard on them." She commented. She dragged her hand through her hair and winced she her fingers caught a knot.

Inuyasha saw the wince and motioned for her to scoot forward. He began to brush her hair with his claws as he did many times on the island. "I didn't go hard on them. I could've grounded them and I didn't, which I should've. They've been told time and time again that they have to be careful around you. Think about your pups."

Kagome's hand went to her swollen stomach. She was pregnant again and this time with twins. Only a few days after being back in Japan did both their mothers explain the facts of life and they now knew how their children came to be. But what they didn't know was that the deed was already done and Kagome already had a fertilized egg in her system by the time the talk was done. She remembered how shocked both Inuyasha and her were when they went to her first ultrasound and then when they found out that she was carrying two pups instead of one. They currently didn't know the gender of the babies as they wanted it to be a surprise just like their first two pups were.

"Don't ground them. I'm sure that after your mother speaks to them, they won't do it again. And if she took them downstairs then I think my mother would help her."

"They better not do it again." He finished brushing Kagome's now mid-back long hair and rubbed at Kagome's tummy. "If they do it again then I'm grounding them and you're not going to stop me. You hear me, Kagome?"

"Loud and clear." She leaned on his chest and grabbed the back of Inuyasha's head. She brought his mouth down onto hers and gave him a sweet kiss.

"You're not going to change my mind." He said against her lips.

"I know." She said back. "I just like kissing you." They kissed passionately for a few more minutes.

"Were you packing?" Kagome said as she looked at the open closet and the clothes lying on a rocking chair next to the bed.

"Not really. I was just looking for the right clothes to take to the island." Yes, they were going back to the island even though they just left almost eight months ago. Their parents were curious as to what the place where their children grew up in looked like. So when Souta suggested about going to the island, Inuyasha and Kagome eagerly persuaded their parents for a week to go back. Not only did they also want their parents to see the wonderful home they had built but they were secretly feeling a little homesick. They had lived and loved their precious island and it would take a long while before they would be able to ignore that feeling.

"I could've helped."

"I didn't want to wake you."

Kagome hummed. They stayed in a comfortable silence for a while before Kagome said, "I'm hungry…" Inuyasha stood and helped Kagome stand.

A little while later Kagome and Inuyasha were coming down the stairs, a lot slower with a pregnant Kagome insisting that she could still walk and didn't let Inuyasha carry her. Inuyasha picked up on hushed voices coming from the living room.

"Mama is coming." Kazuki whispered from the other room.

"Get ready then. You remember what to do right?" Mrs. Higurashi whispered. He assumed the kids nodded or something when she then said immediately afterward, "Wonderful."

Inuyasha looked down and noticed that Kagome hadn't heard anything with her human hearing. She was biting down on her lip as she concentrated on walking down the steps. Once they reached the bottom, he directed her toward the living room much to Kagome's confusion. He motioned for her to be quiet. Opening the door for her, Inuyasha gently pushed her forward. She stopped when she saw her pups, brother, and Rin bowing to her.

"I'm sorry, Mama/Kagome." They said simultaneously.

Kagome lifted a hand to cover her smiling mouth. She let Inuyasha lead her to a chair and she opened her arms to welcome her daughter into them. "Aww… I forgive you." She looked at the smiling older mothers. "Did you do this?"

"No. Of course not." They said at the same time. Kagome didn't believe them.

"Mama! Can we watch 'The Lion King' again?" Kazuki said excitedly leaning against the single-seat sofa.

"Again? Sure, Kazuki. Souta can put it on. I'm going to the kitchen."

"No! I want to watch it with you."


"I'll go get you food." Inuyasha said.

"Inuyasha dear, how about you sit and have a movie night with your family? I'll go get the food." Mrs. Higurashi suggested.

"I'll make some popcorn." Izayoi commented.

Kazuki shook his head. "I want you here, too!"

"Then you're going to have to wait. You don't want your mother to starve do you?"

