A/N: Okay so please go on easy on me this is the first fanfic I've written in years so I'm a little rusty. Anyways I hope you enjoy it!

"Milady the car has arrived."

The Dowager Countess, Lady Violet, raised out of her seat and said, "Thank you Mosley."

Mosley nodded his head and gave her a small bow before getting back to work.

Violet listen to the sound of the tip of her cane tapping the hard wood floors as her dress made a swooshing sound while she crossed the room and went through the hall. She could see part of the car as she walked through the door.

Violet raised an eyebrow at the sight of the poor parking job but made no comment. After all Branson was a good driver, she was sure there was a perfectly good reason why Branson would decide today to park in such a poor manner.

She was right; there was a perfectly good reason. Branson was not sitting in the driver's seat. Edith was.

"Edith dear, what are you doing?"

Edith smiled widely, "What does it look like? I've come to pick you up for dinner."

Violet clutches her cane a bit stronger, resisting the urge to roll her eyes like her granddaughter Mary.

"Yes I can see that, but is it you instead of Branson my dear?"

Edith leaned over in her seat so she could see Granny better as she spoke, "I'm afraid Branson is under the weather today so papa asked me to get you."

Violet looked at the car warily. Suddenly she was reminded of a time when she had thought that cars were deathtraps on wheels. The Dowager Countess looked away from the car itself, ready to comment on the idea of Edith driving when she saw her granddaughter's face.

Edith was brimming with pride and joy, ignore of her grandmother's thoughts. Her excitement was as obvious as the nose of her face. Violet took a deep breathe through her nose and smiled warily at her granddaughter.

"Edith dear are you going to come help me into the seat or am I expected the hold the door open as I climb into the car myself?"