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Lyrica Magica Euno Mustela





Chrono is pulling his hair angrily, all his staff are working to their fullest to retrieve each and every information. The little curiosity had turned into a massive disaster, thankfully localized. The moment the news left earth however... there will be hell to pay.

However, what made him even more upset is his sister -adopted as she is-, the loss of her familiar is quite unbearable.

Her best friend (HAH!) trying her best to kept her calm, but every few hour or so, Fate will fell into. Dang hormones, Chrono cursed mentally. Puberty made wise child look like a retard, indeed.

"Fate-chan, you should rest, Alph will be okay" Nanoha cheered.

"I highly doubt that, this happens and-"

"He had dealt with Vita-chan and the others, I'm sure it'll be okay"

"Well, he certainly is an idiot" Chrono cut them of "And whose bright idea is to add Zafira of all people..."

"Hey!" Hayate, the mistress of the book objected "I am afraid bad things happened to him too! His life is dependent on me"

"I think you all should rest, that means you too" Chrono told her "Sorry, maybe I have to rest myself, but then again who's leading?"

Most of the youngster fell into slumber soon after that, occasionally, both Fate and Hayate murmurred, both of them sure is depressed, though Fate took it twice or triple times worse. After all, Alph always been her emotional support before she met Nanoha.

The family compound of the Harlown become extremely crowded indeed.

Chrono still awake, distracting himself whilst waiting for further report by putting a pair of headset and listening to a modern jazz sound, something he had a little interest as of recently.

He sighed, he wished his friend could keep his head cold. Considering Yuuno, the fact that he heard a lot of stunt he'd done during a digging, he's still worried. This is one of the few reason why he want Yuuno to settle as Head Librarian, of which Yuuno seems to be happy... until he got a major expedition again.

Three years ago, he made a mess with his mother's plan, jeopardizing it so bad that Chrono wondered why his mother didn't kick him out of the family.

One of those blunder is introducing Amy with someone else, in personal terms that is.

Her mother had planned to arrange Chrono and Amy's engagement, even.

But her plan has a problem: she didn't really count that while Chrono and Amy DID have interest with each other, there's a counterweight in other side, that they have known each other long time as friend. Sometimes, that relationship ceiling can't be broken fast enough before third party barging in.

Thankfully, seems like Lindy don't mind too much. Just when he thought Chrono can get his first relieved breath, the second one is coming three months ago.

Namely, Lindy is concerned with the impossibility of getting grandchildren soon, preferably before he's 25, become an Admiral. "So THAT is her goal all along", he grumbled.

It doesn't help than Chrono's new interest is a bit... difficult to approach. Dating is hard when you reach fairly high position at such age, maybe this is why...


Back to Flognarde...

The three stranded people gathered in their room. Initially, three rooms were prepared, but both Alph and Zafira absolutely refuse special treatment. Then again, with them in their animal form the accommodation needed is not much. As the result, one room is used, with one king-sized bed and two luxurious sofas.

(Of course, both Tiara and Antoinette is freaked out by the transformation at first. Apparently body manipulation spell exist in Flognarde, but not to that extent. Alph also having a field day prodding Yuuno to show his transformation, much to his ire)

"How was it?"

"It's good" Alph shown Zafira the result of the test, miniature lighting crackling between her two palms "I still retain her elemental affinity, though spell database is another matter"

"Which mean the link is not so much severed as it's restricted, that means one thing" Yuuno commented, without looking away from the book he's reading "Flognarde Land Gods"

"Land Gods?"

Yuuno's eyes still unmoving from the books, but the gears and pulleys within his head began to accelerate, recalling the data gained within the entire night and pick the easiest essential parts.

"The source of magic power of Flognarde, they are ethereal entities that has control over everything concerning how things work in this world, especially if it's magic related" Yuuno nodded "That means interdimensional interaction, such as communication and teleportation, and even mana transfer. Land Gods are not omnipotent, but they are powerful. Simply restricting mana and mental link between two individual is a trivial matter"

"Why should they?"

He finally closed the book and sighed, eyes longing onto the sunny window.

"I don't know to be honest, this much I can get from the national library of Pattiserie. Also, Zafira, you know how much I want to strangle you now"


Alph switched her gaze to the blue furred wolf sitting in one of the couch, she find it's strange for Yuuno to deliver ANY threat, with the exception to his rival Chrono Harlaown (to be fair Chrono started it all the time).

Zafira didn't change his expression in the slightest as he confirm what Yuuno said.