Kazuki looked at his father with a pout but consented with a nod. The older mothers left for the kitchen.

Isako spoke up from Kagome's arms. "I don't wanna watch."

"Why not, honey?"

"I wan see Lady an T-amp."

"We'll see it after Lion King. Okay Isako?" Inuyasha told her. Isako nodded. "And what about you two?"

Souta shrugged. "I have nothing better to do." He sat at the loveseat.

Rin nodded eagerly. "Can we watch Pocahontas, too?"

"Of course, Rin."

A few minutes later, Izayoi and Mama Higurashi came in carrying trays of food during the opening song of the movie. Inuyasha stood to take them. He handed a plate to Kagome first then the other three to the pups and Rin. He placed the bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. The mothers came back with a plate in each hand. Inuyasha took one from his mother for him. He sat on the longest sofa with Kazuki on his lap and Rin and his mother next to him. Mama Higurashi sat with Souta.

At one point during the movie, Kagome looked at Inuyasha and cringed. "Inuyasha, you're eating like a pig. It's like you haven't eaten in days." She motioned toward the way he was ravaging the fried chicken. "Slow down. You might eat the bone."

"First of all, this is boneless. Second of all, I haven't eaten all day." He continued to eat in the same fashion though he did go a little slower.

Sometime after the sun set, Inutaisho and Sesshoumaru arrived home to find the movie viewers asleep in the living room. Inuyasha, the only one left awake, lifted his head from the back of the sofa. "Hi, dad."

"What happened, son?"

"We watched some Disney movies during dinner. They fell asleep watching Cinderella."

Sesshoumaru didn't say anything as he lifted Rin in his arms then left for a guestroom. Inutaisho walked toward his wife and woke her gently. He did the same for Mama Higurashi who then woke Souta. Inutaisho offered them the other guestroom and Mama Higurashi went to call Grandpa. Inutaisho and Izayoi helped carry the forms of Kazuki and Isako toward their room while Inuyasha carried Kagome to their bed.

Kagome woke long enough to tell him a good night. Inuyasha answered by giving her a kiss.


Inuyasha sighed in frustration and glared at the paper. He stuck his pencil in his hair and scratched behind his hair.

"Do you need help, Inuyasha?" his teacher asked.


Both Inuyasha and Kagome were currently in their daily lesson. Since those ten years of school were lost due to their unfortunate situation, they have to make up for those years through other means- homeschool. Thankfully, soon after the news was aired and Inutaisho called for tutors, a retired teacher and priestess named Kaede offered her services without any charge.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." Inuyasha strained the word and an elbow connected with his stomach for his effort. He glanced at Kagome from below his bangs and saw that she glared at him from the corner of her eye. He sighed again. "Fine."

For next few hours, Kaede and the two pupils studied from their textbooks until Kazuki arrived home from school with his grandmother Mama Higurashi who drove Isako to daycare for the day. "Mommy! Daddy! I have something for you!"

"Kazuki! You can't bother your parents while they're in their lessons."

"Sorry, Nana." Kazuki muttered.

"It's alright, child. We can take a break if it's that important." Kaede informed her.

"It is!" Kazuki announced as he came into the dining room where the three were set up. "My teacher gave me a paper for you. She said it was very important." He handed the paper to his mother who read it with Inuyasha looking over her shoulder. It informed them that his teacher wanted to have a conference with them this Tuesday about his 'special' lessons.

"It doesn't say why she wants to see us." Inuyasha commented.

"No. How odd. You didn't do anything bad did you?" She looked straight into Kazuki's eyes as she said this. Kazuki shook his head fervently. Kagome hummed.

"Mommy! We play!" Isako cried, tugging on Kagome's hand.

"Oh sweetie. I can't right now."

"Why?" she whined with the puppy-dog face which wavered Kagome's resolve. But it didn't affect Inuyasha as it wasn't directed at him.

