Chapter 1

It started as an accident. Zoro was drunker than usual and apparently mistook Sanji for…well Sanji wasn't sure who, nor did he really want to find out. At any rate, he gave Sanji a fantastically deep kiss, putting his tongue halfway down Sanji's throat, before grabbing his package, giving him a hickey near his collar bone, and passing out on the floor.

This all happened in less than a minute, and they had only just passed each other in the corridor, they hadn't even spoken. Thus, Sanji had no idea what to do or think. He just stood rooted to the spot for a long time, standing over Zoro's awkwardly collapsed body in the corridor. Unfortunately, he had a problem. Two, actually. To deal with the first problem, he roughly half-pushed and half-kicked Zoro down the hall until they got to the men's quarters. There, he merely dumped him in the middle of the floor and slammed the door shut.

He stood there for a moment, hands trembling against the door, contemplating his second problem. He looked down. Yes, it was true. Somehow, something about what just happened had made him hard. He was trembling with disgust for a time until he decided, he had to deal with this, then think about it after.

One quick trip to the bathroom later, he was a little more calm. The first hurdle he had to overcome was how not to murder Zoro in his sleep. But no, that was too good for him, and anyway, Nami-san might be upset with him if he did. So, he decided to try to think of some other punishment.

In the meantime, he had his own problems. That one encounter had pretty much shaken his whole worldview about the value of male humans, which he before had placed at practically nil slash waste of food. But a man could turn him on…what kind of sense did that make? Surely men were just the boring bits of life that made the fantastic, beautiful, enchanting women seem all the more rare and splendid. They were not objects of affection.

This issue troubled Sanji for many days afterward, during which time he had no interaction with Zoro other than to hiss at him as he passed. For his part, Zoro barely noticed until one time Sanji shouted loudly at him for touching some cooking wine.

"What is your problem lately?" Zoro demanded.

"My problem?! I-…!" Sanji began. He gritted his teeth, but simply couldn't think of a way to bad-mouth Zoro without revealing why he was mad at him. "I just hate you!"

Zoro sighed, scratching his head. He walked away, mumbling, "Never could understand him."

Sanji barely stopped himself from throwing the bottle at him, not wanting to waste food.

That evening Sanji went to shower to get ready for bed. He moved to open the bathroom door but bumped into Zoro coming out.

"Sorry," said the swordsman, walking past him as he wiped his hair with a towel.

Sanji opened his mouth to answer, but the words stuck in his throat. Something very wrong was happening with his body. Ignoring Zoro, He raced inside the bathroom and locked the door. He leaned against it and clenched his fists, at a complete and total loss. How could he be hard again?!

Sanji had solved that night's problem with a cold shower, not wanting to make a habit out of jerking off to vortexes of evil like his swordsman crewmate. But now he had a bigger problem: not only was his world view shaken, that he had gotten hard from a man's touch, not only had it happened twice, but this time Zoro hadn't even done anything! Had barely touched him! What if it happened when they were fighting? How the hell was he going to talk his way out of that?!

Sanji spent most of the late night and early morning thinking. Eventually, he came to an insane conclusion, but nevertheless the only one that seemed likely to solve his problem. So, he waited for a night when Zoro was on watch to try his theory.

He let everyone think he had gone to sleep. Then he silently got up, and snuck up to the crow's nest where Zoro's exercise room was. That was always where he spent watch, sleeping obviously. Sanji climbed the ladder and peeked out from the floor. Indeed, the swordsman was sitting on the bench, snoring loudly with one knee bent up to his chest and his three katana folded in his arms.

Perfect, Sanji thought. He's at his most disgusting.

Sanji crept up to him and peered closely at him. His intention had been to get a good look at Zoro to try and prove to himself that he was a disgusting, tasteless, filthy, charmless man. Most of these things were true, of course. However, in the end, this turned out to have not been one of his better ideas.

No, Sanji was not in general a great connoisseur of male beauty; partly because he barely looked at them. And although he was often in Zoro's face for one reason or another, this may have been the first time he actually sat down and looked at it, when it didn't have an enraged expression on it.

Zoro had high cheekbones, a long, straight nose and slightly drooping eyes, all of which were things that Sanji liked. However he also had a strong chin and a high forehead, two things that usually turned Sanji off in women. But, on Zoro it sort of worked. He would never have called this man beautiful, nor would probably anyone with a basic aesthetic sense, but at the moment it happened to be pushing some of his buttons. Sanji started to get a bad feeling about this.

He looked down at Zoro's body. Awful. Everything that he hated in female bodies: covered with muscle, no curves at all, thick and stocky. But while he was leaning closely, the scent of Zoro's body infected his nose and caused him to blush a little.

But why?! He demanded of himself, silently grabbing his head and dancing around in agony. Why should he feel anything but mild disgust toward this awful man?

"What are you doing?"

Sanji froze, mid-dance.

Seconds ticked by.


He turned smoothly to look at Zoro as if it was perfectly reasonable that he was there. "I have a bone to pick with you," he said, though he could feel himself blushing.

Zoro yawned, stretching. "And it couldn't possibly wait till the morning?"

"I've hardly slept the past few days because of something YOU did. It's time you took responsibility for your actions."

"Huh?" Zoro sounded annoyed. He picked his ear absently. "What actions?"

Sanji was ready to bite his head off. And yet he could still hardly say it. "When…you… All right, do you remember a few days ago, we had a party on that little island with all the funny trees?"

Zoro considered. He nodded.

"Do you remember coming back to the ship?"