"… Despite having my own Linker core, my existence still largely dependent on Mistress' own. Her death means we lost our anchor. There are three possible outcomes from that, either we will vanish, corrupted and go wild… or a combination thereof"

Alph felt like her jawbone released form it's mounting.

"I was confused and can't think at 100% capacity yesterday, but last night, I reviewed again my research during my involvement in project R2 and remember that essential fact about Wolkenritters"

"You mean that grand scale research for the creation of first Unison device by TSAB?"

"While I admit it's causing a big ruckus upon its completion, grand scale is overstatement. After all, it's a pet project of few admirals"

Project R2, abbreviation of Second Rewrite, is a collective attempt by the original survivors of Book of Darkness Incident to fulfill the wish of the original Book of Night Sky, renamed Reinforce, who wish to protect her Mistress, Yagami Hayate.

Using data gained from Wolkenritters and remains of the original Reinforce hidden within Hayate's own Linker Core, a new living device was born, named Reinforce Zwei.

Indeed, Yuuno play a big part in it, and thus he knew a lot of things about the Wolkenritters, probably a little too much for their comfort, so he never talked about it.

"You guys keep everything to me, I feel sidelined you know" Alph sighed "Zafira, are you sure you feel fine?"

"Yes, I can't feel anything strange"

"Even the slightest bit of problem, you WILL tell me okay? I don't want Vita to maul me for causing this mess. I already have several tricks in my sleeve, but you might not want to know the details" Yuuno finalized, finally losing the tone of great concern in his voice.

"You can keep my words; I will" Zafira nodded firmly, instead, it was his turn to ask Alph "… are you sure you can manage?"

"Nah, remember I do not have linker core to begin with. Besides our combat style is almost exactly same, so muscle memory is not a problem" Alph grinned "How about we train some combination moves?"

"Anyway, you might want to ask someone about Emblem Arts, it'll be useful" Yuuno noted as he dropped his head on the pillow "wake me up if my presence is needed"

It's not ten second and yet a soft murmur can be heard, the bookworm finally fell into slumber a top of a bed covered with books as his fatigue reached critical mass.

Alph simply laughed softly at his expression.

"… Shall we ask?" Zafira raised his eyebrows.

"Let's use the new form"

Alph and Zafira proceed to test their latest form, humanoid shape roughly 10 years of age. It's created specifically to create a gap between adult human form and wolf form.

Child form, as they dubbed, is faster than the adult counterpart, slower than their wolf form, and is physically weaker than both. However, it retains flexibility the wolf form lacked, without being energy intensive like adult form.

This idea born when Alph spend a lot of time helping Yuuno in the Infinity library, just as usual, Alph teach it to Zafira soon after she perfected the technique.

They both decided that this new form might be the most suitable form for daily activities in Flognarde. In terms of clothes through, it's quite problematic to find the right size and thus, had to be tailored. They both wore Pattissiere Knight Uniform, though Alph has baggy short instead of proper long pants like Zafira.

They could use their barrier jacket and reshape it as they wish, but outside of battle, best to conserve mana as much as they can.

And they're lucky, apparently they found Quiche.

"Good Morning, Sir Quiche"

"…" I took the old butler sometime until he realized "If it's Sir Zafira and Lady Alph, good morning"

"I bet you're surprised"

"Most definitely, I am certain that in this country, no one possess transformation ability to your extent" he nodded in agreement "I was wondering since Lord Scrya ask for some leftover food early in the dawn, it's about breakfast time and I figure he could eat some more, so I came to call"

"I'm very sorry if this sound ungrateful; he's asleep as of now" Alph shrugged "He skipped last night share of it reading in the Library"

Quiche frowned "Such unhealthy lifestyle… ah, pardon my insolence"

"Don't worry; we know it's really bad for a hero for having undisciplined way of living, I guarantee he'll be able to adapt soon"

Quiche prefer to think so; he can't blame it all on Yuuno. He is new to the business, and will need some time to adjust, indeed.

"If you wish, please join Lady Tiara and Lady Antoinette in the dining hall"

"Likewise, it's an honor"

Arrived in the quite large dining hall, there are only few people there, it was the two princess and their assigned maids.

"Ah, Good morning, Alph and Zafira" Tiara greeted cheerfully "I don't see lord Hero, though"

Alph explained the situation; Tiara slumped in disappointment while Antoinette just delivers a small chuckle "We figure the Hero might want to spend his first breakfast here with us, Tiara is especially looking forward to it"

"We're truly sorry" Alph and Zafira bowed, though Zafira stay silent as usual.

