Please excuse this brief digression from the main story. I really want to write more Sanji/Zoro, but as we know, the manga is on-going and I've already gone up to the second to the last story arc. I'm trying to think of something they could do on Punk Hazard (something about Sanji being inside Nami's body maybe, I'd like to do that), but until things settle down in the main plot it's sort of hard to fit a romance in there. Anyway, here's a small pwp about what Dracule Mihawk dreams about.


Extra 4 – When The Hawk Dreams

About a year after starting work with Takanome, Zoro decided he needed some new clothes. Takanome had lent him a set when he first arrived, and Zoro had just been alternately washing those and his old clothes. However, judging from the places on them that were literally falling apart, he decided it was time to have some care about his appearance.

Of course, Perona had been telling him much the same thing. For months. To be precise, she started about a week after he arrived.

"You stupid kenshi," Perona complained as Zoro expressed his desire for clothes at last. "Who raised you? Wolves? I really wouldn't be that surprised." She idly floated as if sitting in a chair, with her ankles and arms crossed before her.

Zoro sighed. He never did get the rhythm of conversations with her. Not that he cared. To Zoro, she was little more than a vaguely annoying talking parrot, often hovering around his head somewhere. He did not get along well with her type, plus he still had some lingering annoyance after she'd used her negative hollows on him so many times.

"I guess I'll have to ask Takanome," Zoro murmured, tapping Shuusui's dull side against his shoulder. He was sitting on a rock a few kilometers away from the castle after finishing his training, and now looked back at it. His expression grew grim. "I still haven't paid him back for the ones he already lent me."

Perona raised an eyebrow at him. "Don't tell me that's the reason you haven't asked until now."

Zoro ground his teeth, but did not reply.

"Ugh!" Perona threw up her arms in exasperation. "That honor of yours is just useless! What good has it done you here? Plus, here's one for you, do you think that gloomy bastard wants a student who looks like a hobo?"

That stopped Zoro for a moment, and he considered it.

"Have you seen the way he dresses? Ok, yes, he does look like a vampire, but all that means is that he wears slightly outdated clothing, has impeccable neatness and taste, and also a bit of coolness. I say that speaking objectively, of course, he's really not my type." She turned over so she was laying on her stomach in the air, idly kicking her back feet.

Zoro mulled it over. "I guess…" He sighed. "Well. Can't hurt to ask, anyway."

"There we are. Back we go, follow me now-DON'T GO THAT WAY MORON! HOW HARD CAN IT BE?!"

Eventually, they arrived at the castle. Zoro went inside to find Mihawk in his sitting room, where he usually was of an evening. Mihawk did not look up as he entered.

"How was your training today?" he asked, before taking a sip of brandy.

Zoro rubbed the back of his neck, making a face. "I didn't feel much improvement today. I'm going to try and increase the difficulty somehow tomorrow."

Mihawk's gaze flicked up to him briefly. "I see," he said, and then turned his gaze back to the newspaper he was reading.

"So…Takanome…" Zoro mumbled. Mihawk looked up again. "I'm sorry to ask, but-"

"He needs new clothes," Perona interrupted, floating into the room via the wall. "Badly," she added, and then roughly indicated all of Zoro.

Mihawk briefly appraised Zoro. His eyes were particularly drawn by a rather horrendous hole in the thigh of Zoro's pant leg. In fact they stayed there for a while. "I understand," he said at length, then he rose, folding and setting aside his newspaper. "Though a swordsman is a swordsman regardless of his attire, keeping oneself clean and respectable is another way of demonstrating one's honor." He looked Zoro up and down again. "To judge by your attire, your honor has gone begging, Roronoa."

Zoro merely sighed. "I would much appreciate some new clothes," Zoro said, dutifully.

Mihawk nodded. "Come with me. Perhaps I have some more things that will fit you. If not, I'll send for my tailor in the morning."

Perona floated around above them as they walked up the massive staircase. "Really? You have more clothes that will fit this gorilla?"

Zoro whirled to look at her with his teeth bared. "Just come down here, you little…" he grumbled, almost unintelligibly.

Mihawk ignored their arguing and led Zoro into his room. He stopped in the doorway as Perona was about to come in. "Young lady," he said, politely. "I have not invited you into my quarters. Until I have, please wait outside."

Perona looked like she might make a scene for a moment, and glanced at Zoro. Though Zoro was too dim to notice, her cheeks grew slightly pink. "Don't need to ask me twice," she murmured, turning her back. "Not like I want to see his naked bum or anything."