Zoro considered. He considered some more. Eventually, he tilted his head. "I remember…Usopp finishing his 58th rendition of the Sogeking song…"

Sanji gritted his teeth, rubbing the crease between his eyebrows. "Yes. And then?"

"Luffy drowning."

"And then?"

"Me saving him."

"Skip ahead, asshole."

Zoro thought for a long time. "I remember…waking up on the floor in the men's quarters."

Sanji's entire body was trembling with rage. "You don't think you missed anything?!"

"Well, what?!" Zoro barked back. "I don't remember all right!"

Sanji could see this was going nowhere. He would have to just suck it up and say it, or he would never get any resolution. He trembled for a moment. Eventually he unbuttoned his shirt collar. Zoro frowned at him. Then Sanji yanked it down and revealed the still slightly red mark on his neck.

"Do you want to guess who gave me this?"

Zoro thought for a moment. Then, with no change in his expression, he said, "No." Sanji wanted to scream. "Is this why you're bothering me?"

"YOU, you ass!"

Zoro blinked. Suddenly, his expression became a mix of anger and panic. But he merely said, "No. Are you crazy? I wouldn't even do that to someone I liked."

"Obviously you would. You'd do it to any warm-blooded body who happened to pass by you in a corridor, clearly. You think I would make this up? And by the way, I wasn't the one who went through twenty days' supply of sake in one night. I would take my word over yours, personally. Moron swordsman!"

Zoro's eyes were wide, his brows drawn tight together. He clearly had no idea what to make of this situation. He also didn't deny it any further, so at least in his mind there was a possibility that it was true. He thought for a long time. "Maybe I did…" he murmured at last.

"Thank you!"

Zoro cleared his throat, obviously embarrassed, and then said, "Ok, if what you say is true…well, I have to think about the reasons for that later… in any case I do owe you an apology. But I hate apologies, so just tell me something I can do to make up for it."

Sanji started to feel strange. For some reason, ever since that night, his judgment seemed impaired around Zoro. It was almost the way he felt with women. For example, what he was about to say, he would never have thought he would ever say to a man. "Okay…payback."


Sanji swallowed, trying to appear calm and collected. "I'll just do the same to you that you did to me."

Zoro's face twisted with disgust. "Excuse me?"

Without waiting for further approval, Sanji slammed a hand on the wall beside Zoro's head, and set one knee beside Zoro's legs on the bench. "This is your punishment for acting like an ass. A man of honor never shirks his responsibility."

Zoro's face was frozen in horror, as Sanji had used probably the one phrase that could get him to agree to this. Nevertheless, he didn't fight back.

Sanji grasped Zoro's chin with a mildly trembling hand and watched his lips for a moment. Then he hesitantly pressed his lips to Zoro's; a part of him was horrified, but he felt a heat building in his stomach. Zoro's whole body was stiff and obviously unwilling, but Sanji kissed him deeply, and Zoro's lips started to soften, whether because he was starting to feel something or giving up, Sanji didn't know.

Then Sanji lightly licked Zoro's upper lip, telling himself that this was basically what Zoro had done to him. Hesitantly, Zoro's lips parted, allowing Sanji to insert his tongue deep inside Zoro's mouth. Sanji's inhibition was all but gone now, and he grabbed Zoro's face with both hands, deepening the kiss.

Zoro gave some muffled protests, but basically didn't stop him. It was then that Sanji grabbed his package.

Zoro yelped and shoved him back. "Jackass! You're saying I did that?!"

Sanji growled. "Yes you did. Are you going to take your punishment or keep interrupting?"

Zoro looked uncertain. "Now, look…exactly how far did I…?"

Sanji took some time to consider as to whether this was a time to be noble and honest and truthful, all the things on whose basis Zoro was agreeing to do this in the first place…or to say fuck it and take advantage of the situation. And the option he chose was…

"Stop talking and you'll find out."

…fuck it.

Zoro hesitantly allowed Sanji to start touching him again. This time, as he was kissing him, Sanji reached his hand inside Zoro's pants.

"Ah…" Zoro grunted, but gritted his teeth against any further protest.

Sanji smirked to himself. He could feel Zoro was already getting hard. He stroked his length contentedly as he thoroughly kissed him. Kissing Zoro was amazing, way different from kissing women. His lips were thin but powerful, and in general it just felt more passionate. Zoro's muscular body, although it wasn't as much fun to touch, meant that Sanji didn't have to do all the work. As he was kissing him, he also noticed that whether it was intentional or not, Zoro's tongue action was amazing. Then he realized that it must be all that training and fighting with a sword in his mouth. Sanji started to blush as he thought of something else he wanted to do with Zoro's mouth. But he couldn't possibly get away with that.

He unzipped his own pants. Then he took Zoro's hand and placed it on his member.

"Nn?" Zoro asked, panicking again.

Sanji's lips parted from Zoro's for a moment. "I did it for you that night," Sanji lied. "Take your punishment."

Zoro shut his eyes tight and meekly did as Sanji said. Sanji sat down on top of Zoro's legs, straddling him as they both jerked each other off. At first Zoro was very jerky and not really interested in doing a good job. But gradually, as Sanji stopped kissing him in order to pay more attention to his cock, Zoro's hand became more rhythmic and fluid. Sanji started unconsciously moaning.

Though he did not notice at the time, Sanji's moaning voice caused Zoro's gaze to flick up to him. Zoro watched Sanji for a while. Then he closed his eyes and started concentrating on what he was doing. Sanji was panting, enjoying the feeling of Zoro's hand while he jerked Zoro off, and then he leaned over Zoro's shoulder. He took Zoro's ear in his mouth.

