{LANCE : Legendary Lord of the Winged Reptilians}



I sit up high on my throne-like chair. My Pokemon's Pokeballs lay by my side, waiting to do battle against any thoroughly-determined trainer and, of course, beat them. Not many have ever defeated me, so I consider myself powerful. Not many trainers even get past the Elite Four. I can't help feeling sorry for some of them when every Pokemon on their party gets knocked out trying to defeat that Xatu of Will's. Not easy when you can't beat the first Pokemon of your first opponent. I still do not understand why everyone seems to fear me. I am not cold-hearted, I am simply a powerful trainer. I stand at the end of the line, awaiting any trainer that manages to get past Karen.
There is the occasional lot, so it's not like I'm constantly bored. Heck, no.
The Elite Four used to get along a lot better, believe me. And I mean the old Elite Four, before Will and Karen came along and I became the champion. Lorelei, Agatha, Bruno, and I had a lot of fun on our days off, when we were younger. But it's four years later. Agatha's so old, she's gotten sick, and I may never see her again. Lorelei was tired of training, and moved to Seafoam Islands to live her life. Koga was promoted to the E4. We had to have a tournament among the strongest trainers to be in the Elite Four. The two finalists would get in. That was Will and Karen. That is how they were accepted into our little team of Pokemaniac misfits. Bruno's gone up one in his position, so he's now the third opponent. Our gyms now have specific decorations. Mine has dragon statues and torches everywhere. Karen's I can't really say. Her gym is kind of boring. Bruno's gym has lava on the sides, and Will's is the same, except with ice. They froze the water Lorelei used when she was still around. Koga's is kind of a grassy environment.
But now our group is lonely and cold, and set off from the others. We have a strange combination of elements, one that should never mix: Dark, Psychic, Poison, Fighting, Rock, and Dragon. I wish this place could lighten up a bit.
You all must understand. We are together for now. Is this how we are destined to live? Can we die, knowing all the pain and suffering that has yet to be undone? Have we wasted away our lives being powerful, and have we to experience the true highlights of life?
I settled back in my throne, and sighed.
That was nothing I could do alone.