Zoro twitched a bit at that, not sure how to respond, but then Mihawk closed the door. He appraised Zoro again. "Get undressed and take a bath first. Whether or not you get them dirty after I give them to you is your business. I want them clean for now at least. Especially if they don't fit you."

Zoro could hardly argue. It bit his pride already to have to ask for clothes when he hadn't returned or repaid the cost of the previous ones. He brazenly stripped in the middle of the room, then crossed to the bathroom on the far side of the bed. He did not notice Mihawk's somewhat stunned gaze as he crossed the room. Nor was he aware of the fact that it lingered especially on his heavily muscled posterior.

He returned in a cloud of steam with a towel around his waist. He fingered his hair a bit. It was getting long again. He didn't hate it, though. Mihawk was standing at his closet, though he had already laid out three or four outfits on the bed.

"Just pick some and try them on," he said, over his shoulder.

Zoro nodded and approached the bed. Most of it was stuff he'd never normally wear, but he figured beggars couldn't be choosers. He grabbed the nearest ones and tried them on. They were a bit tight, but not too bad. He was having some difficulty with the belt though.

Mihawk glanced back at him. He rolled his eyes. Then he walked over and moved Zoro's hands out of the way to fasten the belt. He patted it once when he had finished, and then met Zoro's eyes briefly. At that moment, partly due to his proximity, a feeling like a jolt of electricity went down Zoro's spine. Takanome truly was well-named. His rich, amber eyes stared deeply into Zoro's, with a predatory expression that struck both fear and excitement into Zoro's chest.

Then, there was also a fact that Zoro rarely noticed. He was strikingly handsome. Additionally, Takanome was at least six inches taller than Zoro, and his muscular chest was, as usual, partly bare and right in front of his eyes. Zoro swallowed. Abruptly, Mihawk broke away and Zoro shook himself. What was he thinking? Sanji was still waiting for him…he hoped. Zoro was a man of honor, he did not cheat.

"I think the chest is too tight on that one," Mihawk commented, nonchalantly looking through his closet again. "It's too long as well, but then again I think pants are a bigger concern for that. Having a shirt a bit long won't hurt anything."

"Nn," Zoro grunted, and stripped down again. Though now, strangely, he felt a shiver of excitement as he did so. His heart rate started to rise. He ignored it, and put on the next set.

Once he finished, Mihawk turned to look at him. He looked him up and down, then he approached. He stretched the fabric across Zoro's chest briefly. Then he checked the length of the sleeves. Next he bent down to examine the hems of the trousers. Zoro felt himself shiver. He knew he was breathing harder. He had to calm down. What was he thinking?

Mihawk folded up the trouser hem. "Hm," he muttered. "I could hem them myself, temporarily, but I doubt you want to display my ineptitude at tailoring on your person. The shirt seems fine though."

Mihawk rose and went back to the closet. Zoro let out a heavy breath. He got undressed more slowly this time, glancing back at Takanome now and then. This time, just as he was buttoning the pants, and before he had any kind of shirt on, Takanome turned around and folded his arms to watch him. Zoro blushed for a moment, and then he realized they were both men. Seeing each other naked was no big deal (as, in fact, Zoro had thought only minutes ago). He put his shirt on and buttoned it.

Mihawk approached more slowly this time. Zoro's heart was pounding. Mihawk's gaze seemed to burn into him, sending heat and excitement wherever it touched him. The heat Zoro was feeling started to melt away some of his reason and self-control. Even as he was thinking this, he felt Mihawk's fingers lightly touching the back of his neck. Zoro shuddered and let out a small, quick breath.

"I'm not sure this collar suits you very well," Mihawk said, in a much softer, but still predatory voice.

"I don't really care how I look," Zoro murmured, denying the pounding in his heart.

"I do," replied the older man.

Then the precise touch of his fingertips extended down Zoro's back. Zoro couldn't help it, he was breathing harder now. "You have a narrow waist, compared to the broadness of your shoulders," Mihawk commented, and his hand lightly brushed Zoro's side, just below his rib cage. "Your body is more triangular than mine. I'd almost say I'm jealous, but perhaps that's a silly thing for a swordsman to say."

"Um…" was all Zoro could think to say in reply.

"How does the chest feel for this one?" Mihawk asked him in his low, coarse voice.

Zoro honestly wasn't thinking about it. "Uh…" he managed.

