Break supposes he should give the man credit for trying.

Liam's no cook, and it shouldn't be surprising, considering his noble upbringing. He's a servant, but not of that sort, and so Break has to laugh at him when he walks into the kitchens late one night, searching for a snack, only to find Liam slaving over what he assumes is going to be a cake.

He starts to say something – because really, it's a comical sight, but stops short when he watches Liam test the batter with a tip of long fingers into it, licking chocolate straight off of his fingers.

Break takes it back. Liam should try and cook for him more often.

He's on him in an instant, ignoring fumbling, hissing protests as his hands claw down lean sides, his face nuzzles into a pale throat, his fingers pry open buttons and clasps of clothing. Liam shudders, attempting another, weak retort – it's late, but they're still in public, damn it all, Xerxes – but Break doesn't care. Before he falls to his knees, his grabbing Liam's hand, licking it clean, slurping and sucking chocolate off of those perfect fingers and leaving Liam reeling, grasping for his hair next, shoving him down instead.

Break would laugh at how easy it is to encourage the other man, but rather than that, he puts his mouth to better use. His fingers are dragging along the length of Liam's cock, tongue following in swift order before his lips wrap around it, swallowing him down, cheeks hollowing with each pointed suck, a low groan rumbling in the back of his throat as Liam's fingers twist in his hair, tugging and pulling and encouraging.

It doesn't take long. Most of their trysts are like this – fast, eager, insistent,needy, because he needs Liam like none other, needs the man like a lifeline, and so Break swallows all that he has to give when he comes, spilling down his throat. He pulls back, licking his lips, nuzzling his head into Liam's touch as the man sags back against the countertop, shivering, shuddering, stroking Break's hair.

"Are you going to let me finish cooking now?" he breathes, and Break does laugh at him, then.

"No – just let me lick the bowl."

"You'll get sick. There are raw eggs in that – "

"I've had far worse."

… Liam can't quite bring himself to argue, all things considered.