A bright stream of sunlight fell through the narrow gap between mint-green curtains, casting a faint glow across white sheets and covers messily thrown over two intertwined bodies. Jade softly moaned into Tori's mouth, her hands sliding down the expanse of her bare back, before her nails ran up the same path, creating soft ripples of shivers across tan skin. "Jade," she breathed, letting her entire body weight rest on top of her girlfriend while burying her face into the crook of Jade's neck.

"I know," Jade answered, equally as breathless, "You were pretty awesome too."

Tori giggled into Jade's skin. "This was just what I needed," she said and released a content sigh, closed her eyes and let a satisfied smile stretch across her lips.

"Glad I could assist you."

Tori simply let out a long hum before the two young women let a comfortable silence break out between them. It was welcomed by both of them, the preparations of Trina's wedding taking a toll on everyone only slightly involved. Max, Trina's fiancé, wasn't that big of a help either, mostly because Trina didn't really allow him to decide anything. So the slightly dorky and awkward man stayed out of everything as best as he could which only led to Tori being even more stressed out. "You know," the brunette spoke up after a little while, "We should definitely spend every upcoming semester break at your house. Or maybe we should start today. Yes, today is good."

"I'm all for that," Jade said, making Tori smile and press a gentle kiss to the underside of her jaw. "But I think that won't keep Trina from pestering you with her wedding stuff."

Tori groaned. She really hadn't thought it through when Trina had asked her to be her maid of honor four months ago. Oh man, but she really should have. Being in control of the wedding preparations had sounded fun at the time. It meant spending more time with her sister, who she didn't see nearly enough anymore since she lived in New York and attended college there, while Trina stayed in L.A. working as an interior designer. But it wasn't fun. It was absolutely horrible and nerve-wrecking. And Jade had warned her, she had, but Tori hadn't listened because she thought it was just Jade being Jade but oh God, next time she would so listen to her girlfriend.

With a heavy sigh, Tori propped up her forearms on either side of Jade, pouting down at her. "I'm so sick of it. Why can't she be… like… normal?"

Jade's cool breath fanned across Tori's cheek and neck as the pale woman blew a strand of brown hair out of her face. "Did you forget who your sister is? She's like the definition of annoying. It was clear from the start that she was going to go all crazy Bridezilla on everyone."

A low sound, a mix between a whine and a groan, rumbled in the back of Tori's throat. "I'm so exhausted," she whimpered dramatically, letting her head drop down. Jade rolled her eyes at her girlfriend's antics but soon closed them and bit the corner of her lip when she felt Tori press hot, wet kisses against the side of her neck. "I'm so… so exhausted, Jade," she repeated in that same tone and gave Jade's earlobe a gentle bite and tug, "Will you help me relax?"

"God… Tori." One of Tori's knees had moved up and began moving against Jade in an agonizingly slow rhythm, forcing a guttural moan out of her throat and bringing her hips to move completely on their own accord. "Tori…"

"I'll help you if you help me," the tanner woman whispered, almost sweetly, and increased the pressure her knee was inflicting before-

-the door of Tori's room burst open and in stormed none other than the older Vega sister, a dark scowl on her face. Two heads snapped towards her, wide eyes horrified at the sudden intrusion. Gasping, Tori pulled the sheets up as quickly as possible to properly cover Jade and herself. But Trina didn't even seem to notice the current state her sister and girlfriend were in as she stemmed her hands on her hips and began pacing the room, not sparing a single glance at Tori and Jade. "Okay, so this stupid moron at the flower shop completely messed up my order and-"

"Did you not lock the door?" Jade hissed, ignoring Trina's rant and instead directing her glare at Tori. The younger brunette turned her head, her wide shocked eyes meeting Jade's. "I thought you did!"

"What, is this my room?"

"No, but-"

"Don't you dare put the blame on me."

"What blame? It's not like this is the first time it ever happened."

"Yeah, because you always forget to lock the damn door!"

"Well, decent people don't just barge in, they knock!"

"Your sister isn't decent, you should know that by now."



