{WILL : Hidden Soul Behind the Mask}



I can watch you all talk among yourselves. But don't expect me to add anything, because I won't. I like to keep to myself. Why am I even talking to you?

Leave me alone. Don't even try to make idle talk.

…Just…go away.

Or… are you Psychic? …Didn't think so. So why should I talk to you? Any fool knows that Psychic Pokemon are among the least social. Many of them are legendary. I trust you remember the whole episode when the Beast of the Sea arose from the waters? Lugia, he is the dictionary definition of a psychic. He keeps to himself, at the bottom of the sea. I guess I am like that. Aren't all of us? Everyone remembers, I'm sure, how Sabrina used to act. I was never… well, cruel like that, but no one's ever been able to get through to me. I have my doubts that a Haunter could. The only ones that defeat the loneliness of Psychics are the Dark Types. Karen trains them because she believes it's best to stay a shadow of herself. In a way Dark Pokemon are like Psychics, but the two will still never befriend one another.

It's a shame, really.

No one's ever looked straight into my eyes. It's not really possible, now that I wear that mask. But perhaps it's best. You would've seen a lot more than a quiet Pokemon trainer. Something that I cannot allow people to think. When I finally got into the Elite Four, at first maybe I thought it'd be a little more fun than training. Maybe it'd be more social-able. But I seem to be wrong. Lance, Koga, and Bruno would never understand me. Karen might, but she seems hard to get through to as well. Not that'd she'd even try. Dark Pokemon hate Psychics more than disease, and vice versa. Why does it have to be that way? As long as I don't want to, no one will ever be able to see through what even Psychic Powers cannot hide. I suppose it's for the best, but it pains me to think I'll have to die like this. Lonely and Misunderstood. That's the story of many nowadays, isn't it?

…But who am I to complain?