"It's okay, though, we'll be happy if he can join us during the lunchtime" Tiara sighed, this one particular hero seems socially awkward.

"I'll make sure of that" Alph promised.

The conversation continue further, Alph manage to give few hint about Earth, but not fully. This world is culturally closer to the recent fictional depiction of Belka than anything else, so they might not understand the 'modern stuff' in earth or Mid Childa.

And of course, Zafira was there to straighten the topic.

"Emblem arts?"

"Yes, the last thing he said is that we might have to study Emblem Arts"

"Well, it was easy in principle, but really depends on one's talent in practice" Antoinette open her palm and a mass of concentrated energy are formed, likewise, she flips that hand revealing a holographic symbol floating there. "We gather Flognarde power and mix it with our own life energy, that is, Bright Power"

"This is called Level 1 Emblem, usually it's good for anti—personnel combat since its casting time is near instant. Overall destructive power usually unremarkable, though easily took five or six troop in one swipe if done right"

Larger symbol appeared on her back "Level 2 is moderately destructive, capable of taking out a small or medium building. Usually good for crowd clearing or breaching through defense line"

The symbol become more solid as more power is condensed "Level 3 is strictly a tactical weapon. It could easily wipe out a fortress including its inhabitant, however, for most people it's somewhat taxing, and casting it takes time"

The princess released the energy as powerful beam blast upward, blowing a hole on the cloud.

Indeed, Alph can see than Antoinette began to sweat as the symbol disappears entirely. Not only the energy consumed, but also the burden received by the caster, can be dangerous in the context of battlefield.

"The most simplistic application of Emblem Arts is Emblem Cannon, simply releasing the concentrated power as a burst of destructive light. Besides that, there's also material reinforcing techniques, and even creating a tool or appendages on the spot." Tiara raised her hand and formed some kind of sword made of light, which then split into five thinner ones extending from her fingertips.

"Basically, Emblem Arts only limited by the scope of imagination and knowledge, and how much effort put into its execution"

Which mean even Alph or Zafira can do it… no wonder Yuuno said it's useful. It's basically similar to spell in any other places, just more rudimentary and natural in terms of characteristic. It must be because in Flognarde, magic power is already regulated to begin with by the local Gods. Alph doubt Emblem Arts can work outside this world…

Considering Zafira's limited arsenal of ranged spell, this is a god bless.

"If that's the case, we'll try our hardest to study it"


It was another peaceful day in Duchy of Pastillage. The sky is clear and the sun shines brightly, showering the land with warmth and comfort. The breeze delivers a sense of calmness…

Except with the certain parts of the Eschenbach palace of course.

"Evil deed shall be punished!"

"Oh no, I'm scared~"

"Don't. Mock. ME!"

"Ya, Old Married Couple sure are loving each other, nee~" Duchess Couvert Eschenbach Pastillage, more commonly called Lady Cou, sighed happily as she saw two archnemesis shamelessly flirting around… violently if she might say, but otherwise they are on good terms.

Her bushy tail waved left and right as she walked across the palace corridor toward her workplace, she took a short stride around the palace each hour before continue with the paperwork again.

It's a boring job, but incredibly important and thus a big responsibility for her to bear.

Currently, her Hero, Rebecca, is studying basic history and science of magic in the Esnart Magic Crystal Research Institute. She knew to perform efficiently in combat even without those, but there's nothing strange about wanting to know the very basic.

She took a walk only to keep blood flowing to her legs… and butts. Having a sleeping leg is bad enough, having a sleeping butt is really uncomfortable.

But it was such a good day, ahh, I'm really tempted to go out already.

But if she does that, she will not be able to see her beloved 'big sisters' face to face anymore.

Speaking of which, she might be late for lunch if she were to rush her work, and thus she went for kitchen.

"Heya everyone, hardworking as usual, good job!"

"Good afternoon, Lady Cou! What can we do for you?"

"Ah, since I'm kind of forcing my job, I can't attend lunch as usual so I wonder if you can make something easy to eat and bring it to my office later"

The old chief cook put aside his spatula and put his hands on his waist, scowling "Ah? Sir Callaway will scold you"

"No choice, Chief. It's not like I want to skip my work OR lunch, and today's weather was so nice I berate myself not being tempted even a little" Couvert stick her tongue innocently before left happily while humming

Really, while she indeed is wise and intelligent enough to be ruler of a country, at heart she's still 12 years old girl.

