Gustave sat ever so still on the bench which belonged to his father's piano. As his fingers traveled along the black and white keys, his father would listen with envy, his eyes wide in admiration.

"You have a great talent," Erik commented softly, intently keeping his eyes on the grand instrument. Gustave removed his fingers from the keys of the piano.

"Thank you father," Gustave replied, yawning as his chocolate brown eyes began to fall. Erik grinned scarcely, placing his hand on Gustave's head.

"You may go off to bed now, my child" Erik whispered playfully, as Gustave cautiously walked down the cavern hallways, and into his bedroom. Even though he wouldn't admit it, Gustave knew he had a special attraction to his father's home. To him, it just simply felt right, and that was the way he liked it.

Erik exhaled deeply, heading off for bed as well as his son had.

As many of us know, Erik is quite secretive about his past. He hadn't spoken a word about the Phantom since his angel had perished, leaving his heart forever broken. He loved his Christine, he remembered, lying down silently in his bed.

But I must always remember, Erik thought, closing his eyes Love Never Dies.

Everything turned into darkness before Erik's eyes, as he into a deep sleep, silencing the movement of his wandering thoughts.