"Isako, mommy will play with you later all you want. You can play with your brother for now." Isako nodded with a pout. Kagome hugged her and kissed her cheek.

They continued their lessons until late afternoon.


Hitomiko-sensei looked up from her paper work when a knock sounded on her door. She called for them to come in. She was honestly surprised when she saw a very young older version of her student come in with another young and apparently pregnant woman.

"Are you, Hitomiko-sensei?" Inuyasha asked after an exchange of bows.

"Yes. Would you happen to be Takahashi, Kazuki's parents?" She really shouldn't have been surprised when Inuyasha and Kagome nodded. She had been informed briefly on the information and she had watched the news all those months ago but apparently the situation hadn't truly sunk in until that moment. These parents look like they could be fresh out of high school and already they had a four year-old child.

"Please sit. I won't take long. The reason I called you in today is to discuss Kazuki's progress with his private lessons."

"There isn't a problem is there?" Kagome asked with apprehension.

"Heavens no! Actually, this is good news. At the rate your child is learning I believe that he will be at the same level of knowledge as other students by the age of five and will be able to attend kindergarten with other kids his own age."

"Really?! That's wonderful." Kagome cheered.

"Yes, it is. I suggest that you as parents should try your best to encourage your child to stay interested in learning. For example, I know that the two of you are taking private lessons of your own. It is a wonderful idea to let your child witness what you are doing. Many children strive to be like their parents so seeing the both of you working would greatly benefit your pup academically. Now I know I can't force you to do so but I strongly suggest in awarding your child in some way for your efforts. This method has proved effective in a child's development."

Inuyasha and Kagome nodded already planning ways in awarding their son. They stayed at the teachers' office for a few more minutes discussing grades and work effort. At the end of the meeting they excused themselves and met Mama Higurashi, Souta, and their pups outside.

"What did she say?" Mama Higurashi inquired.

"Am I in trouble?" Kazuki asked, nervously.

"Why are you nervous?" Inuyasha crossed his arms.

"I'm not nervous."

"Only a person guilty of something would be nervous."

"I didn't do anything."

"How can we be sure?"


"Inuyasha. Stop it. You're scaring him." Inuyasha scoffed. "You're not in trouble. Your teacher only wanted to tell how good you've been doing in school. We're so proud of you!"

Kazuki beamed. "Really?!"

"Yes. For doing a good job, your dad and I are taking you out for ice cream!"

"Yay! Thank you, Mama!" Kagome gasped and wobbled from the force of Kazuki jumping to hug her. Inuyasha caught her in his arms.

"Pup, don't jump on your mom like that!" Inuyasha scolded.

"Sorry, mommy."


"So this is where you grew up?" Mama Higurashi was amazed at the paradise in front of her. It was a beautiful untouched piece of art that the Earth formed. It was unlike anything she'd ever seen and she started to understand a little bit of why her daughter and son-in-law were feeling the way they did. Compared to their polluted and noisy homeland, the island was a gorgeous wonderland for all children looking for way out of reality.

After days of planning, packing, and later sailing, the island family was finally able to bring along their family from civilization. Kazuki and Isako were deeply excited about being back home again, even if only for two weeks. They spent going hours on end talking about all types of adventure they've had and how they couldn't wait to share the experience with their new family.

Currently, the same ship that had rescued the island family was heading into the island's waters. The captain was nice enough to bring them to their location and would be back to collect them in two weeks' time. The ship arrived in the early morning hours and the family of four was already up and about ready to catch a glimpse of their precious home in the horizon. Kagome had openly cried when the green from the trees had come into view. Slowly but surely the other family members had come up to join them.

"You won't believe how much I've missed it."

"I want to go swimming!" Kazuki cried.

"We're not even there yet." Inuyasha mentioned.

"I know. But I miss swimming every day." Inutaisho and Izayoi shared secretive looks at that.

"I miss sand and paint." Isako informed them.

"But you can paint at Japan, too."