The swordsman took in a hissed breath. Sanji contentedly licked and sucked Zoro's ear for a while, during which time Zoro's hand almost stopped moving due to inability to concentrate, and then he started kissing his neck. Zoro was panting now too. At one point, Zoro made a particularly sweet sound and squeezed Sanji's dick, and Sanji felt himself coming.

"Mmf!" he murmured, and bit down on Zoro's neck.

Zoro gasped, and within moments, he came too.

Several minutes passed before either man moved or said anything. Sanji was grateful that Zoro couldn't see his face from this angle, because after coming, his reason had returned. He was bright red and had no idea what he should say or do after this.

Zoro cleared his throat. Sanji snapped to attention and promptly got up, zipping his pants. Sanji was quiet for a while, waiting for Zoro to express and opinion. The swordsman wasn't quick to comment either, but eventually he did speak.

"So, I did all that?" he muttered.

Sanji felt guilt hit him like a rock in the stomach. "More or less, yeah."

Zoro's eyebrow raised. "More or less, huh?"

Sanji braced for a tempestuous reaction. But it didn't come.

Zoro scratched the back of his head. "Well, whatever. We're square now?"

Sanji blinked. "Um…yeah. Square."

Zoro nodded. Then he sat back with his hands behind his head and yawned. "I always get sleepy after I come, so go away. I'm going back to sleep."

"Don't you mean watch?"

Zoro yawned. "Yeah."

Sanji went back down the ladder, half uttering a sigh of relief and half tense because he was waiting for the other shoe to drop. How had he gotten away with that?!

Sanji woke the next morning feeling much better. Unfortunately, his anxieties had merely passed on to someone else, not gone away. Sanji also assumed that, since he'd got it out of his system, he would no longer be attracted to Zoro anymore. He chuckled at the very thought. Zoro. Imagine.

Because of his semi-denial of the incident, he was unaware of the change in Zoro's attitude toward him. Rather than arrogant and superior, more quiet and observant. Nevertheless, the swordsman seemed unable to make a move either, until…

Sanji was climbing up the stairs to the kitchen, carrying some bags of flour, when he missed his footing, due to a spot of grease that had dripped from a haunch of meat that Luffy had been eating while walking. Sanji felt himself falling, unable to right himself due to the weight of the flour.

"Ah!" he cried, bracing for impact.

Paff. He hesitantly blinked his eyes open. Instead of the hard wooden steps, his body was now supported by something almost as hard but much less dangerous to his spine. Sanji's whole weight and the weight of the flour were being supported by Zoro's chest, while Zoro's hands were braced on the railing. And when Sanji saw his expression, it was as if it was nothing.

There was an awkward pause, and then Zoro said, "Watch your step, dumb cook."

Sanji's cheeks flared bright red. He righted himself without a word and hurried up to the kitchen, vowing to ignore the swordsman. However…

Once Sanji was safely there, and sure that no one else was in the kitchen, he dropped the sacks of flour. Hesitantly, one hand reached down to stroke his hardening cock. How could this be? Just Zoro's smell, the sound of his voice in his ear…why was this happening?!

Despite his panic, Sanji did manage to cum in a public area, the kitchen no less, before he started to feel guilty. But the moment he finished, the kitchen door opened. He hastily zipped up his pants, but it turned out to be unnecessary. Zoro noticed him but did not look at him, as he silently let the door close. He stood there for a long moment. Then he turned to Sanji, and pressed him against the wall by his shoulder.

Sanji was getting nervous. "Zoro…" he murmured.

Zoro was silent and didn't look at him. Then all of a sudden, he grabbed Sanji by the hips and yanked Sanji's waist against his own.

"Ah…! Oi, moron…!" Sanji cried, gritting his teeth against the extremely sexy sensation. "What are you thinking?!"

Rather than answer, Zoro turned Sanji's head away, then sank his teeth into the flesh of his neck. Sanji gasped, unconsciously pushing Zoro away by the chest. But unfortunately, the feeling of Zoro's heavily muscled chest moving against Sanji's fingers was doing all kinds of wonderful things to him. He felt himself growing hard again.

"Stop this…this is crazy…!" Sanji continued, through a husky and not very insistent voice.

Zoro merely growled and shoved their hips together harder. Sanji started to pull Zoro toward him involuntarily, gasping at the sensation. His hands went from Zoro's chest to his shoulders. The massive muscles in his arms, as they flexed with Zoro's movements, were giving Sanji very pleasant shivers.

Finished making his protests, Sanji grabbed Zoro's fly and undid it. He took out his own cock too and worked them together, even though he had only cum recently. Zoro had stopped moving, his breathing becoming slightly harsh and uneven. But true to his iron willpower, it was hardly apparent he was enjoying himself at all, until Sanji noticed the slightest blush at the top of his cheeks. He smirked.

"Want me to suck you off?" Sanji murmured, part of him disbelieving what he was saying.

Zoro growled. "You're a sick bastard."

"Oh? Who got hard just looking at this sick bastard?" Sanji quipped, smirking.

Zoro flushed and turned away. Clearly he was not as opposed to the idea as he claimed.

Sanji continued working their cocks as he said, "I'll do it, but you do mine first."

Zoro balked. "What?! I'm not doing that."

"Ok, janken for it."

Grumpily, Zoro complied. They played, and Sanji played paper. Zoro played rock.

Sanji grinned. "I go first."

Zoro snarled. He reluctantly got down on his knees, saying, "Your mouth had better be worth this."

