Age 17, part 2

"Dad, are you sure? Do I look alright?" Peter stared at his tuxedo-clad reflection uncertainly.

"You look almost as handsome me tonight." Tony smirked as he stood beside his son and Peter gently slapped his shoulder.

"No, really; how do I look?" Peter turned towards his dad, gesturing towards his suit.

"I told you, you look like a million bucks. Relax a little; you're getting so stiff over this. She'll love you and you'll have a great time together." Tony massaged his son's shoulders a little. "Now put your jacket on and get the corsage, your girl is going to be here soon." Tony gently pat his shoulder and strode out of the room.

Peter's stomach twisted itself into numerous kinds of knots at the mention of her alone. It was like asking her to Prom all over again; his tongue was floppy and awkward and his stutter never faltered but Gwen happily said yes and kissed him right then and there in the middle of the schoolyard. He went back into his room and slowly buttoned his jacket, adorned with a cluster of white roses that Steve had bought earlier that day while he was at school. A matching corsage for Gwen lay on his bed, also provided by Steve.

His heart tripled in speed as a ring from the downstairs lobby of Stark Tower reached his ears. Well, here goes nothing he thought and ran a hand over his slicked-back hair. He left the safety of his bedroom and headed downstairs, where he heard his dads talking and laughing with Gwen, looking positively radiant.

Her hair fell upon her shoulders, spun into soft curls and touches of make-up brightened her fair skin. She was wearing a satin green dress that swirled around her calves with black lace poking out below the hem. The sash that was wound around her waist was a darker green and tiny black crystals hung from her ears. He could see her fiddling with the fringes on her sheer black shawl and tapping her kitten-heeled shoes against the marble floor, a nervous habit of her's he's noticed since they first began dating. He descended down the stairs a little more and Gwen's eyes lit up like Christmas lights; that sparkle sent a smile across his face.

"Wow, Peter you look great! You sure clean up nice." She nodded.

"Thanks, you look…" He paused, his brain shutting off at the most inconvenient time as usual. "…absolutely stunning." He mentally congratulated himself on his choice of words.

"Thank you! That's really sweet!" Gwen nodded, smiling back at him.

He felt Tony nudge his shoulder lightly. Are you forgetting something? He mouthed. Crap, he left the corsage in his room. Peter mentally kicked himself for being an idiot.

"Um, I accidentally left your corsage in my room, sorry; I'll be right back!" He laughed feeling his face warm up.

"No problem." Gwen shook her head.

Peter jogged back up the stairs, into his room and grabbed the corsage. He gently held the sparkling white roses and made his way back down the stairs, his world famous awkward smile on his face. Gwen couldn't stop smiling as he gently tied the dark ribbon around her wrist and planted a quick kiss on her lips.

"It's beautiful Peter, thank you!" She squealed.

"Snuggle up you lovebirds; we need a picture for keepsake and to show at your wedding 10 years from now." Tony said.

"Shut up dad." Peter laughed and draped his arm around Gwen as Steve took his front of them, camera in hand.

That obnoxious flash blinded his vision temporarily and the couple shook their heads, blocking it out.

"Be goofy and let loose a little steam." Tony ordered.

Peter immediately picked Gwen up and held her bridal-style. One of Gwen's arms was around his neck, and the other was waving to the camera. Tony snickered a bit.

"Miss Gwen, would you mind taking a picture of Steve and I with Peter?" Tony asked politely.

"Yeah, no problem." She nodded and took the camera from Steve as Peter's dads stood on both sides of him, arms draped around each other.

"You three make the cutest family ever." She snapped the picture and handed the camera back to Steve.

"We should get going, you two. I don't want you to be late for the biggest event of your high school career." Tony flicked his head toward the garage and ushered the couple into his silver convertible, the roof pulled over the car.

Steve waved to the high school sweethearts as Tony pulled out of the garage and onto the road. He smiled to himself; Peter was almost all grown up. It seemed like just yesterday they were trying to pry him off the ceiling and trying to stop him from chewing on everything. Peter was the best thing that he and his husband had, he couldn't have asked for a better son, for a better friend. He would always put a smile on his face after a hard day at work and always helped him fix his car and his Iron Man suit when it needed repairs. He was a gift sent from above to him and Steve.

He pulled up to the hotel's ballroom entrance and climbed out of the driver's seat, opening the door for the two. He helped Gwen out and wrapped his son in a tight hug, not caring about the dozens of other students entering and probably staring.

"Remember to have a great time and maybe let a little magic happen tonight." He whispered and winked.

"Shut up, dad." Peter laughed as Tony kissed his temple and rubbed his shoulder.

"Love you, Pete." He waved Peter good-bye.

"Love ya too, dad." He returned to Gwen and took her hand in his, walking into the Ballroom.

Tony leaned against his car and silently smiled to himself for probably the hundredth time that evening. He couldn't have been happier knowing that his son was happy too. He stood in the cool evening for a little longer and climbed back into his car, heading back to the tower to suit up. If ANYTHING fucked up his son's prom, it would have to pay some serious consequences.

Hello my pretties! Here's another chapter for you! This one was actually written like...months ago but I was waiting to put it up for chronological reasons. It's a quickie but I think it's a adorable :)
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