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I realized I didn't put a disclaimer on all my other stories so... I probably should do that from now on. Like I already said in the summary, this is just going to be a collection of different oneshots I wrote. They stand in no relation with each other unless I say so. Enjoy!

Candles & Strawberries


At the sound of her girlfriend's voice, Jade turns her attention away from her locker and comes face to face with a brightly smiling Tori. She's almost bouncing on the spot, her grin almost splitting her face in half and Jade really doesn't think she has ever seen Tori that excited.

"Did Trina put something in your breakfast this morning? Or has her screeching finally turned you completely insane?"

Tori rolls her eyes but the smile stays firmly plastered on her lips. "No…" Jade watches amusedly as Tori raises her eyebrows and presses her lips together, before it sputters out of her. "Happy Anniversary, baby!"

Jade lets out a light laugh at Tori's excitement and gladly accepts the hug she offers. "Happy Anniversary to you, too. That's what you're so excited about?"

Tori pulls away and looks at Jade as if she has lost her mind, mouth gaping open and eyes wide. "Of course that's why I'm excited! We've been dating for exactly six months now. Six months!" she holds up six fingers to emphasize her point and Jade raises her eyebrows, "That's half a year, Jade!"

Jade lets out a mocking gasp. "No, really? That's brand new information, Tori! How could I not know that?" She smirks when she gets another eye roll out of Tori and turns back to her locker.

"Aren't you even the least bit excited about today?"

Jade flicks her eyes to Tori when she hears the sad edge in her voice, only to see her girlfriend pouting at her. She sighs and stuffs another book into her bag before she closes her locker and turns to Tori. "I am. But you know… I'm just not as crazy as you about it." She steps closer when Tori smiles and looks down, tilting her head and smiling when she sees the light blush on her cheeks. "I really appreciate your craziness though."

Tori looks back up and the huge smile she was sporting earlier quickly returns. Slowly wrapping her arms around Jade's neck, Tori first nuzzles Jade's nose with hers before their lips mold together, Tori's smile not vanishing.

"Robbie! Why are you so mean to me?"

Jade's groan vibrates against Tori's lips and they pull apart, Jade hiding her face in Tori's neck. "Let's just pretend we don't hear them."

It has been going for almost two weeks now, these frequent fights between Robbie and Cat. When they began dating 2 months ago no one would have thought they would become one of those couples who would fight constantly about the most stupid topics. They fought about everything and anything, barely able to last one day without at least on little argument. It surprised everyone that they fought so much and when they weren't too occupied with arguing about silly things, they were sickly sweet with each other. At least for Jade's standards.

"I'm not mean to you, Cat! It was meant as a compliment!"

Cat stops abruptly, and Robbie nearly runs into her, when she sees Jade and Tori hugging each other in front of Jade's locker. She ignores Robbie's calls of her name and and quickly skips over to her two best friends. "Hey, you guys! We have a problem."

"No, no, no," Jade mumbles against Tori's neck and keeps a tight grip on her when she wants to pull away, "They'll go again. We just don't acknowledge them."

Tori laughs and manages to get out of Jade's firm hold, turning towards Cat and Robbie. Jade lets out an annoyed breath and leans against the lockers while Tori shoots the fighting couple in front of them a friendly smile. "What's up?"

Cat and Robbie begin talking at the same time and Tori can't understand a single sentence. She glances at Jade, who mutters a quick "Oh my God", and then turns back to Cat and Robbie. Tori takes a step forward and holds her hands up. "Okay, okay, okay. Slow down," Both of them stop talking and Tori sighs. "Now, one at a time, okay? What's wrong this time?"

Tori watches as Robbie opens his mouth but she quickly turns to Cat when she starts to speak. "Robbie thinks I'm ugly!"

Tori's eyebrows shoot up, her eyes flicking over to a shocked Robbie staring at Cat. "No, I don't!" He turns to Tori and shakes his head. "I don't! We were at her house yesterday and her mom showed me pictures of Cat when she was younger and there was one where she still had brunette hair. I said that she looked really pretty with brunette hair and then she started fighting with me because she thinks I don't find her pretty with red hair!" His voice got higher with every word he said and at the end his voice hitches slightly.

"That's because you don't think I'm pretty!"

"Yes, I do!"

They argue back and forth and Tori turns back to Jade. "I told you we should have ignored them," she says smugly before swinging her bag over her shoulder and walking past Tori. "Hey," Tori grabs Jade's arm to pull her back to her, "Where are you going? You can't just leave me alone with them!"