"Not same, daddy."

"Oh really? Well I know what I want to do… I want to throw mud at mom again." Isako giggled.

"What?!" Kagome screeched.

"We can cover her completely until we can't see anything but her eyes and then we can have fun throwing water at her as she runs after us yelling like a monster." Isako and Kazuki laughed. The others had to hold in chuckles of their own.

"Do you forget that I'm carrying your pups?" Kagome mentioned, rubbing at her swollen belly.

"No. Not like I could. It hits me every time I try to hug you."

"At least you're not carrying it around all the time. You don't know how heavy these pups are."

"Oh yes I do. Remember I carry you up and down the stairs when you're too tired."

"Yes, but imagine doing that for forty weeks all day and all night. I can't even see my feet anymore."

"I know! I know! Tell my brother or sister to come out!" Kazuki cried.

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"They… They can't hear me from in there."

"Then scream really loud. Like this… Come out of Mama's tummy!" Kazuki yelled pressing his head against her stomach. He pulled back with a gasp. "Mama, I hear something!"

Kagome smiled already knowing what he was talking about. "What do you hear?"

"It sounds like something hitting something… like bam, bam, bam!"

"That would be the babies heart, sweetie."

"Do I have one?"

"Yes, it's right here." Kagome pointed to his chest.

"Why can't I hear it?"

"I don't know why Kazuki but you can feel it if you put your hand there." Kazuki did as his mother said. He gasped.

"I can feel it, mama." Kazuki said excitedly.

The grandmothers giggled at the cute family scene that just occurred in front of them.


Five days later, the island family was thoroughly soaking up all the fun the island brought with the other family members, especially Inuyasha and Kagome. Now that they no longer had to take care of the chores by themselves, they were able to experience all the entertainment the island provided. This fact had also surprised the other family members. They didn't know what they were expecting but what they did get to see was very astonishing, especially the building that housed two eight-year-olds for ten years. They now had a greater respect for their two children.

Currently, Kagome was wobbling down the beach to where the rest of the family was. Splashing around in the deep blue clear water was Inuyasha with his son, his father, and his brother-in-law. At the shore, where the sea water lapped gently at the land was Isako building sand castles. Further up the beach was her mother sitting on a bright orange towel sunbathing.

Mama Higurashi looked up when she heard Kagome's pants beside her. "Kagome, you're supposed to have someone help you! What if you would've fallen?!"

"Mama! I don't want to be mean but I did this both times that I was with Kazuki and Isako. I never had any help back then so I don't need any now." Kagome said, watching her two children. She missed the fleeting look of hurt and shame that washed over Mama Higurashi's face.

When it became evident that Kagome wanted to sit, Mama Higurashi stood to help her. "How annoying. My stomach is bigger than before." Kagome muttered, loud enough for her mother to hear. Her mother chose not to comment.

Minutes later when both women were seated, Mama Higurashi decided to voice the dark thoughts she's been having ever since the moment she stepped foot on the island. "Kagome… I'm sorry… I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me…" she said in a miserable tone.

Kagome looked at her mother in puzzlement and alarm. She had never heard the calm collective woman sound despondent before. "Mama, what are you talking about?"

"This!" Mama Higurashi waved around her arm. "I'm so sorry I wasn't there for you all those years. I should've been…I've should've been there for you when you started go through life's biggest changes… I should've been there for you when you had your first child… I can't even imagine how scared you were-"

"Mama… please don't say that. You couldn't help it. You're here now. You can be there when I have these pups…" Kagome assured her. There was a pain in her lower body but just like all the others she had this morning, she ignored it.

"But Kagome it's not only that… I missed ten years of your life… When I finally got you back, it was like I didn't know my baby anymore… You grew up without me for ten years and I can't possibly ever understand all the things you went through."

"I know it's not the same but you can always help me with raising my children. You can be a part of their life now…" She felt a familiar bowel movement.