Mihawk's fingers now moved around to the front of him and lightly touched just below Zoro's collarbone. He could feel his cheeks growing hot, and wasn't sure what he might say if Mihawk didn't intend for this reaction. Luckily for Zoro, though, it seemed that was precisely Mihawk's intention. On the pretense of examining the fit, Mihawk's practiced fingers spread out briefly over Zoro's chest. Then, ignoring the fact that no sartorial information could possibly be gleaned this way, they traveled down and brushed Zoro's left nipple.

"Ngh," Zoro grunted, barely managing to bite the inside of his lip so he didn't make any loud noise.

"On second thought, this shirt seems to be doing well for you," Mihawk commented. Now he used both hands to stroke Zoro's chest. Zoro was panting, barely controlling his voice. He'd never known that just light touching like this could be so erotic. "Hm?" Mihawk murmured and glanced down.

A flush shot to Zoro's cheeks. He cringed, only just realizing himself what Mihawk had noticed.

"Hmm," the other man said again, his intense gaze fixed on the front of Zoro's pants. "These pants seem a bit tight though. I didn't notice it before." He knelt down, causing Zoro's breath to quicken again. "Interesting." He placed either hand on Zoro's thighs, then stroked them up and down briefly, sending warm shivers up Zoro's spine. "This area seems to fit all right," he murmured. His hands traveled around and grabbed Zoro's ass. Zoro threw his head back and cried out. "Here too, a perfect fit. Strange."

He tightened the waistline, pulling Zoro's cock painfully between the fabric and his own stomach. He let it go, then placed both hands on the fabric over Zoro's cock. Zoro had to fight making lewd noises. Takanome squeezed and stroked Zoro's cock over his pants. Zoro was dying for him to take them off and touch him directly. But suddenly the hawk's touch left him.

He looked down curiously Mihawk had on a thoughtful expression, one hand holding up his chin, and was gazing intently at Zoro's package. Even this was making Zoro hot, he realized. "This tightness is baffling," Mihawk commented. "I wonder if there's anything I can to do appease it."

So saying, he unbuttoned Zoro's pants. Zoro shivered with a soft noise. Mihawk pulled down his pants and underwear to the floor, and then spent another few moment staring at him. Zoro blushed heavily, turning his gaze away in embarrassment. But more embarrassing things than that were to follow.

Though Zoro expected (or rather hoped) that he might feel Mihawk's mouth on his cock next, instead he was met with a different sensation entirely. Since he was looking away he didn't notice Takanome moistening two of his fingers in his mouth. The next thing he knew, he jumped as he felt a moist finger exploring his asshole. He whimpered a little and without thinking grabbed onto Takanome's shoulders, unable to support himself alone.

Takanome's dexterous finger performed small circles over Zoro's hole, causing his muscles to loosen without his realizing. Though Zoro's cock was twitching in front of Mihawk's face and begging for attention, Mihawk's free hand roamed upward, and began teasing Zoro's right nipple. Zoro twitched and moaned.

"O-oi…Takanome…" he managed.


"Wh-...what are you…doing?"

Takanome's ruthless eyes flicked up to him, and Zoro hesitantly met his gaze. "Didn't I say? I'm just seeing if I can make these pants fit better."


Takanome's eyes narrowed. "Hm? Oh. Yes. I gather you had some liaison with the cook on your ship."

Zoro drew a sharp breath. "How…could you possibly know-…?!"

"I didn't, until just now." Zoro cursed. He covered his eyes with the back of his hand and gritted his teeth in shame. Takanome observed this. "It was just a hunch. To be honest, I always thought a body like yours was wasted on someone as austere as you." His fingers continued stroking the outside of Zoro's hole. "But if you had that lascivious cook playing with you here…I suppose I may have misjudged you."

"You-…" Zoro growled in sudden anger.

Then Takanome inserted his finger. Zoro cried out, his knees growing weak again. "That's fine if you resent me. I'm going to have my fun, and I guarantee so will you." Saying this, he stuck his tongue into Zoro's urethra. Zoro moaned loudly, his hips shaking.

"You…twisted…son of a…"

Mihawk took Zoro's whole cock into his mouth. Zoro's whole body shook as he bit back a cry. Much as he wanted to, he could not deny how turned on he was to think he was being taken advantage of by his rival and sword master. He drew in quick breaths and tried to repress the heat surging inside of him.