Both heads turned towards the foot of the bed where Trina stood, glaring at them. "Are you even listening to me?"

Jade rolled her eyes. "No."

"Trina, please get out now."

"No! We need to talk about this. Right. Now! And why the hell is it so freaking dark in here? God!"

Eyebrows furrowed and arms crossed, she let her gaze wander across the darkened room, pausing at the drawn curtains before slowly turning back to the bed, where she only now noticed the two women's lack of clothing. Trina scoffed and threw her arms up in exasperation. "Oh my God, it's the middle of the day! Can't you at least wait until the sun is down before you jump each other's bones?"

"No, we can't. And why should we? Just because you don't get any action doesn't mean that we can't."

While Trina let out an offended gasp, Tori closed her eyes and let her head hang. Feeling something like accomplishment at managing to tickle out such reactions out of both – mainly the older Vega though – sisters, Jade smirked and leaned back a bit. "I get enough action, Jade, thank you very much!"

"Good for you. I do too. Plenty of it."

"Jade," Tori hissed quietly, shooting her a glare which however lost a great deal of its intensity by the faint tint of red that spread over her cheeks. When Jade only cocked an amused eyebrow, Tori sighed and turned her attention back to her sister. "Okay, just let us get dressed and I'll be down in-"


The sound of Trina's fiancé's voice echoed through the hall, only adding more to Jade's and Tori's annoyance. "In here!"

"What? Trina, you can't just-"

Before Tori could finish her sentence, it was already too late and the tall man with black curly hair came strolling into the room, a smile on his lips as he looked at Trina. Only when Tori gasped and clutched the covers tighter to her chest did Max turn to the bed, his eyes almost plopping out of their holes and mouth falling open.

Jade's eyes went wide with anger, nostrils slightly flaring. "Look away!"

"Yes! I'm sorry, I didn't know you were- that you were-"

"Look. Away!"

Max's hands shot up to cover his eyes, a deep blush making his head look as if he'd explode soon. Blindly, he turned toward Trina, asking in a quivering voice, "Um Trina, maybe we should, you know, get out and- and let Tori and Jade… get… dressed."

"Yes, that would be awesome. Thank you, Max."

But Trina ignored her little sister and waved a dismissive hand at her fiancé. "Pfft. It's not like I haven't seen it before." She turned back to Tori. "So about the flower arrangements-"

"But he hasn't seen it before," Tori yelled exasperatedly, waving her arm towards Max, "And I would appreciate if it would stay that way!"

"And I would appreciate if both of you would scurry off now and drown in the ocean," Jade muttered darkly, pushing out a long breath and folding her arms over the white sheets covering her chest. But when she took a glance at Max and saw a slight flicker between the gaps of his fingers, she leaned forward and narrowed her eyes at him. "Did you just take a peek at us?!"

His fingers snapped together and if it would have been possible, the poor guy would have shrunk three whole sizes. "No! No, I didn't," he mumbled into his hands, "I swear I didn't! Please don't hurt me!"

"Okay, enough now. Get out!"

"But the flow-" She was cut off by a pillow making impact with her face, plopping down on the floor with a heavy thump. "Ew, Tori! You just had sex on that pillow, that's disgusting!"

"Then get out now or I'll shove-"

"Okay!" She held her hands up to stop Tori from threatening her any further. "I'll go, but be down in five minutes. Five minutes, Tori!"

Trina let out a harsh sigh and placed her hands on Max's shoulders, who, due to his hands still covering his eyes walked straight into a wall before Trina finally managed to lead him out of the room. When the door was finally closed, Tori let her head fall into her hands, a small whine escaping her. "Jade?"


"I think I'm gonna cry."

She gasped as Jade threw a pillow at the back of her head and turned to face her girlfriend with her mouth hanging open and eyebrows furrowed. "Your fault for not locking that damn door."

A/N: This entire thing was way funnier in my head. But I have a couple of ideas revolving Jade, Tori and Trina's wedding so maybe I'll write some more if you like it? Tell me what you think.

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