"Stop chattering and you'll find out, asshole," Sanji said, though his heart was beating crazily in his chest. He couldn't remember the last time he'd been so excited.

Zoro made a face while he looked at Sanji's cock for a while, rubbing it hesitantly, preparing. "I don't even like the way women taste…" he muttered. "This is going to suck."

Sanji scoffed. "Oh yeah? You've sucked a woman before? That surprises me."

"I don't like to…and what are you implying? I've been with women before, all right?"

"Oh, I'm sure you have. I just never thought about it. Were they swordsmen too?"

Zoro glared up at him. "They were ordinary women."

"So it is 'they'?" Sanji inquired, enjoying himself even though he wanted Zoro to suck him off already. "Which would mean…two?"

Sanji expected Zoro to roll his eyes, but instead he flushed deeply and looked away. Sanji's heart pounded. Did this brutish man just do something that Sanji would consider cute?

"Sorry, Zoro," he said, pulling Zoro's mouth open. "Can't wait."

"Huh?" Zoro wondered. Then, "Mmmf!" Zoro protested and Sanji's penis slid down his throat.

Sanji panted there for a moment, and hesitantly looked down. Zoro's face was twisted in displeasure, but he was still blushing and apparently still hard, from what Sanji could see. He'd so rarely seen Zoro blush that it was really getting to him, and even that unpleasant expression. Sanji doubted he would be able to hold out for very long.

He began to move in and out of Zoro's mouth, assuming the man himself wasn't likely to do much. He tried to be careful not to make Zoro gag by putting it in too far, but it was really hard to control himself. He had been right about Zoro's tongue; whether on purpose or not it was strong, swift and powerful, moving passionately along his length and making it almost impossible for him to stop.

Sanji started moaning loudly. He buried his fingers and Zoro's soft, green hair, desperate to cum. He was fine for a few minutes, but what finally did him in was when Zoro's gaze flicked open, and with that extremely sexy expression he looked straight at Sanji.

"Ah!" Sanji cried, pushing Zoro away so he didn't cum in his throat. He yanked himself off until his cum flew onto the kitchen floor. He was going to hate cleaning that up.

Zoro observed this for a time. "Huh. I figured you'd cum in my mouth," he said, interestedly, then he stood.

Sanji raised an eyebrow. "Why? Did you want me to?"

"Don't be gross. Get on your knees already."

Sanji flushed. He'd always liked it when women took control. Did that go for men as well?

He knelt, stroking Zoro's cock for a moment. He glanced up. Zoro's face was even more flushed, but his expression was quiet and, or so it seemed, lustful. Sanji felt his cheeks growing red. Nevertheless, he stroked Zoro a few more times, and then hesitantly took him into his mouth.

The swordsman hissed, and grabbed onto Sanji's hair. Sanji felt pleasant shivers. He began swallowing the swordsman's penis as deep as he could, in spite of the weird taste. Although it was a weird taste, and the smell was too strong, they were both so very Zoro, and even doing this was turning Sanji on a bit.

He bobbed his head many times over Zoro's length, not knowing any fancy techniques as he did with women. But Zoro didn't seem to be complaining. Then, unbeknownst to himself, Sanji moaned a bit. At that moment, Zoro's knees became weak and he almost slipped to the floor. Without taking him out of his mouth, Sanji looked up at him, curiously. Zoro's eyes were shut tight, his cheeks red, his lips slightly parted. He still held onto Sanji by the hair. Sanji smirked to himself.

He continued bobbing his head for a time, then moaned again. Zoro's whole body flinched. While it was still inside his mouth, Sanji began flicking the tip of Zoro's cock with his tongue. The swordsman was still silent, but his body was convulsing. Then he pressed his tongue into the tip and moaned loudly.

"Ahh…!" Zoro finally let his voice out.

Sanji could not believe how much fun this was. So he started to stroke Zoro's balls with his hands. Zoro shivered. Sanji removed his cock briefly and pressed his thumb to the seam between head and shaft. Zoro was still silent but for gasping, but his occasional convulsing was plenty entertainment for Sanji. He flicked Zoro's cock with his tongue and licked the shaft several times. Zoro's gasps were getting more and more obvious.

Then Sanji brought him fully back into his mouth, all the way to the back of his throat. When it was as far inside as he could take without gagging, he moaned.

"Ah!" Zoro cried, his grip tightening on Sanji's hair. Sanji did this again several times, but in reality just the once would have been enough for Zoro. The last time he tried it, hot semen sprayed down his throat, and although he politely waited for Zoro to finish, he then had to bend over coughing cum out onto the floor.

"Are you all right?" Zoro asked, with more concern than he generally had for Sanji.

Sanji coughed for a moment and then swallowed. It tasted gross obviously, but spitting it out any more than he had to would have been rude. "Yeah, just wasn't expecting it. Or rather, do you have any self-control?"

Zoro blushed and gritted his teeth in anger. "That's because you-…!" he began, but he turned away and trailed off.

Sanji grinned. "Because I kicked your ass at giving head?"

Rage returned to Zoro's face. "What did you say, ero-cook?"

Sanji stood and wiped his mouth with his thumb. "I said I kicked your ass at oral. Why get so upset? It's a fact. I'd probably kick your ass at the real thing too, but unfortunately neither of us are girls, so we'll never know."

"You came like twice as fast as I did," Zoro growled.

"Not everything is about timing," Sanji said, shaking his head with a smile. "I still had the presence of mind to pull out first. You'll get a girl pregnant that way, you know."

"Are you stupid? You're not getting a girl pregnant any way, if that's what you're doing."

