Peter-Age 11
Part 1

Where am I?

Even a simple thought such as that made Peter's head hurt even more; he could almost feel his sore brain pounding against the sides of his skull, sending ripples of pain all throughout his body. His wrists throbbed at the tight material wound around them, rope most likely. He groaned as he opened his eyes, only to shut them again against the blinding light above him that only worsened his headache. Peter forced himself to sit up and shook the dizziness and exhaustion from his eyes as the fog blurring his vision disappeared.

The obnoxiously bright light above reflected off the glass walls surrounding him and cast an eerie glow over the room outside of his glass prison. He made out a variety of machines lining the walls and a staircase in the far corner of the room, almost like a laboratory. Peter caught his bruised and disheveled reflection in one of the walls surrounding him and tears built up behind his eyes, only worsening his headache. Where was he? How did he get here? What the heck is going on? Where are Captain America and Iron Man when you need them?

The slam of a metal door halted his tears and his heart picked up in speed. A figure was standing in the doorway and although his features were concealed by shadows, his aura alone sent icy ripples down Peter's spine.

"Hello there…Peter Parker."

About 36 hours earlier…


Peter jumped and fell out of his seat at the kitchen table, nearly hitting his head on the floor. Steve's quizzical look was too funny to not laugh at but Peter retrained himself to a few silent giggles.

"What the heck was that?" Steve ran a hand over his neatly styled blonde hair.

"Is daddy testing a new feature on his suit?" Peter suggested. Tony was always adding new bells and whistles with every update of his Iron Man suit, each upgrade more ridiculous than the last.

Steve shook his head and jogged into the living area, where the sound was heard. The window was shattered, bits of glass covered the floor like morning dewdrops, and the piano in the corner was smashed…again; Steve made a mental note to replace the piano and move it somewhere else to avoid it being destroyed for the millionth time. There was a big silver device of some sort lying on the piano's remains, wisps grey smoke curling up from one end and a tiny metal sheet hanging off the other. Tony finally sat up, brushing dust from his dark hair and tossing back his head, laughing to himself.

"Damn, that was fun!" He climbed off the wreckage and pulled the thing from the debris, giving Steve and Peter a good look at it.

It was at least 8 feet long from tip to tip with all kinds of sharp devices hidden underneath it, including a couple of miniature guns and what looked like tiny jet boosters. There were two indents in the middle, for someone's feet Steve assumed judging by the silver bands on the sides. Overall, it closely resembled a sleek silver bat…that had accidentally flown over a campfire with the black skid marks all over the shiny metal.

"What is it dad? What does it do?" Peter gently tapped it with his foot.

"Well…it's a funny story actually." Tony began. "I was in a conference meeting with Norman Osborn and some other important people the other day and we were talking about my Ark Reactor energy and Osborn's weapons and how we could combine them for military usage…once we get past our differences that is, which will probably never happen. Anyway, we took a break halfway through and Osborn stepped out to talk to one of his assistants and I noticed that he left a folder on his chair. So I decided to take a peek and I saw some blueprints to a glider he was probably working on that I thought looked cool-"

"Wait a second," Steve cut him off as his eyebrows furrowed. "You're telling me that you STOLE Norman Osborn's blueprints?" Steve confirmed as his voice rose in volume slightly.

"I wouldn't say stole, it was more borrowing his idea and making it my own." Tony pointed to himself and Peter noticed he was wearing the boots and gloves to his Iron Man suit.

"But Tony, you and Norman have been at each other's throats for YEARS! Imagine what would happen to Stark Industries if he found out about this!" Steve gestured towards the slightly battered glider.

"His son Harry is in my class." Peter mentioned but Steve and Tony paid no attention to his comment.

"Relax, who said Normandy was ever going to find out? Besides, I'm not officially releasing this to the public, I'm just using it for my own entertainment." Tony hopped onto the device and the metal bands snapped over his Iron Man boots. "Do you wanna go for a spin, Pete?"

"Yeah!" He replied almost immediately and frolicked over to where Tony was standing.

"Tony," Steve began but stopped. Maybe he should relax a little, let Tony has his fun and store it away afterwards. After all, Tony has been picking on him for years for being uptight and over-cautious at time.

"Yes dear?" Tony looked at Steve and Peter climbed onto his back, wrapped his arms around his neck and his legs around his waist.

Steve shook his head. "Nothing, just put that away when you're done so Norman doesn't sue you and cause the company to go bankrupt."

"Aye-aye Captain America!" Tony saluted, earning a small smile from Steve before he returned to the kitchen.

"Told on tight Peter, this might get a little bumpy." Tony cautioned as the footholds began to glow underneath his boots.

The glider jerked up and Peter tightened his grip around Tony's neck, careful not to choke him. Tony shifted his weight from side to side, steadying himself before he grinned wickedly at Peter and before he knew it, he was speeding down the side of Stark Tower at god-knows-how-fast. He didn't know whether he wanted to scream from excited or from fear of being flattened into a good ol' Manhattan-style sidewalk pancake. Tony pulled up at the last second as a yelp of excited escaped from Peter's lips as they soared over the skyline of the city.