"Now what should I do?"

"It's okay to grant her wish for this once" a young man with knight uniform entered the kitchen after affirming that Cou had left already "I feel weird she's not running away this time, so I think being lenient once or twice is okay"

"Ah, if you said like that, it'll be fine then. Hey you, yes you there, make the best sandwich for Her Majesty's lunch"

"Immediately, chief~!"

"O-ho-ho, what's with this delicious smell, OOH? Lunch time?" someone else poked at the kitchen.

"No matter what I said seems like you're only interested in earthly satisfaction" Callaway smirked. The burly, white haired man replied with a scorned look and said as he point his exposed chest "What else you can expect from a Demon King? I life to fulfill my destiny as a personification of evil and the embodiment of a sinful man"

"It'll be fine if you're not trying too hard, Sir Calvados"

"Hah, tell me that. Why don't you try to hit a girl or two, like that hot-tempered redhead in your air cavalry…?"

"We're strictly on professional terms"

"I've been living since before you're grand father born; I can see the earthy desire emanated from those composed eyes of yours every time you saw her-"

"Please don't say things that will cause misunderstanding"

"Or maybe it's the young hero girl, it's not like your age is spread too far from the perspective of an old man like me-"

"Sir Calvados, that's uncalled for" Callaway is MOST DEFINITELY is not a jailbait chaser, hell, Calvados himself has slight problem on it, and he's supposed to be biggest pervert in entire Flognarde. For him to say even that is crossing the line.

"Hey, I'm only guessing. The improbability of you chasing the princess however, seems oddly low. But it's not inherently zero"

It could only get worse indeed, the young General REALLY want to punch this dirty old man.

"Sir Calvados…" Callaway might look calm, but his voice delivered a hint of anger. Where is Hero king when you need her?

It wasn't Callaway's luckiest day however, much to Calvados' delight. It took his entire willpower not to lash out and embarrass himself further; each and every female in the palace began to spread the conversation, which mutates into rumor and just getting weirder from there.

To be fair, such conversation will come sooner or later. The young knight commander was really easy on the eyes, with properly attractive personality and good reputation as well. Bar some that really saw him as close friends or family (such as aforementioned Princess), it's hard to utterly diminish his charm.

And yet, it's an open secret that he's still single…

Meanwhile, in the Institute of Crystal Magic Research

"Therefore, from that specific type of seal, we managed to develop a brand new magic system altogether by using manufactured special material. This was the basic of Crystal magic" the Professor finished his explanation, as the heroine Rebecca Anderson –usually known as 'Becky'- listened to his lecture.

"Prescribed spell crystal are indeed convenient" she stretched her arms wide "Can cast powerful spell without too much burden"

Meanwhile, Hero King (queen?) sat on the other side of the room with another professor lecturing; apparently, she was there to update herself on the general situation of this world. She had slept for, like… about a century or so.

Pastillage is, after all, a relatively new country, built on the top of ruined battlefield between good and evil… or at least the history book claimed that. Back in earth, she had been told that sometimes the history about war is written by the victorious side.

Becky believed the history is not as accurate as the textbook claimed, but some people that might knew the truth flat out refused to give details. That includes Hero King herself or Demon King for that matter.

Ah well, she's too young to understand politics anyway, she might understand when she grew older, but for now, she will do what she can do, and will think like her age demanded her to.

"Well, I think that's enough for today" the professor said as he looked at the clock "it's almost lunchtime too, why don't we take a break for now, Milady Anderson?"

"I hereby thank you for today's lecture, Professor"

"It's an honor on my part" he replied humbly, Rebecca simply bowed, and chat with Adel for a bit. After confirming that Adel won't come for lunch in the palace, Becky left rather hastily.

Becky didn't take a long time to return, but it was apparent that she is quite disappointed that Cou won't be present. Well, not like she hated having lunch with the Demon King, but STILL.

"How lucky, I'm able to eat in peace with a cute girl like you"

Despite his statement, he doesn't sound like hitting her at all. Becky chuckled at his awkward attempt to act mean, well; he wasn't really nice when he's in the worst of mood, but to call him evil… not really.

"Well, I felt lucky to have lunch partner at all, sir. Everyone is busy, and I felt like left out"

The white haired man smirked a little; it was the closest thing for him to give a silent acceptance.