Sanji shook his head, tutting his disapproval. "Poor Zoro. Not enough practice, that's all it is. I'm sure you'll get it."

"Want to go, huh?" the swordsman growled, his expression apocalyptic.

"What was that?" Sanji snarled.

Zoro was uncharacteristically silent for a moment. Then he said, "Ok, tonight. Sucking contest. Whoever cums first loses."

Sanji grinned. "Fair enough. And the winner?"

"Gets to top for real."

Sanji blinked.

This elicited a smirk from Zoro. "What's that face for? Yeah, men can do it too. You must have missed that part of sex ed."

In his mind, Sanji was panicking and going "What?!", but out loud he said, "All right. Sounds good to me."

"Midnight," Zoro said, rapping him on the chest with the back of his hand as he left.

"Midnight," Sanji agreed. However on the inside he was saying, "Fuck it, now what?!"

His main reason for being so concerned was not because he thought Zoro was better at giving head than he was. That clearly wasn't the case. It was because he was pretty sure he was a lot more attracted to Zoro than Zoro was to him. It was Sanji who had approached him first, after all (well to be precise, this was after Zoro had molested him, but the swordsman obviously had no memory of that). Zoro was going to have a lot easier time turning him on.

Sanji had a brief thought that he might cheat a little. His idea was to drink a little bit of wine beforehand. Not a lot, just enough to dull his senses a little. However there were two flaws with this plan: 1) Zoro had a nose for sake and would immediately catch on, and 2) Sanji got even more horny when he drank. So that plan was short-lived.

And then he realized: this was a contest between him and the swordsman, just like any other. If he couldn't win with skill then he didn't want to win at all. He nodded to himself, and then started furiously cleaning the kitchen. The rest of his day was filled with thoughts of how to make the swordsman come first.

Midnight. Nami had watch that night, but Sanji offered to trade with her, which she gratefully accepted. So he and Zoro met in the crow's nest again. Sanji had never considered this before, but it was actually a great place to be naughty.

Zoro was already there when Sanji arrived. He lifted his head and then nodded in greeting.

"Yo," Sanji said, smirking as he climbed up. "You re-"

Zoro grabbed him by the torso and easily laid him down on the floor in a 69 formation.

"Wh-what's with you?" Sanji demanded.

Zoro unzipped his own pants and then Sanji's, putting his cock in Sanji's face to get him to suck it. "We have to do it this way," he said.


Zoro gave him an ironic expression. "Can you use a stopwatch while doing this?"

Sanji frowned. "No…"

"Then shut up." With that, he pulled Sanji's cock into his mouth.

Sanji flinched and bit down on his teeth to hold back the feeling sweeping over him. Not to be outdone, he brought Zoro's cock into his mouth as well. Fortunately, since there was no preamble and since Sanji couldn't see his face, he was not nearly so hyped up as he had been earlier.

He felt Zoro's cock hardening in his mouth. It was a satisfying feeling, but he knew he was just as hard. He pulled it deep inside and made a swallowing motion with his tongue. He felt Zoro shiver. He was about to try some new techniques on him, when Zoro's leg muscle shifted underneath his hand. Sanji started blushing.

Not neglecting what he was doing, he slowly felt Zoro's leg. It was incredible; not as powerful as his own, but much larger and more defined. These were the legs that were always planted in some swordsman stance or other, holding up Zoro's tight ass…

Sanji didn't realize that he had been groping Zoro for some time, nor that he was rapidly developing a leg fetish, until Zoro removed Sanji's cock from his mouth with a snarl.

"Hey!" he said. "This is a sucking contest. Not groping!"

Sanji glanced down at him, realizing he was right. But when he saw Zoro's face, he smirked; Zoro was panting and bright red. Sanji's touch apparently had an effect on him.

"My bad," Sanji said. "Don't get left behind, now," he said, taking Zoro back into his mouth again.

Zoro gritted his teeth but did the same.

Sanji tried his move from last time, but unfortunately it backfired. At the same time he was doing it, Zoro had Sanji deep inside his throat. So when Zoro's muffled cry came out, it reverberated down Sanji's cock.

Sanji gasped, nearly forgetting what he was doing. But he had to look. Zoro's face was tight with sensation, but he continued lustfully licking and sucking Sanji's cock. Fuck, Sanji thought. Deciding it was inevitable that he would lose, Sanji put all his efforts into making Zoro cum as fast as possible. He took him even deeper than he thought he could, causing his stomach to twist in a way that was at first unpleasant but he later came to like. He moaned into his length and moved his head vigorously.

All of this was causing Zoro to lose his concentration, however just before Zoro came he happened to grip Sanji's ass as he yanked Sanji's hips toward his face.

"Ahhh!" Sanji cried, with a mouth full of Zoro. He twitched, filling up Zoro's mouth with his cum.

Zoro gurgled and shuddered, cumming almost at the same time.

They both collapsed on the floor, coughing. They lay there panting for several minutes, and neither said a thing. Eventually, it was Sanji who spoke.

"Same time," he muttered.

"Yeah," Zoro agreed. "But you cheated."

Sanji half sat up to glare at him. "When did you lay down these rules exactly? Where was I?"

"You said, 'my bad'. You didn't disagree with the concept."

"Two things: yes I did say that, because I wasn't exactly in the mood to argue about it at the time, and yes I do agree with the concept in general-"

"Well there you go."

"I'm just saying I didn't get my copy of the rulebook of mouth-fucking. If I had known there was no groping from the start, I wouldn't have done it." Probably.

Zoro sighed. "Whatever. I'm sleepy."