"A part of their lives but I can never be a part of yo-Kagome are you okay?" Mama Higurashi asked concerned when Kagome suddenly clutched her stomach and she began to pant.

"Mama, look down." She did and she gasped when she saw water soaking up the towel.

"Oh dear, you're in labor. Inuyasha! Inuyasha, come quick!" Her son-in-law turned in alarm at the sound of her voice. His face twisted into an unreadable emotion when he saw Kagome's face turn into pain when a contraction hit her. Mama Higurashi had never seen him move so fast. He had literally started running over the water, a feat that Mama Higurashi had thought absolutely impossible.

"Kagome! Kagome, what's wrong?" Inuyasha asked once he reached her side.

"The pups are coming, Inuyasha." Kagome managed to gasp out at the end of the contraction.

"Really? Oh man, they're early. Okay. Everything is okay. We've done this before." Inuyasha muttered gently picking up Kagome

"Mama?" came Isako's voice.

"What can I do, son?" Inutaisho asked once the situation processed in his mind.

"Go get a bowl of fresh water from the waterfall I showed you. Mrs. Higurashi, watch over my pups. Mom! Mom, get some blankets as fast as you can! Everyone else, stay out of my way!" Inuyasha yelled as he walked to the hut, where Izayoi who had come out hearing the commotion hurried back inside.

Kazuki tugged on Mama Higurashi's arm. "What's wrong with mommy, nana?"

"She's having your siblings."

"Like last time! Can I help? Am I getting another sister again? Can I help daddy again?"

"You already said that." Souta told him.

"Again?" Mama Higurashi asked in confusion.

"Where mama?" Isako asked.

Souta answered her. "Inside with your dad."


"Because your mama is having your brother or sister or both soon."

"Bro-ta o sis-ta?"

"Yes… like Kazuki is your brother."

"I want a brother!" Kazuki shouted.

"That's not up for you to decide." Kazuki pouted at what he said.

"How are they?" Mama Higurashi spoke up when she noticed Inutaisho and Izayoi walking up to them.

"Well from what I was able to see before we were rudely kicked out, my son and Kagome were doing pretty well. If I didn't know any better it was like the two of them had studied births for years."

"More like forced to learn." Souta commented receiving a glare from his mother.

"Let's just hope all goes well."


Hours later, Inuyasha and Kagome were still in the process of birthing their twins. Kagome's contractions were coming closer and closer and they knew that it would only be a matter of time before they will welcome the new members of the family. Kagome, who was propped up against the wall on their original bed, was squeezing Inuyasha's hand as she winced through a contraction.

"It's a good thing I'm a demon or you would've broken my hand a long time ago."

"Shut up, Inuyasha. You can't understand how much this hurts."

"No… I don't like seeing you in pain. You know that. If I can take the pain away, I would without a second thought." Inuyasha reciprocated Kagome's smile, wiping away at a bead of sweat making its way down the side of her face.

"Thank you for being here, Inu…"

"I'll always be here, Kaggie…"

Kagome's smile into another grimace and she groaned before panting. She did the breathing exercises that her mother taught her and squinted at her husband. He looked deeply worried. "Look at it this way… at least our children are being born on our island."

"Let me guess you want all our pups to be born here."

"Yes… it could be a family tradition."

"Probably will be… these pups decided to come early just to see the island."

"I love them for that… but," Kagome groaned again, "they should hurry up, this hurts." She panted through another contraction.

"It can't be too long now." He tried to reassure her but it did no good as Kagome let out a scream of pain.

"I think it's time…" Kagome gasped out and screamed again. Inuyasha pressed his ear to her belly and confirmed her thoughts. He knelt between her legs and massaged her thighs. "You can do it, sweetie. You can do it."

"Inuyasha… This hurts so much."

"I know it does. Don't over exert yourself. Be gentle. Push only when you need to, remember." Kagome began to nod but stopped when she felt the need to push and cried out.