"Well, everyone has their share of task to accomplish… Except me, I'm too good and too awesome for job, I am, the great demon king, BWAHA – COUGH"

Becky chuckled again seeing his misery, truthfully, he was honest, and despite looks carefree and always fooling around, sometimes he was anxious for being left out as well.

As the result, he had proposed some idea to Cou, Becky didn't know the detail, but apparently, it wasn't some prank talk or empty boast. He was going to do a real job, a job that he claim only 'old people' like him or Adel can accomplish… for now.

Adel has very little, if any, doubt about the young Heroes and their pals' potential though. Becky can't help but felt a little proud of that.

The lunch had been always hilarious with the demon king, especially when the knights barged in halfway, and Cou. Becky always has time to steal a hug or two off the princess, her cuddliness is irresistible!

Miraculously (and unfortunately) Adel doesn't pop out when the lecherous man made his way with the older female knights, some part Becky find much less amusing than his other antic, and that's understatement. He got trampled for all his trouble, but shrugged it like he was itching instead.

"Well, I guess that would be my cue" he said, laughing manically as he left "Time to execute my plan"


"What?" the squirrel princess asked when a high-ranked knight rushed in; it was odd despite the loose regulation of Eschenbach.

"Pardon for my insolence, but I hope you can watch this, your highness"

It's a recording tablet, the equivalent of a camcorder in this world, Becky recognized. Couvert didn't take long time to think and pushed the button, cubical holographic projection appeared.

It's a wargame conducted by neighboring countries, which is tad smaller than Pastillage, and doesn't have much political influence as of now. (They do have close economical ties with Pastillage due to proximity) Couvert is surprised by the scale of the war nonetheless.

What made it even better, her eyes almost popped out when the image of a dark blonde was shown, no matter how you look, this person is the same type of person as the heroes form earth, right?

The loud cheer following is quite understandable, a hero appeared out of nowhere, and even more surprising, taking no sides. The footage then shown that the battle has been resumed, until Pattisiere is declared victorious.

And adding the cream on the cake, the hero rectified the ambiguousness of HIS gender status, confirming that Sir is the correct term. Now that's anticlimax, if funny. He looked perfectly androgynous.

"Lady Cou" Becky shown some glint from her eyes, mixed emotion of curiosity and astonishment.

"Indeed, interesting. When did this happen?" Cou asked.

The knight bowed once again before answering "Yesterday, Milady. The wargame is broadcasted only in both countries, and I just happened to receive the footage from an acquaintance there"

The situation in the castle training ground is chaotic, and yet, nobody said anything. They're all awestruck seeing the scene in front of them.

The white haired young boy stood up, arms crossed on top of his chest. His pose is nowhere relaxed, but doesn't look like he's combat ready either.

The ground around him is covered with arrows.

"Is that all?"

"Zafira, you're overdoing it" young Alph commented.

"…they're hesitating, I need to gauge the overall power level of these people"

"What do you expect? Panzergeist works by bending the trajectory and diminish the power of enemy's projectile. Ordinary arrow has no chance…"

The aforementioned soldiers began to charge their crossbow once again, feeling challenged. This time, they will come with full power.

Arrow unleashed at magnificent velocity, covered with concentrated mana.

This time, those arrows made contact with his defense, dozens upon dozens of small explosion engulfed the man, most people will not survive, but this man is not exactly a member of 'most people' category.

He walked out of the smoke billow calmly, checking the damage done on his body; there are plenty of cut marks on his exposed arms, and very slight singe around his clothes.

While all of these are negligible wound, doesn't mean it's less miraculous. Had he use barrier jacket, he will survive untouched, but that's not the point.

It's because he also use low level barrier as soon as they charged their arrows with energy (He recognized it's a Level 1 emblem arts), this means those arrows managed to pierce the barrier via impact force alone, and Zafira took the residual explosion.

"Impressive" he boldly said "Keep this up"

The crossbowmen cheered in response, finally gaining their pride once again.

"Those Level 1 emblem arrows are capable of piercing our most basic defense, I have little doubt that there's even stronger technique out there" the man explained "Due to the existence of physical medium to channel the magic, it's at least twice as strong as Shot Barret"

"Well, as Lady Antouinette demonstrated, we can compare Level 3 emblem cannon to top tier offensive spell like Starlight breaker or Ragnarok" Alph sheepishly said "I guess they're not too left behind as we expect, we shouldn't underestimate them…"

As soon as they changed into child form, the pair dashed upward, sitting in the castle like last night, honestly, Alph could've addicted with the sensation. They'd silently enjoy the breeze, not a word came out until Alph resumed the conversation.