"Aha. So I win, then?"

Zoro's eyes flicked open immediately. He rose to a sitting position. "If anything, I win, because I didn't cheat, and because I still came a second or so after you."

"I only came then because you-…!" Sanji began, but then he realized he was sounding just like Zoro had earlier in the day. He was silent for a while, but eventually he said. "Ok…what if we both top then?"

Zoro raised an incredulous eyebrow. "It doesn't really work like that. Do you get how sex works?"

"I mean one at a time," he growled. "I admit I was a little early, so you can go first. But I get to go after that. Deal?"

Although Zoro had seemed utterly drained up until that point, he blushed. He turned away, scratching his head. "Maybe."

"How about now?"

"I'm fucking tired! It's midnight and I just came."

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did something interrupt your eight hours of sleeping during the day?"

Zoro growled. "If you want to go now, I can go now."

"Fine then. Since you're topping you'd better make me feel good. This is, after all, to prove a point."

Zoro grinned. "Who's better."


"Challenge accepted, you fucking jerk."

Sanji smirked. They took off their clothes and awkwardly stared at each other for a while as they sat on the floor.

"This is weird," Zoro said.

Sanji smirked. "Is that the extent of your dirty talk?"

"Shut up. I don't usually talk."

Sanji blinked, although that shouldn't have been surprising. But he got a sudden image of what sex between Zoro and a woman would be like. He blushed. Somehow Zoro not talking, or not being able to talk, made it even sexier. What was wrong with him?!

Since Zoro was still looking to the side, embarrassed, Sanji sighed. So he approached Zoro, and placed his hand around the back of his neck. Zoro blinked up at him, unsure.

My body seems to be telling me that this guy is what I'm craving, Sanji thought.

"I just hope I'm right," he muttered.

Zoro frowned, and was going to ask what about, but Sanji stopped his lips with a kiss. Zoro's eyes widened. They'd only really kissed that first time (and apparently that time when he attacked Sanji), so it was still weird. Not bad, but weird.

Sanji snaked his tongue around inside Zoro's mouth, already starting to get turned on again. Then he pulled back and gasped.

"Wait a sec. Men don't get wet, do they?"

Zoro made a face. "You mean…"

Sanji nodded.

Silence fell between them for a moment. Then Sanji said, "Ok, wait here." He stood up and jumped into his pants.

"Hey!" Zoro said. "Are you chickening out?"

Sanji rolled his eyes. "Keep my shirt as security." Then he ducked down and disappeared down the ladder.

Zoro felt very awkward, sitting alone in the crow's nest, naked and half-hard already. He also wasn't positive that Sanji was coming back. This might be some kind of prank of his. How long was he supposed to wait?

But he didn't have to wait long. A few minutes later, Sanji returned with a bottle in his right hand. He passed it to Zoro.

"What's this?"

Sanji looked a bit embarrassed and then said, "Olive oil. I don't know if it'll work but it's the only thing I could think of that's vaguely lube-like. I didn't want to waste food though, so that's the cheap stuff."

"I'm surprised you even buy cheap stuff."

"Only for you animals. I'd never feed it to Nami-san or Robin-chan," Sanji said, smirking in a self-satisfied way.

Zoro knocked him lightly on the head with the bottle.


"This is the worst possible time for you to start getting amorous," Zoro growled. "That's the part of you I find least likeable."

Sanji picked up on this with another smirk. "So there's a part of me you find most likeable then?"

"Logically, yes. I can't think of one though."

Sanji scowled. "You really have no romantic sense whatsoever."

"Deal with it."

Saying this, Zoro shoved Sanji onto his back and pinned him there by the shoulder. He hesitated for a moment, his brows furrowed. Then he kissed Sanji again. Sanji blinked, but then began to melt into the kiss, forgetting his annoyance as memories of Zoro's weird attractiveness started coming back to him. He breathed in the smell of Zoro's skin, musky and heady. He lifted his hand to touch Zoro's muscular chest. He felt a flush rise to his face.

Zoro ground his hips against Sanji's. Sanji gasped through his teeth. Zoro had done this before, and it was already sexy over their clothes. But now Sanji could feel Zoro's heat against his skin, and Zoro's cock brushing against his own. He didn't realize his legs parted so that Zoro lay in the valley between them. But Zoro did.

Zoro put his weight on his knees briefly as his hands moved down to Sanji's hips. Sanji's eyes lidded, liking that feeling. Then Zoro roughly lifted his hips and grabbed Sanji's ass, without breaking the kiss. Sanji yelped, but Zoro merely continued, squeezing and releasing the tight skin of Sanji's ass as he ground his hips to him even harder. Sanji tried not to let it show how good that felt.

Now Zoro broke the kiss in order to lick a long trail up Sanji's neck. Sanji shuddered, letting free a small moan. Zoro's gaze flicked up at that. He kissed and then sucked on Sanji's neck. Sanji grasped Zoro's muscular bicep, trying to hold back his voice. Then Zoro licked his ear.

"Ah!" Sanji cried, immediately biting his lip to hold back more sounds.

Zoro watched him. Then he licked Sanji's ear again, and this time put his tongue inside it. Sanji was trembling and gripping both of Zoro's biceps. Then Zoro's hand stroked his manhood again and Sanji finally let out another shout.

Zoro put his other hand over Sanji's mouth. "If you're that loud, someone might hear," he said, although there was a trace of mischief in his voice.

Sanji narrowed his eyes, wanting to retort, but Zoro kept his hand where it was. Zoro began kissing Sanji's chest, still without moving his hand from Sanji's mouth. Reasoning that the sensations were roughly the same between men and women, he flicked Sanji's nipple with his tongue.