Tony glanced behind his shoulder and grinned at amount of zeal on his son's face. He's always dreamed of flying through the city and Tony was always worried he might get hurt but now that he's a little older, he's finally living that dream. Tony tilted the glider to the side and rounded the side of the Chrysler building, catching a glimpse of a couple open-mouthed pedestrians below. Peter waved and let out another screech of excitement. The wind in his ears, the bird's-eye view of The Big Apple, and the adrenaline speeding through his veins…so this is what it's like to fly, this is how Tony feels when he's in his Iron Man suit.

He felt the world tilt on its side as Tony sped through an alley and shot back up suddenly, nearly tugging Peter off Tony's body. The inventor sensed his son's distress and hovered over the top of a building, adjusting Peter's grip around his neck and waist.

"How you holding up there, Spidey?" He asked.

"Awesome! This is so much fun!" Peter's grin was still plastered on his face.

Tony's world-famous smile appeared on his face and the two continued their run, err flight, across the city. Time was now a foreign concept and it was just the two of them in their world of speed and excitement. Peter shut his eyes and enjoyed the wind as it ran through his hair and blew around his body. The world flipped upside down and Peter's laugh echoed all over the city, now bathed in gold from the sun descending below the horizon. Tony flipped again for Peter's own amusement around Stark Tower before making a sharp turn into his garage under the tower.

Sadly landing the glider still wasn't Tony's strength and it smacked against the floor, causing Tony, and Peter to topple on top of each other with the glider still attached to Tony's feet. Tony was still laughing as he released his feet from the glider's footholds and pulled Peter to his feet.

"How was it?" He asked as he walked over to a silver platform and held up his arms.

"THAT WAS SO COOL!" Peter was jumping up and down with excitement as JARVIS removed Tony's gloves and boots. "Is that how you feel all the time when you're flying?"

"Generally, but I don't have a lot of time to think about that when I'm saving the world." Tony ruffled Peter's hair and the two headed upstairs.

Peter fluffed his pillow for what must've been the two-thousandth time that night and closed his eyes again, forcing himself to sleep. Still no luck, not even at 11:30 at night. He rolled over, away from the window, and let his eyes follow the flowing, gelatinous blobs inside his lava lamp. Most night, his relaxed him and his restlessness would fade away quickly, sending him off to sleep. But tonight was different and Peter wasn't sure why. It was a beautiful night; there was no rain, no thunder, and the moon cast a dim silvery light over the city, not too bright and not too dark. Peter groaned and buried his face in his pillow, his hand still holding Pepper's spider plushie.

Finally, he gave up and kicked off his comforter, yawning and stretching. Warm milk would help him sleep, it always does. Peter poured himself a glass and warmed it up, humming a Van Halen song to himself that Tony had been blasting a couple days before. He took a small sip before a crash caught his ear's attention. Peter set the glass down on the counter and followed the sound of the crash, to the living room. He stayed against the wall as he made out bits of broken glass littering the floor from the window over-looking the city.

His stomach dropped as the bottom of his head tingled. He whirled around, expecting to meet someone, but all he met was the wall. Someone, or something, was definitely in the room, lurking in the shadows most likely. Peter tiptoed over the silvery shards and panned the room even more, but still didn't see anything but the remains of that poor piano from earlier, the usual furniture, and glass. He took another step and his skull tingled again. What the heck was-

The world was suddenly drenched in black.

Someone was shaking him, hard. Tony shoved whoever was shaking him and buried himself in the blankets even deeper. Just five more minutes, five more precious minutes would be absolutely great. His wish wasn't granted, sadly, as the blankets covering him were ripped off and a cold breeze washed over him, clad in a thin black tank top and baggy sweatpants.

"Tony get up, now!" Steve barked in his 'military voice' as Tony liked to call it.

"What is it, dear? Can't it wait?" Tony murmured against his pillow, yawning.

"No, it can't!" Steve meant business, important business.

Iron Man forced himself up and cracked his neck before following his husband down the hall into their living room, now coated with broken glass. Tony's mouth dropped open as Steve put a hand on his shoulder and gulped.

"And Peter…he's missing." He said quietly.

"What the hell do you mean he's missing?" Tony nearly screamed.

"He's gone Tony, that's what it means! He's not in his room or anywhere in the tower, I had JARVIS check twice! He just disappeared!" Steve yelled back, his voice nearly equaling the volume of Tony's.

"He can't just disappear! He…" Tony eye caught a thin object by the demolished piano.

He ran across the room, completely ignoring the fact that he was walking on broken glass, and picked it up. Steve carefully jogged over to where his husband was as Tony's jaw dropped open and his eyes grew as wide as the ark reactor on his chest. Steve raised an eyebrow as Tony held up a piece of paper to him, his knuckles white and his fist shaking from gripping it.

"Osborn." He spat as if the name itself tasted like rotten meat. "Osborn's got Peter."

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