So started the process of birthing. Kagome began to push and cry while Inuyasha continually encouraged her. Kagome couldn't help but think that with the more pups she had, that the process got harder and harder. And now not only was she birthing for the third time but for the fourth time too. She tensed and panted, crying out every time she pushed because the pain was too strong. She tried to concentrate on anything, the sound of Inuyasha's voice, the image of her pups face in her mind, on not biting a hole completely through her lip.

She opened her eyes slightly when she felt Inuyasha grab her hand and smiled when she felt her pup's head under her fingertips. Inuyasha let her go and her hand went back to clenching the futon under her. Feeling her pup being so close to the outside world, encouraged the young mother to give one grand push that had the baby's head coming out completely. Kagome fell back onto the wall and panted before hunching over and groaning through clenched teeth with the force of the push she exerted. Kagome felt the baby's shoulders come through. She pushed gently, slowly until she felt the weight of the child leaving her body.

Not feeling the need to push anymore, had Kagome falling back onto the wall completely relaxed and out of breathe. She listened to the sound of Inuyasha splashing water onto her crying child before moving to sit beside her. Finally regaining a normal breathing pattern, Kagome opened her brown eyes to see the bundle in Inuyasha's arms.

"Our pup is beautiful…" Kagome whispered.

Inuyasha looked to her reddened face and smiled. "Has your hair… I love your hair…"

"You love anything to do with me."

Both parents looked down at their new pup with love. Stretching her hand out, Kagome stroked the back of her finger along her pup's cheek, since she couldn't very well hold him with another pup still inside her.

Unknown to them, the other family members were sitting right outside on the porch rejoicing when they heard the first cry of their new family member.

Inside, Inuyasha and Kagome were still gazing at their new pup when Kagome suddenly winced and cried out. Inuyasha seeing the signs, laid their still crying pup on the pile of blankets next to Kagome, and went back to his previous position. Kagome repeated the same process for the second time that day in what seemed like only ten minutes. Her face turned tomato red and tears came to her eyes. Her throat became dry from screaming and Inuyasha's ears were plastered to his head.

The birth didn't take as long as the first one, the first pup already having stretched her out. Kagome was glad for that. She was exhausted and it took every little bit of energy she had left to keep awake when Inuyasha placed the newborn on her tummy. He picked up the first pup and settled beside his wife. "They look completely alike." He commented.

"How will we ever tell them apart?" Kagome whispered her voice hoarse.

"Well they have different scents so I'm okay but I don't know about you."

"How nice for you…" Kagome muttered before shifting slightly. "Inuyasha, you're not done…"

"Oh, I forgot about that…" Gently placing his pup back on the pile of fabrics, Inuyasha quickly moved to capture the placenta which he then held in confusion, looking out the window pondering on whether or not he should fling the thing out of it.

"Don't do it." Kagome's mutter reached his ears and he turned to look at her, feeding their second pup already.

"Then what should I do with it?"

"Keep it wrapped in that blanket and bury it later." Inuyasha frowned. "Please, Inu. I don't feel like arguing right now. Just call everybody before I fall asleep."

Inuyasha eyed his wife's bare chest and the suckling pup. "I'll do that after you're done feeding the pups. I don't like the idea of you being naked when they come in."

"Fine then go bury that… not like you have anything to do right now."

Inuyasha snorted but seeing as he didn't want to waste the time that he could be spending with his precious newborns did as he was told. He went downstairs quickly detecting the scent of the family members outside and the sound of shuffling. Knowing his dad could hear him, Inuyasha whispered on his way out, "Not yet, dad, but they're okay." He left trusting his dad to pass on the message and quickly buried the placenta before jumping into his bedroom.

He found Kagome holding a full, sleeping pup in her arms looking at her other crying pup with despair. Noticing the problem, Inuyasha picked up the sleeping babe and placed him on the futon beside Kagome before placing the crying babe in Kagome's arm. The first pup latched onto Kagome's breast and sucked eagerly. Inuyasha relaxed at the decrease in volume.