He was rewarded with a twitch that ran down Sanji's whole body, and a moan against his hand. Next, he bit the nipple lightly. He swirled his tongue around it for a while and then sucked hard on it. Sanji was writhing under his touch, which was very gratifying. Zoro was confident now that he would win.

Zoro ran his hand up and down Sanji's smooth, narrow chest, remarking that his skin here was even paler than his face. In general, Zoro tended to prefer Japanese women, with dark hair and ivory skin. Sanji was blond, and his skin was more milky than ivory, but Zoro liked the shape of his body. His skin tasted sweet and subtle, not very different from a woman's skin.

Zoro's hands were causing Sanji to convulse slightly, and Sanji's hands continued to grip onto different parts of Zoro's body, as if the sensations were driving him to desperation. Zoro's hand continued to catch all the stray moans that fell from his lips. Also, Zoro really liked it when Sanji moaned, especially when he could feel the vibrations on his skin. He would never admit this, but he'd thought long before that the cook had a sexy voice.

But now he was ready to get down to business. He considered for a moment. As much as he wanted to hear Sanji's moans, the fact that someone might hear them was still true. He also, as much as he wanted to, couldn't keep his hand over Sanji's mouth the entire time. Instead, he briefly stopped what he was doing to rummage around in their discarded clothing.

"What…?" Sanji murmured, now meek as a kitten and driving Zoro crazy with his sexy expression.

"Hang on," Zoro grumbled, annoyed with himself for not thinking of this earlier.

He returned with his bandana in one hand. He snapped it taught with a wolfish grin. Sanji suddenly looked nervous. "What's that for?"

Zoro answered him by deftly tying it around his mouth. Sanji moaned, hesitantly. Zoro's cock throbbed. Then, he had another idea, and rummaged around in their clothing again, this time returning with Sanji's tie.

"Mm?" Sanji murmured.

Zoro smirked and then easily tied Sanjis hands together. Then he grew more serious, and pressed them over his head to kiss him over the gag. Sanji moaned again, growing more and more a slave to pleasure. Zoro swallowed. He had to calm down.

To reduce the sensory overload he was experiencing, he grabbed Sanji by the waist and flipped him over so that he was on all fours, though his hands were still tied in front of him. Sanji looked back at him with a soft moan and a concerned expression. Zoro stroked his thighs and ass, enjoying their tightness. Sanji trembled, his back arching. Then Zoro paused. He had a really stupid idea.

Perhaps thinking he could stick his cock inside removed some of the disgust factor, because he really didn't think about it much as he suddenly licked Sanji's asshole.

"Mmmm!" Sanji cried, losing control and falling onto his elbows.

Zoro flushed, pleased with this reaction. He squeezed Sanji's ass, parting it further so he could continue to lick him. Zoro was glad he'd gagged him, because Sanji's voice was incredible, and loud. And perhaps because he'd never been stimulated here, he seemed to be overcome with sensation.

Zoro could see that Sanji was painfully hard. But he did not touch his dick yet. He had other ideas. At this, he slipped his tongue inside Sanji's tight hole.

"Mmhmm!" Sanji moaned, his whole body twitching.

Zoro glanced down briefly, and could see precum leaking from Sanji's tip. He blushed. He really was enjoying this that much?

Zoro resumed the attack on Sanji's asshole, while at the same time massaging his own cock. Finally he relented, and decided he'd teased him – and himself – enough. He took up the olive oil, and dripped it erotically down Sanji's crack. Sanji flinched with a light moan, gazing back lustily at Zoro.

Zoro massaged it around, softening the area outside Sanji's hole. He also could not help but watch the trails of oil that dripped from Sanji's balls, and later from down his cock. Slowly, he inserted one finger inside him.

Sanji's fingers dug into the wood of the floor. Zoro could tell he was still enjoying himself, but there must have been a bit of pain. After a moment though, he let loose a sweet sigh. Zoro continued to loosen him up for a moment, met every now and then by a soft moan, and then he felt something hard on the inside of Sanji's stomach. He pressed it.

"Mmm!" Sanji cried, shuddering and gasping.

More precum dripped from his cock. Zoro's eyes widened. He pressed the area again, producing another massive reaction. Now Sanji whirled back around to shake his head desperately.

"Mm hmm…" he moaned. Most likely 'no more'.

Zoro smirked. "Close to cumming?"

Sanji visibly bit back his pride, closed his eyes and hid his face behind his upper arm. Then he nodded.

Zoro grinned. "Fair enough. It is a bit too soon."

Instead of teasing that area any more, he inserted a second finger. Sanji grunted, apparently feeling a bit of pain again. But it took less time than before to get back his sweet moans and gasps. Zoro was really having to hold back. Despite the fact that this was a man, and one he really didn't get along with, he'd never imagined he could be so sexy. The tightness and twitching movements inside of his body made it really difficult for Zoro to hold back from ramming his cock deep inside him. But Sanji's sweet expressions and sighs also made him want to be gentle.

More importantly, if he hurt Sanji that would undoubtedly mean he lost the competition.

So he breathed deeply to hold back his desire, and concentrated on loosening Sanji's hole. Eventually, he added a third finger. Sanji clenched his hands for a moment. Then he began panting. Zoro couldn't tell if this was good or not, so he ran a finger along Sanji's erection.

"Mmm!" Sanji cried, throwing his head back.

He was definitely still hard. More importantly, in addition to the twitching inside of him, his hips had begun to tremble and gently thrust back to meet Zoro's fingers. He swallowed hard.