Unfortunately, Takanome had other ideas. He began fucking Zoro with his finger, and swallowing his cock in the same rhythm. After over a year without sex, it was almost too much for Zoro to take. His fingers gripped the white shirt over Mihawk's shoulders, and his knees trembled. Then, briefly, Mihawk's touch left him.

Suddenly, Mihawk shoved him forward, forcing him to step out of his pants and underwear. "Wh-…" Zoro was about to ask.

Mihawk grabbed his cock from behind and ordered, "Hands against the wall."

Zoro bit his lip, his pride stinging. But Mihawk's touch was weakening his resolve. Hesitantly, he put his hands against the stone wall. That instant, he felt a tongue thrust inside his ass. He threw back his head with a moan. Mihawk had a long tongue. It was hot and moist, and it felt so good Zoro nearly fainted. His cock started weeping precum, and twitching with every flick of Mihawk's tongue.

His tongue was replaced by fingers again. Then Takanome murmured, "Hm. It'll be a bit rough like this." He removed his fingers and gracefully came to his feet. Then, with a soft breath against Zoro's ear he whispered slowly, "Don't move."

Zoro shivered, but in spite of himself he felt a willingness to obey. He gritted his teeth again, swallowing his pride. He was still rock hard and his ass was twitching, begging for further stimulation. Mihawk returned, and suddenly Zoro felt smooth wetness over his asshole. He shivered at the coldness.

"What is…that…?" he murmured, still fighting his body's surges of heat.

"A certain kind of lotion I sometimes use with my partners on such illicit occasions," Mihawk answered simply. "I think you'll enjoy it. Especially…" he swirled his finger around the outside of Zoro's hole again. "…once your body heat starts to warm it up. Here."

Takanome thrust his middle finger deep inside of Zoro's ass in one motion. Zoro arched his back, letting out a moan. He couldn't help savoring the sensations of Mihawk's finger flexing inside of him, searching for his prostate. Zoro's breathing grew heavier. His cheeks felt hot. His cock was twitching. More importantly, his ass felt like it was melting.

"Oh-…Ohhh…!" Zoro cried, collapsing against the wall. "Wha-…ah…" he tried to speak but was a little too suffused in sensation to come up with anything meaningful to say.

"You want to know what it is?" asked Takanome off-handedly. "Sure. It's a kind of lube, that much is true. However former partners of mine have also told me of its extraordinary properties. For example, its ability to steal sensible thoughts away from you." Zoro shivered and moaned. "Its ability to soften your resistance, body and mind." Zoro moaned, unknowingly moving his hips against Takanome's fingers. "Most importantly, its ability to gouge out all your misgivings and replace them with mind-bending pleasure."

Zoro filled the room with cries and twitched violently as his cock emptied its load onto the stone wall before him. He panted heavily. He trembled and twitched, losing the strength in his legs, but Takanome held him up by his waist. "Not so fast, Roronoa. We're only just getting started."

"Nn…huh?" Zoro mumbled, struggling to maintain his balance.

Then, he felt something huge stretching out his entrance. His breath caught, and he was unable to make any sound for quite some time. It pushed and pushed inside him, and he felt his stomach bulging to accommodate it. Zoro's eyes were wide, disbelieving. It wasn't possible. He couldn't possibly be this big. He wasn't human.

He could feel Takanome smirking behind him. "I purposefully chose a position where you couldn't see mine beforehand. If you had, you might have fought me a bit more."

No shit! Zoro cried in his mind, but was still unable to form words.

"Mm…having said that, you're taking me very well, Roronoa. I was right to think you had potential. Now I'll return the favor." Takanome slowly dragged out of him, giving Zoro an uncanny sensation that his insides were being dragged out. Then all at once, he thrust into him again.

Zoro gritted his teeth and finally let out a cry, a mix of sweet pain and horrible pleasure. He breathed hard, trying to restore his sanity.

"Don't fight it," Mihawk chided. "Your body knows what to do. Trust it."

Zoro was trembling, having a hard time taking these words to heart, but as he tried to relax, he felt the pain lessen, and then almost vanish. He blinked with wide eyes. Now all that remained, as Mihawk's massive cock massaged his insides, was terrible pleasure. Zoro doubted he could retain his consciousness, let alone his sanity, for very long. Even as he thought so, he threw back his head, and dilute, clear cum sprayed the wall in front of him again.

"Oh," Mihawk commented. "You are taking me well indeed. I gather it's also your first time cumming so close in succession. Let's see if we can't break that record."