"I'm so tired." Kagome said with a yawn.

"Not long now… Hold on a little bit more."

Ten minutes later and Kagome decided she couldn't take it. She was beyond tired and her eyes were barely open a centimeter. Inuyasha had just left only a second ago after helping her adjust the maternity summer dress she had on that definitely didn't fit anymore. Not two minutes later she was beyond grateful that Inuyasha was back with everyone. She just wanted to get the meeting over with so she could sleep.

Inuyasha picked up the sleeping babe beside Kagome and sat in its place. The two grandmothers and the siblings gushed quietly over the two newborns.

"They're beautiful…" Mama Higurashi whispered.

"Have you named them yet?" Izayoi asked.

"Not yet…"

"Boy or girl?" Souta asked.

Inuyasha and Kagome looked at each other at his question before looking back and saying simultaneously, "we don't know…"

"You don't know?" Souta asked surprised.

Inuyasha lifted the cloth of the pup he was holding. "I'm holding a boy…"

"So am I." Kagome said.

"How cute… identical twins." Izayoi whispered with her smile widening a little more. "What will you name them?"

"We don't know." The parents said simultaneously.

"Well… I guess you could figure that out eventually."

Izayoi stood carrying one of the dark-haired pups over to her husband. "We have another grandson, dearest."

"I see and whose eyes does he have?"

"They have my eyes." Inuyasha informed him. While everyone else gushed over his newborns, Inuyasha's ears twitched to the sound of soft snores coming from the young woman on the futon. He turned to look at his father who was already nodding his head, knowing what his son wanted. In the next five minutes, the room was empty except for the parents and twins.

Lying down beside his twins, Inuyasha whispered to himself, "I want a girl now."


Not even two weeks later the now larger island family was once again stepping foot into their Japanese home. Saddened though they were at leaving their beloved island, the island family was beyond excited at raising their new pups.

Walking over to the base of the stairs, Inuyasha and Kagome were just about to put their pups down for their nap when Inutaisho stopped them exclaiming he had a surprise to show them.

"A surprise?"

"What kind of surprise?"

"Follow me." The new parents looked at each other for a moment before following their two eager toddlers. They were surprised when Inutaisho escorted them to a secluded section of the house. Ever since they first arrived from the island, the backside of the Takahashi mansion was covered in a large white sheet and sometimes during their lessons at home weird noise and the chatter of men could be heard from there. Apparently, they would finally know what was there.

Leading them to a rather large western style wooden door, Inutaisho turned to the younger generation. "For years, I was hoping that I'd find the two of you and when I finally did, a wise man spoke to me. He pointed out something that I had overlooked. Immediately, I set to fixing the problem. I know it will never be the same but I hope it will lessen the homesickness you may sometimes feel." With that said, the older dog-demon opened the doors to reveal a very unusual sight for a Japanese home.

A small pool like what you would find at a waterpark was in the center of the room. Half of the pool was surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants of all kinds. The other semi-circle was made to seem like the shore line with the sea water lapping at the imported sand. Already enjoying the tropical paradise was the family pets, Mami-chan and Oki, eating the berries the plants provided.

The four original island family gasped at the reflection of their previous home. Before their parents could stop them, Kazuki and Isako ran forward to the fake beach. Kazuki without hesitation jumped into the salt water. Isako giggled as she sat on the sand, grabbing a hand full of it and letting it slip through her fingers. The older newborn was lying in Inuyasha's arms watching his siblings play around. The younger newborn that was sleeping in Kagome's arms woke up due to the screaming and began to cry, making his mother take him outside to calm him.

"Dad, you really shouldn't have…"

"Nonsense, son. I couldn't spoil you those ten years so I will do so now."

Inuyasha turned away and smiled. They may not be on their precious island anymore but they weren't far from home.


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