Finally, he couldn't wait anymore. He drove his fingers in deeply several more times, flexing them and brushing that spot that made Sanji go crazy. Sanji was writhing beneath his touch, his moans driving Zoro even harder. So Zoro removed his fingers, eliciting a momentary sigh from Sanji, and lined up outside his entrance. Slowly, he inserted his cock inside his crewmember.

"Mm…" Sanji grunted, clenching his fists.

Well, yeah, Zoro realized. If fingers hurt him, this was bound to. But since it hadn't taken Sanji long to get used to the fingers, he assumed he would get used to this to. More importantly, Sanji was so tight. He had to hold back from cumming right away, breathing deeply and harnessing control over his body.

Zoro realized that more lubrication might make it easier for Sanji. Not to mention, when Sanji was this tight it was actually hurting Zoro a bit too. He took up the olive oil and poured it over his dick and Sanji's hole at the same time. Both men sighed; it was a weird but delicious feeling. Zoro started getting some ideas about food play he could try with the cook later.

Slowly, he started to move inside him. Sanji moaned a bit, and Zoro couldn't tell if it was good or bad. Then his back arched with a sigh, and Sanji started to react to his thrusts. Zoro smirked. He knew he couldn't let loose yet, but that was a good sign.

He massaged Sanji's ass, causing the other man to twitch and moan. Sanji's ass was so tight, no doubt because of all that kicking. His legs were long and lean and very attractive, although Zoro wasn't a huge fan of the hairiness. Zoro ran his hands along Sanji's back and ribs. Sanji was moaning louder now, his hole squeezing and relaxing around Zoro. Zoro reached around to touch his chest, and found that his nipples were very hard. Another good sign.

Zoro sighed pleasantly, moving slowly in him. He longed to hear Sanji's uninterrupted moans, and stick his fingers inside his mouth as he fucked him. Instead, he gripped the back of Sanji's neck with one hand, and his hips with the other. Then he thrust deeply inside him.

"Mmhmm!" Sanji moaned.

Zoro thrust hard again. Sanji's whole body shuddered, his hands digging into the wood floor again. Zoro could tell that there was pleasure mixed in the pain. He gathered that meant he could keep going.

So he gradually picked up the pace, until he was at a level that was good for him too. Sanji's body was starting to relax, letting Zoro in deeper. He felt himself growl a bit at the sensation. He started giving it to Sanji harder. Sanji's moans were growing louder. It was getting harder and harder to hold back from cumming, but no matter what he wanted to make Sanji come first.

"Mm…mmhmm!" Sanji moaned, and Zoro was sure he was saying his name.

Zoro gritted his teeth. He slammed his length into Sanji over and over, more and more a slave to the hot tightness inside of Sanji. Finally, he felt himself getting close and grabbed Sanji's dick in desperation.

Sanji moaned loudly, falling from his elbows onto his chest, panting and writhing under Zoro's touch. With his hands tied in front of him, his head turned slightly so Zoro could just see his expression, he was unbelievably sexy. It should be criminal, Zoro thought briefly.

Sanji shuddered, his whole body tensing up. His sphincter closed around Zoro, causing him to gasp. Then Zoro's hand was wet with cum. Sanji twitched over and over, his hole giving Zoro incredible sensations. Then Zoro couldn't hold back any more. He plowed into Sanji, drawing desperate cries from him, until a massive orgasm hit him and he poured his cum into Sanji's belly. He shuddered, relishing the sensation of cumming inside that tight warmth.

They both panted for a long time, completely unable to move. Finally, Zoro planted both hands on the floor on either side of Sanji, and slowly slid out of him. Cum dripped out slowly behind him, and he swallowed. Sanji collapsed onto the floor, breathing hard. Zoro sat down opposite him, leaning against the bench. Like always, after he came, he was completely exhausted, and nearly fell asleep then and there.

But he happened to glance up. There, he was just able to see as Sanji lay on his side, a trail of cum dripping out his ass, as it still twitched and flexed so he could almost see inside. That was enough to wake him up.

Eventually, Sanji brought his hands up to his face. He managed to pull the gag off, then breathed heavily for a moment. Next, he used his teeth to untie his hands. Even this was sexy, Zoro thought.

"Shit," Sanji said, very unromantically.

Zoro snorted, smiling. And Sanji had the nerve to say he had no sense of romance. "That good, huh?"

Sanji's eyes flew open. He frowned, clearly not wanting to be honest. "If you like that sort of thing," he mumbled. "But," he sat up a little on his elbows, "I still have a thing or two to show you." Then he started to wither and lay back down on the floor, still breathing hard. "Um…tomorrow…" he relented.

Zoro chuckled. "If you can still move your hips by then."

Sanji glared at him. "If I can't, then it's your fault and you get sub-par marks from me."

"What? It's normal after anal sex! Don't blame me."

"We'll just see."

Zoro was actually really enjoying this time with Sanji, but he was starting to feel conflicted. Zoro had never been the type who could easily separate sex and love. For that reason, he hadn't had very many partners. The only reason he agreed to do it with Sanji was because he assumed he wouldn't have that problem, since he was not only straight, but always at odds with Sanji. The premise of sex as a competition also helped.

But he was started to feel that familiar warmth in his heart. He hated it, because when he did, he wanted it to last forever. It never did, of course. So he avoided relationships altogether. He didn't want to lose this feeling. But more importantly, he didn't want to have it in the first place. He resolved to let Sanji do him, and then that would be the end of it. He couldn't afford to fall any deeper than he already had.