"But the gap between their offensive and defensive capability is too obvious, the closest thing they had to our battle apparel are magically reinforced clothes. They're durable for sure, but they can only hold so far before breaking apart, they don't regenerate damage like ours overtime. And defensive spell seems to be exceptional in this world"

After checking the armory, they agree to use the so called 'enchanted armor' as interim measure before resorting to barrier jacket. Yuuno got something even better, being hero and all, but even knight-class equipment isn't bad at all.

"Well, I figure Yuuno will be ready for lunch, why don't you tidy yourself"

"I suppose I can do that"

Freshly dressed, the three outlanders gathered in the dining room, waiting for their princess to come. In the mean time, Alph explained to Yuuno their recent founding, the information they got is fairly simple, but essential for their survival.

"I see, I guess we should go all out from the start then"

"Plus, we possess a skill that even in our homeworld is considered rare"

"Good afternoon, everyone, sorry for the wait" Tiara cheerfully greeted innocently "You seems refreshed already, Honorable Hero"

"I'm apologize that I could not present during the breakfast" Yuuno honorably nod "And to be honest, it still feel awkward to be called such majestic title, your highness"

Tiara looked at her friend, who shrugged in response, Quiche then coughed a little "He preferred to be called by name, your highness"

"Eh? And what you'd call him then?"

"Sir Scrya seems to be acceptable"

"Fine then, in exchange, please stop with the 'your highness' crap" Antoinette said "I'm not even polite enough to be called Lady anyway. And Tiara is not a princess in traditional sense

"But you are a princess, and I knew you CAN be polite if you try" Tiara retorted

"Okay then, let's stick to Milady, I think I can understand what he feel now"

Yuuno can't help but laughed at these two's antic, they're more childish than they appear indeed. But then, he flicked his teeth, and a round shield appeared behind his back, fending two attackers that came out of nowhere.

Alph wanted to intervene, but Zafira hold her on her seat, telepathically telling her to stop and let Yuuno to handle it.

Without them able to react fully, multiple chains made of light torn their skin and clothes into shred, forming a protective web around him. Some of them skillfully dodge but without leaving the room, there's no way they can survive.

Those attackers explode into fur ball shortly after.

Yuuno break a slight sweat and said sheepishly "That was unexpected, I have to use most complex web pattern just now"

Even then, yuuno doesn't seem to be too concerned.

The chain all retracted to the floating seal around him, literally filled the room so much that no one unable to move. Slowly, those chains are pulled back magically by Yuuno, without him even moving an inch.

Antoinette screamed furiously when she got a hold on one of the defeated assailant "Gah, this is the member of Andouilette Assassination Team, what are they doing?"

"Ah, that would be my fault" Quiche bowed apologetically "It's seems that words spread pretty quickly and they wanted to test the ability of the new hero"

"But you do know that they're not protected by Flognarde magic right?"

"…hard rubber" Alph poked the scattered blade, partially melt and twisted by Yuuno's shield "Polished with metallic pigment, no wonder they can't withstand the impact and temperature"

Multiple people, all wore similarly shaped wooden mask, jumped out of their disguise and bowed.

"Geez, you could've told me. I'll let this slip but do not be spoiled; I already think of fitting punishment if you repeat such insolence"

Tiara's gaze fixed on the chains protruding from all of Yuuno's body, no, from those light circle float around him, actually. It caught her attention, the way they rattle on the floor; they have similar solidity to metal.

"Isn't that… bright power gear?"

Tia and Anthy by no means unskilled, but releasing Bright Power gear in such brief moment is nothing short of incredible, it will take plenty years of hard work for her to achieve such skill.

And that's before they count his initial reaction, unleashing a hard shell made of magic particle. Creating Flognardian particle barrier is considered rare skill, and Sir Rolan of Biscotti Knight Brigade is famous as one of the prominent user.

What a formidable hero she got here. Unfortunately, she didn't know (yet) that he is one of the least powerful amongst his peers.

Yeah, Three Aces coming to Flognard is asking for trouble.

And yeah, Ship Sinking aside, I don't plan to have pesky dramatized romance soon, backstory or otherwise. This follow Nanoha and Dog Days after all. And no, I have no particular reason of breaking the canon pairing, other than I have another ship to sail with. They will of course, appear later.

Hey, at least I didn't demonize anyone! Otherwise, I apologize. :p