Age 11, part 2

"What did I tell you about stealing Norman Osborn's blueprints? I told you something bad was bound to happen!" Steve chewed out Tony for what must've been the 200th time in three hours.

"I GET IT STEVE, I GET IT!" Tony yelled back as he flew over in the city in his Iron Man suit. Steve winced at his loud voice slamming against his eardrum. "I really fucked up this time and I'll sit in the naughty corner later but now we have to focus on finding Peter!"

Even after more than three hours of gleaning all five burrows for their beloved son, their search was fruitless. Even the Oscorp tower held no sign of Peter. The note left on the piano gave almost no help what-so-ever, as it read:

You want your son back?

Tony was getting desperate, Steve could hear it in his voice. He wanted to find his only son too, but panicking would do nothing to help their cause. Steve sighed as he steered his motorcycle behind an old building as Tony hovered to the ground, shaking his head.

"Nothing." He spat. "Absolutely nothing." He muttered as his face mask opened.

"Same here, Tony. But we can't give up, we know Peter is somewhere in the city waiting for us. We'll find him." Steve put a gloved hand on Tony's shoulder.

"But what if Osborn's killed him already! What if he's waiting for us to find so he could show us our dead son's body!" Tony snapped back.

"Tony, you're now just over-reacting. Osborn wouldn't kill Peter over stolen blueprints that you didn't even put on the market. You just have to cool your head-" Steve began as Tony clenched his teeth.

"I'M NOT OVER-REACTING, THERE'S A PRETTY DAMN GOOD POSSIBILITY HE COULD'VE KILLED HIM ALREADY!" Tony screamed. "We're wasting time talking, we HAVE to find him!" He turned down his face mask and took off without another word over the city.

Steve shook his head at Tony's hot-headed temper, climbed back onto his motorcycle, and headed back onto the streets.


"I-I-I didn't do anything! What do you want?" Peter cried the figure entered his glass chamber and leaned against the wall.

"You know very well what I want." A dry whisper echoed in the tiny case.

The light hit him and Peter backed up a couple steps at the sight of him. The green macabre goblin mask on him only enhanced that sickening grin on his face and his purple cloak, the color matching his bodysuit, hung tattered around his neck and fell to his ankles. He tossed a mini pumpkin up and down in his clawed hands and adjusted a brown messenger bag around his shoulders, his gaze never leaving Peter.

"I-I don't...I really don't!" Peter quivered.

The goblin took a few more steps towards Peter, closing the distance between them.

"Your deplorable father stole something that rightfully belongs to me!" He grabbed Peter's shirt collar and forced him up to his face so his eyes were burning into Peter's.

"But-But I don't have the plans! I can't help you!" Peter cried again, wriggling from his grasp.

"YOU can't!" He jabbed a sharp finger against Peter's chest. "But your damn father can fix this quite easily...or he can make it a lot harder, on him at least." He sneered and whipped a knife in the shape of a bat from his bag. "For the Green Goblin, this could be quite fun!"

"NO!" Peter screamed and kicked the Green Goblin in his stomach, causing him to release him.

Peter jumped above the goblin, trying to catch his breath, and stuck himself to the outside wall of the chamber. He felt himself tremble as the Green Goblin turned around and threw the knife at him. Peter jumped across the room to the wall and his attacker drew a pumpkin from the brown bag around his shoulder and threw it at the boy, who jumped to the side but it didn't do a thing as the bomb exploded. Peter lost his grip on the wall and rolled across the ground, groaning in pain.

He felt his body forced upward and the room flew past him in a blur. Peter felt himself smash against the glass chamber that had held him earlier, sending hard of glass all over the room. The Green Goblin took great pleasure in hearing his screams of pain as he placed a foot on Peter's chest to stop him from climbing to his feet. A few scratches had appeared on his face and a cut on his forearm leaked blood all over his arm. The kid was putting up a good fight for a kid like him but he was no match for the Green Goblin. He drew another bat knife and Peter braced himself before he grabbed the blade.

Spidey wanted to scream but that would only fuel the goblin more. Peter pulled the knife from his grasp and slashed it across his shoulder with all his might. He felt himself fall to the ground as the goblin cried out and Peter pulled himself to his feet and ran out of the room, the goblin's cursing following him into the labyrinth of halls he had just entered. Peter didn't have a clue where he was running or where he wanted to run but anywhere was better than the goblin's grasp.

He could soon hear the Green Goblin's angry footsteps behind him and the speed of his heart tripled. Peter forced himself to go faster, trying to avoid being hurt again. He caught sight of a door coming up on his right and without a second thought, dashed into the room. Peter held his breath for a moment as the goblin sped past the door and he let it out in a relieved whistle. He calmed himself down and panned the room he was in, only to find it full of electric equipment including a...microphone? He cautiously walked up to it and a keyboard rested beside it with the letters printed, OUTGOING LOCATION written below it.

Is it some kind of voice transmitter? Peter thought to himself.

He gulped and hesitantly turned on the microphone on. He had no clue what he was doing but it was worth a try. Slowly, he typed STARK TOWERS, pressed enter, and a tiny red light flashed on the microphone's base.

"Dads, help me. I'm trapped with some sort of goblin thing and I have no clue where I-"

The door behind him burst open and Peter whirled around only to come face-to-face with the Green Goblin.

Back with Tony and Steve...

"Incoming message, sir." JARVIS informed as Tony flew over the city.