Jade raises her eyebrows and pulls her arm out of Tori's grasp. "Uh, yes I can." She smirks and winks at Tori. "Have fun, sunshine!"

Tori watches her go with a pout on her lips before she reluctantly turns back to Robbie and Cat, the couple still bickering back and forth.


It took a while until Tori was able to calm Cat and Robbie down but it didn't take long for another fight about the same topic to break loose. And of course they pulled Tori into it as well, keeping her away from Jade most of the day. So understandably, Tori is more than happy when she hears the last bell of the day ring.

She quickly jumps up from her seat, carelessly stuffing her things into her bag before she dashes out of the door to go to her locker. Shooting a quick glance at Jade's locker to see that her girlfriend is nowhere to be seen, Tori smiles and rips open her locker, almost violently throwing her books into it.

"Whoa, what did those books ever do to you?"

Tori's head whips around, a smile instantly brightening up her face. "Jade! Come on, hurry! We have to go!"

Jade frowns and watches Tori quickly throw her locker shut, the bang of the metal echoing through the hall. She smirks amusedly and reaches for Tori's wrist. "Hey, what's up with you? I didn't know we were in such a hurry. Do we have to be somewhere?"

The smile on Tori's face drops, her head thrown back as she releases a light groan. "I just want to go and spend the day with you," her lips form a pout, letting Jade pull her close. "Robbie and Cat were keeping me away from you the entire day." Tori gently pecks Jade's lips, Jade's arms encircling Tori's waist. "It really isn't fair," Tori mumbles against Jade's lips, "It's our anniversary. I missed you."

"Oh, you're so whiny," Jade teases and pulls away, "Come on, let's go. We have to celebrate." Jade smirks suggestively and slowly pulls a laughing Tori out into the parking lot.


"Jade, please!"


"But he's so sad!"

Tori's hand reaches out for her girlfriend but Jade quickly moves away and crosses her arms. Their 'celebration' had been abruptly interrupted when Tori got a phone call from a distraught Robbie who told her that he needed someone to talk to. He was so depressed on the phone that Tori couldn't help but feel bad for him and told him that he could join her and Jade on their date. But Jade doesn't want to have any of it.

"No! It's our anniversary, I want to spend it with you alone, not together with Robbie!"

"He was almost crying, Jade! He's so scared that Cat will break up with him and he just doesn't want to be alone."

"Yeah, well maybe that would be for the best!"

Tori gasps, her eyes widening. "How can you say that, Jade?"

"What do you mean, 'how can I say that'? They're constantly fighting! It's just a matter of time before they break up, Tori! Better do it sooner than later. They're just not working together!"

"We work and we are fighting a lot, too!"

Jade scoffs. "But we are smart enough to work things out. And we're not fighting about stupid things!"

"This right now is a stupid thing!"

"Why?" Jade's brows crease in disbelief and she takes a step closer to Tori. "Because I want to be alone with you on our anniversary? That's the most normal thing in the world!"

A tired sigh escapes Tori's lips. Of course she had wanted to spend the day alone with Jade too, especially after dealing with Cat and Robbie the entire day, but… she feels so bad for Robbie. He doesn't deserve to feel like this and if not being alone would cheer him up… how could Tori say no to that?

"Listen, even if I would agree to spending our time with Robbie," Jade says in a much calmer voice and uncrosses her arms to place her hands on Tori's upper arms, "We have a dinner reservation. We have plans, okay? I'm sure Robbie understands that."

"I know…" Jade smiles lightly and thinks that she won Tori over, but then brown eyes look into hers pleadingly. "But he's so sad."

The smile on Jade's face gets replaced with a frown, her hands fall from Tori's arms and her teeth bite together tightly. "Okay," she says eventually, "Go cheer Robbie up." Tori smiles brightly but Jade's frown stays firmly in place. "But without me."

Tori's smile drops and she shakes her head. "No! No, Jade, come on. We-"


Jade turns away, her arms crossed over her chest. "Jade-"

"I said go!"

Tori hesitates, her fingers playing with each other as she watches Jade sit down on her bed. She doesn't acknowledge her anymore and Tori knows she's mad, more than mad probably, and Tori doesn't even blame her. But she can't help but worry about Robbie and with one last lingering look at Jade, Tori leaves.



