Liam Lunettes knows he is fairly high strung when it comes to certain things. Those certain things include paperwork, organization, good tea, and Xerxes Break. As long as his path to those things remains unhindered, he is quite levelheaded and, as he has been told, good to have around in a bad situation.

The 'Xerxes Break' category comes to include 'types of gourmet candy' after some time of being with the man, which is also filed under 'organization' because he has all of that candy sorted, specifically, depending on the days that Break wants it. Liam has a sweet tooth as well, but it simply cannot rival Break's, and so most of the candy is the hatter's, after all; a different morsel for a different mood on a different day with a different ailment needing to be fixed.

It is a good reason for Break to come into his office at Pandora during all hours of the day and night, and Liam does not particularly mind. He is an insomniac and a workaholic by profession and it suits him just as well for Break to visit, whether cheerful or grumpy. It is difficult to not admit that he likes seeing Xerxes sprawled over a chair after digging through tins of specially sorted candy – something Liam will have to fix later, because Break has undoubtedly mixed it all up – savoring every bite and complimenting Liam on how he always knows how much sugar to add to the tea.

How much, exactly? A lot.

Yes, that is a scientific measurement.

Most of Pandora marvels at how he 'puts up' with the Mad Hatter, and Liam just smiles and enjoys the reputation of having the patience of a saint (which he actually, most certainly, does not). It is Break's eccentricity that allows them this time together, after all, so why would he not enjoy it? Xerxes, for all of his insanity, his instability, understands subtlety – understands Liam's need for it in such things, and by draping himself upon him, generally being a nuisance and harassing him in public, it only makes hiding things easier – only makes more people say, "Oh, that's simply how Xerxes Break is. Poor Liam!" And thus no one thinks it strange when Break is rattling on his locked office door, pawing to be let in with demands of strawberry infused chocolates and highly sugared rooibos with honey.

To this day, Liam doesn't think anyone in Pandora truly knows what goes on in his office.

And as much as Liam likes the man's company, he also has to admit he just likesseeing Break. It had taken him awhile, after initially becoming involved with Xerxes, for Liam to really, well, look at him, and when Break is on his stomach, arms over one arm of a chair, feet back over the other, chewing on caramels and generally acting the fool, he is still pretty and Liam really does sort of like it, from the pout of a full lower lip, to lashes that are longer than any girl's he has seen (and he has seen several), and of course, down to a waist so easy for him to wrap his hands around that it is positively sinful. Xerxes Break does not have the frame of a knight at all, not with the carriage of such light bone, lean muscle, and dare he say it – feminine hands that Liam personally knows are attended to, at least weekly, by the Rainsworth family (and himself). He knows first hand how pleasant it is that Break is small – and easily held. And cuddled.

Something he finds himself inclined to do, quite often.

He sighs and rises to do just that. Changes in schedule were inevitable when inevitable when Xerxes Break was included in one's life, after all.