Mihawk thrust hard inside him. Zoro practically screamed. It felt so good it was frightening. He wasn't sure if he wanted Takanome to stop, so he could regain his sanity, or whether he wanted him to pound that massive cock inside him until Zoro lost himself completely. Though it seemed like he didn't have much of a choice.

Takanome shoved himself deep into Zoro over and over. Gradually, Zoro's cries went from panicked to lustful. Takanome grinned. Then, he decided it was time to finish round one.

Takanome pounded Zoro mercilessly, and as Zoro's pleasure was mounting yet again, he finally let go, and let loose a massive amount of cum into Zoro's belly. Zoro's eyes rolled back. He felt the bulge in his stomach. The pressure increased against his prostate, and his whole body convulsed as he came yet again, almost silently this time.

Takanome smirked and pulled Zoro toward him by the neck, so he could whisper in his ear. He could see Zoro's eyes were blank with lust. "You've done very well, my student," he whispered to him. "You've cleared round one."

Zoro twitched briefly. Then he felt the massive cock sliding out of him and moaned at the sensation. As soon as it was free, cum dripped down Zoro's legs, causing him to shiver. His hole twitched, unbelievably still wanting more.

To Zoro's shock, Takanome easily picked him up under one arm, and carried him to the bed. He tossed Zoro down on his back, and the swordsman stared blankly up at the canopy above the bed. Takanome knelt above him. Then Zoro again felt cold wetness in his hole. But this time he was stretched out, so Takanome was able to get the aphrodisiac lotion much deeper inside him.

"N-…" Zoro weakly protested. "Uh…nn…"

Takanome briefly broke his sadistic character to kiss Zoro on the forehead. Then he said gently, "It won't hurt you, I promise. All I'm interested in is making you lose your mind to pleasure for an evening."

If he could speak, Zoro would have made a comment about how little Takanome would have to do at this point to achieve that goal. But at that moment, his concentration was taken up again by the thrill of his sword master wanting to fuck him silly. He moaned helplessly, and in the next moment was once again shafted by his master's cock.

"Nngh!" Zoro cried, since now the pressure on his prostate was even greater. He happened to look down and see the soft bulge in his stomach from Takanome's turgid cock. With a trembling hand, he reached down and touched it in disbelief.

Takanome smirked. "You see why great swordsmen make the best partners for me? They don't break even when I do this." He slammed his cock into Zoro again.

"Aaah!" Zoro cried, throwing his head back.

"What is it?" asked a smirking Takanome. "The look on your face says you want more. Is that true?"

Zoro trembled. He hesitantly looked down at the place where their bodies connected. He breathed heavily, but eventually, he managed a small nod. Takanome grinned. He grabbed Zoro by his thighs and deepened the angle even further, causing Zoro to gasp. He pounded into him over and over, and gradually Zoro's voice returned to him.

"G-…good…" came out in a breathy moan. "Feels…so…good…!"

"I'm sure it does. Now hold on, we're almost at the end of round two."

Zoro shivered, now moaning nonstop, and almost lost his mind as Takanome increased his speed and plowed into Zoro as if trying to break him. Finally, he nearly did, as once again Mihawk gave several more thrusts and then poured his cum deep inside of Zoro. Zoro was totally lost now. His body trembled, and he started to cum. Started, because he kept cumming for a full minute and a half, unable to stop. Even before he had, his consciousness had slipped away. He lay, completely drained, twitching on the bed with a small bulge in his gut which was still full of his sword master's cum.

Without his knowledge, Takanome grinned wolfishly. "Don't think passing out can get you out of this, Roronoa. You've riled me up. And whether conscious or not, I'll have you take responsibility."

So saying, without pulling out to relieve the pressure inside of Zoro, he started to pound into the unconscious swordsman again. He was having a great time doing this, until…

Dracule gasped awake, covered in sweat. He glanced bitterly down at his crotch. He let out a huge sigh of annoyance and propped his head up on his hand briefly, knowing he would not be able to sleep again after that.

"Damn him. I'll be grateful when that damned tease is off my island and out of my sight." He sighed again. "Well, I guess I'll go out and kill something." He donned his dressing gown, slung his sword over his back and stomped off into the night.

Totally unaware of the danger he was in nearly every day, Zoro slept peacefully in another part of the castle. Unsurprisingly, his dreams most often involved a certain good-for-nothing cook. And he was content to keep it that way