Jade angrily cuts another flower in half. She should be sitting in a fancy restaurant right now, together with her girlfriend celebrating their anniversary, but no, Tori prefers to babysit Robbie and leave Jade all by herself. She hates Tori's urge to make everyone happy, she absolutely hates it. She'll never be able to make everyone happy but she just doesn't get that. Just right now, she's making her own girlfriend totally miserable.

"I should have stuck to hating her," Jade mumbles, her scissors snapping another flower, "That would have been way easier."

"You never hated me."

Jade freezes, her scissors stopping in mid-cut, when she hears Tori's voice behind her. She turns her head a little to see Tori crossing over her backyard, until she's hovering right over Jade. Tori smiles and crouches down to sit down across from Jade on the grass. Jade raises her eyebrows but quickly turns her attention back to the scissors in her hand. "What are you doing here? I thought you were busy with Robbie."

"Robbie can handle himself," she answers softly and flicks her eyes from Jade's face, to her scissors, and back again, "Besides, I want to celebrate today. With you. Not with Robbie."

Jade lets out a humorless laugh but doesn't look up. "Oh really? You figured that out so soon?"

"I'm so sorry." Jade doesn't show any reaction, continuing to cut flowers with her scissors. Tori sighs and reaches for Jade's hands, stopping her movements. "Jade. I really am sorry. I know I screwed up but… I want to make it up to you."

"Well, too bad. It's too late to go to the restaurant now."

A smile creeps up onto the brunette's face, her hands squeezing Jade's. "That's alright. I have a backup plan."


"So, Vega…" Jade turns the engine off and leans back in her seat. "Care to tell me why I had to drive us here?"

Tori smiles but Jade's face is still annoyed as she turns her head to look at her. "Just wait one second here in the car. Please. I promise it's going to be worth it."

She doesn't leave her any chance to say anything and quickly scrambles out of the car, taking the small box she brought –Jade still doesn't know what it contains – with her. Jade watches Tori almost running up the little hill until she disappears from her sight. She sighs, turns her head back to the front and closes her eyes, waiting for Tori to come back. After about five minutes, Jade's eyes snap open and her head turns towards the open passenger side door, Tori grinning as she peeks her head in. "You can come out now."

Jade rolls her eyes, a loud sigh getting past her lips, and she slowly opens her door and gets out. After making sure to lock the car, Jade drags herself over to where Tori is standing with incredible slowness, shooting an annoyed look at her girlfriend. "Come on," Tori says and takes her hand, "You'll like it. Please don't be mad anymore."

Tori hears her mutter something under her breath but she chooses to ignore it, instead, she proceeds to pull Jade after her. "You know, I won't just forget that you ditched me for Robbie just because you have…"

Jade trails off and her feet stop moving when she sees the scene in front of her. A blanket is laid out on the ground with a perfect view on the setting sun, various bowls with different sorts of fruits placed on it and probably two dozens of colorful candles splattered around. Jade frowns, her mouth opening but quickly snapping shut again when she doesn't know what to say. She feels a pull on her hand and lets Tori pull her closer to the blanket.

"I know this doesn't compare to a restaurant. And I know that you're not really into all this cheesy stuff but," she turns fully towards Jade and smiles at her, lifting one shoulder in a shrug, "I hope you like it nevertheless."

Jade still doesn't say anything and continues to stare at Tori. Tori bites her lip, Jade's silence really starting to make her nervous, and sits down on the blanket, pulling Jade down with her. "Look! I've got… strawberries and grapes and… even mangos! So…" Tori's hesitant eyes slowly find Jade. "What do you think?"

Jade blinks before looking around, settling her eyes on the candles surrounding them. "The candles are pretty cool." Tori raises her eyebrows, having expected a little bit more. She presses her lips together and nods slowly, also looking at the bright lit candles.

"Um… yeah. But… the candles aren't enough to make you forgive me… are they?"

Tori's sad voice reaches her ears, but Jade still doesn't look at her and instead turns her attention to the bowl of strawberries. "No." Jade turns to Tori and watches her nod slowly and look down to her lap. "But," she waits for Tori to look up again and shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly, "The strawberries might be."

The huge grin that appears on Tori's face forces a little smile out of Jade too and she rolls her eyes and leans over, firmly pressing a kiss against Tori's lips. She wants to pull away but Tori's hands cup Jade's face and pull her in for another kiss. "I love you," Tori says quietly, the smile on her face permanent.

"Yeah, yeah. So, what about those strawberries?"