Chapter 4: the results

"How dare you do assault one of our dinner guests that way!" yelled the Once-ler the next morning.

"Don't be too angry at him, Sweetheart. November was just trying to uphold your reputation. Mrs. Anderson said to me and I quote "The thneed is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of. It's like the new pet rock just a stupid fad that people will forget about in 5 years. I believed it was undignified for the lady of the house to retaliate so I asked November to take care of it." Said Ellen

"Is that true?" asked Once-ler

"Yes, Sir." Said November

"In that case. Thank you, November. Don't let it happen again. " said the Once-ler

"Yes, Sir." Said November

"You may go back to work now." Said Once-ler

November and Ellen left the Once-ler's office. They went to the master bedroom where December was waiting "What happened? You weren't fired were you?" she asked November when he and Ellen entered the room

"No. Ellen covered for me." Said November "Thank you, Ellen."

"I couldn't let you get fired." Said Ellen

"There would be no one to teach you." Said December

"No. There would be no one to get me things. Now, both of you get back to work and November. Don't except me to cover for you again." Said Ellen

"Madam, I think you're taking this act a little too far." Said November

"I said now!" yelled Ellen. The birds and bears were squawking and roaring and trying to have fun outside. "O, and while you're at it do something about those damn animals. Gag them. Shoot them. Drown them. I don't care just shut them up!"

November and December looked at each other and then left to do their various duties.

Days started to pass by pretty quickly because there was nothing left November could think to teach Ellen he stopped with the lessons. He thought that maybe if he didn't re-enforce the lessons too much that she would change back to normal. Unfortunately, they had no such luck. It seemed as if something inside Ellen had snapped in the past few weeks. "We've got to do something!" said December one afternoon "We're her friends it's our job to talk some sense into her!"

"What do you think we should do?" asked November

"We have to find the Lorax." Said December " She's known him longer than us maybe he can get through to her."

December and November go outside and look for Lorax. They find him with Pipsqueak. " Mr. Lorax, this corruption thing has gone too far. I think we ACTUALLY corrupted Ellen. You have to talk some sense into her." Said November

"I'm sure it's not that bad but Ellen told Beanpole that I left I can't risk seeing her unless it is absolutely necessary. " said Lorax

"Look around you. The corruption plan isn't solving this problem. Do you really think she's talked to him at all? She has spent all her time with us. She hasn't even attempted to bring the tree thing up. You need to talk to her. Right now. She's with her manicurist getting ready for the party tonight." Said December

"I'm sure it's nothing but I'll talk to her." Said Lorax

"O, did we mention that she started to threaten killing the animals." Said November

"Take me to her right now!" yelled Lorax

November and December took Lorax to the mansion and helped him into Ellen's window. Then they went into the house and ran to Ellen's room to see if Lorax could talk sense into her. Lorax plopped onto the floor and walked over to where Ellen was sitting. It had been a long time since she had seen him. "Hey, Peach. Any progress?" he asked.

"With what?" she asked

" With the plan. It's been almost a month have you gotten through to him yet?" Lorax asked

"O, I've been so busy trying to get him to trust me. I forgot about the plan. I'm sorry, I'll talk to him tonight." said Ellen

" Are you ok?" said Lorax " Maybe this was a bad idea."

"Of course it's not ,Babe. I'm fine. This is just taking more preparation than I thought." said Ellen "It's not easy pretending to be a socialite"

Lorax jumps on the bed and looks deep into her eyes and sees that November and December were right. She had changed. He gasps "This was a mistake. We need to get you home right now!"

"The only place I'm going is to the party tonight and in case you haven't noticed ,I am home. Now, I suggest you leave or would you rather have me call my husband so he can deal with you?" asked Ellen viciously.

"Madam, there is no need to threaten the Lorax." Said November "Or to get your husband involved."

"It was his idea for me to live up to the Once-ler's standards! Now, that I have he wants me to forget it?Well, I like the idea. I like being rich, I like getting anything I want, I like supporting my husband in any way I can! I love my husband and I love this life and I'm going to do whatever I have to keep it! Do, I make myself clear!" yelled Ellen

"This is all my fault. " said November "I should have never introduced you to this kind of life. It took away your humanity. Your nightmare has come true and you don't even care."

"This isn't a nightmare. It's a dream come true." Said Ellen "Besides, why would I want to go back to living in the wilderness there is nothing out there!"

"Your friends. Your real friends are out there, Madam. Pipsqueak, Pop, Bill, Melvin, Phil, Gil, and Will, Lorax, us… not to mention Norma. They are all out there. They aren't in here. The people down at that party are not your friends. One of them taught you how to cheat on and embezzle from your husband. She also insulted your past life. A friend does not do that. " said November

" For this kind of life you don't need friends and everything you are saying is just a bunch of words. I don't respond to words." Said Ellen "Not anymore."

"What about your nightmares?" asked November

"That was just my brain coming up with childish nonsense." Said Ellen

"Losing yourself is childish nonsense?" asked the Lorax "You really think that?"

"Yes. I do. If you still believe in saving the world around us… here" Ellen hands him the truffula seed Norma had found on the street a long time ago.

"Madam, your lucky truffula seed. You really have given up." Said November

Lorax takes the seed. Shakes his head in disapproval and leaves. November and December run outside.

"You can't give up on her." Said November

"I can't help her if she doesn't want to be helped. I think you need to give up on her too." Said Lorax

November nods and looks over at December who looks as if the world had come to an end. "We can't… we just can't." said December

"We have to and then when it gets too bad. We have to go." Said November

December nods and they both head inside.


5 years had passed. October and December left a few years before. December wanted to stick by Ellen but October insisted they go; so they left. Most of the workers left too but the thneed factory was still running. November walked to the Once-ler's office and stopped in front of Elysia's desk. "What do you want?" she asked viciously

"I just wanted to leave my letter of resignation for your son." Said November "Good day, Mrs. Beanpole." November put the letter on Elysia's desk and left without saying another word. He went back to his room and finished packing. Then he went down the stairs and was stopped at the front door by Ellen. "November, what are you doing?" asked Ellen

"I'm leaving, Madam. I left my letter of resignation with your husband." said November

"But you can't just leave! We need you here!" demanded Ellen

"I'm sorry, madam but it's time. I'm sure you and Mr. Beanpole will be just fine without me but I should be moving on. " said November

"But everything is going so well why would you move on?" asked Ellen as November opened the door to leave. This left Lorax enough time to enter.

"You have a visitor, madam. It's Mr. Lorax here to see you." said November "How do you do, Mr. Lorax?" asked November as the Lorax entered.

"Fine, thank you, November." said Lorax

"Good day, Mr. Lorax. It was a pleasure." said November

"Goodbye,November. It was great to meet you too." said Lorax and with that November walked out the door.

November looked at the road ahead of him. He wondered where he should go. Well, his first stop would be town to pick up his wife but then he thought of moving them to Quechee, VT. He could change their names and start a new life out there. He was going to miss certain things about this place though as he did all the places he left behind.


" And that was the last time I ever saw the Beanpoles. I always wondered what happened after that and I wished that it all never happened." November concluded

"It really wasn't your fault, Grandpa. You just did what you thought you had to. No one can blame you for that." Said Audrey

"Well put." Said Once-ler

"Everyone did things we regret but things turned out for the best when we tried to fix our mistakes." Said Ellen

November as so happy that Ellen forgave him. "We should get home, Grandpa. Mom and Dad must be worrying about us." Said Audrey.

She helped her grandfather get up and the two of them left the lerkim. "I'm very proud of you, Audrey. You never let temptation get the better of you." Said November as they went back home.

The End