"Tell Pepper his isn't the greatest-" Tony began in an irritated tone.

"This message isn't from Miss Potts, shall I play it?" JARVIS requested.

Tony raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, play it."

"Dads, help me." Tony's heart crawled into his throat at the sound of Peter's breathless voice. "I'm trapped with some sort of goblin thing and I have no clue where I-" A loud BANG interrupted him and he hear Peter gasp. "Help me, please! I need yo-" The message turned to static.

"Trace the message back to its source ASAP!" Tony commanded.

"Right away, sir."

"Steve, I think I might have found Peter." Steve almost fell off his motorcycle at the news.

"Really? Where?" Steve replied into his earpiece.

"According to JARVIS, some wear house just outside of the city. I got this distress signal from Peter coming from there so we should move fast!" Tony quickly explained.

Steve kicked up the speed on his motorcycle and zoomed across the city, following the form of Tony flying above him. Deep in the back of his mind a thought occurred to him that it might be a trap; Tony's desperation to find their son will make him believe any sort of hint leading to Peter no matter how silly or shady it was. Steve shook his head to throw the thought out of his head; no, this was a good, solid hint and it had a very high probability of leading them straight to Peter.

As the location neared, Tony's sharpened his vision and scanned the area for his son. Steve parked his motorcycle in an empty parking lot nearby and followed Tony on foot, shield in hand. An eerie silence was hanging over the area and it wasn't letting up anytime soon. Steve climbed up the fire escape of a building and nearly fell over at the sight before him. A man dressed in a hideous goblin costume was tightly gripping Peter and held a bat-shaped knife up to his throat. Peter's chocolate eyes held panic and were shiny with tears. The goblin tightened his grip as Peter trembled.

"Tony, I found Peter!" Steve announced into his earpiece.

Iron Man landed beside Steve seconds later, joining the standoff against the Green Goblin. He looked from Steve, to Tony, to Steve, then to Tony again.

"You know what I want, do you have it?" He growled.

Tony pulled the folded blueprint from a compartment on his suit, one of his recent additions.

"Here's your damn blueprints." Tony held them out and the Green Goblin took a few steps towards him but Tony drew back his hand. "Release Peter first."

"How do I know you're just going to run off with the boy AND the blueprints as soon as I return him?" The Green Goblin demanded with a hiss to his voice.

"Because we don't want Peter to get hurt and we don't fight unless it is absolutely necessary." Steve answered.

The Green Goblin rolled his eyes. "Oh, all right...take the boy." The goblin pushed Peter away from him and he immediately ran into Steve's strong arms.

Tony approached the Green Goblin and he snatched the blueprints from his hand immediately. Tony turned around to his son but felt himself fall over as a blast shook the building and smoke kicked up around them. Steve shielded Peter as the smoke cleared, revealing the goblin holding a pumpkin bomb in his hands.

"Peter, go take cover somewhere safe." Steve commanded.

"But dad-" Peter protested.

"Do it! It's not safe!" Steve yelled back.

Peter scampered off, leaving his dads against the Green Goblin on the roof. He threw another bomb at Steve but he easily deflected it with his shield while Tony shot a repulser beam at him. The goblin grinned and jumped up onto a prototype glider, similar to that of Tony's, above him and avoided it. Tony took off and shot another beam at him, which he easily dodged and the Green Goblin threw a couple of bat knifes at Iron Man. Steve threw his shield from below, knocking away the knives and Tony nodded to him a silent thanks.

The Green Goblin shot towards Tony and tossed another bomb at him, but Iron Man caught it and threw it back just as it exploded in mid-air. The blast threw back the goblin but he easily regained his balance. Tony fired a swam of small repulser blasts at him, but the Green Goblin simply flew up a little higher and dove straight at him. Tony didn't have time to react before he grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the roof of the building.

Tony climbed to his feet as Steve threw his shield at the goblin. The shield bounced off his glider, knocking him, and faithfully came right back onto Steve's arm. Iron Man and Captain America didn't need to communicate as Tony fired a repulser beam at Steve and he deflected it with shield, aiming the beam straight at the Green Goblin. The blast tossed him off the roof and he fell down the side of building.

Steve sighed in relief but it was cut short as the goblin rose above the two on his glider, grinning that vile grin of his. Tony cursed under his breath as he fired a bunch of tiny missiles at him, which he easily dodged and tossed a pumpkin bomb at the two on the roof. Steve blocked the blast with his shield and threw it at his green enemy. The Green Goblin threw yet another bomb at it, throwing it off course and it crashed down onto the building. The goblin felt cool metal wrap around his neck and nearly fell off his glider. Iron Man tightened his grip on his throat as the glider rocked back and forth uncontrollably.

Steve quickly jumped up and grabbed onto the sides of the glider, disrupting the balance even more. He griped the end of the wing and tore it off almost effortlessly. The glider began to fall as Steve jumped back onto the roof and Tony released his grip. The Green Goblin had no choice but to retreat as he shakily steered the glider away from the heroes, cursing him both out until he flew out of sight.

"Peter, it's safe now." Tony said as he lifted up his face mask and Steve retrieved his shield.

Peter slowly climbed up the side of the building and Steve took him in his arms and climbed back down the fire escape; he could feel the kid shaking in his arms. Tony hovered close by as Peter climbed onto Steve's motorcycle and held onto his dad tightly as they sped back home.

Peter was still trembling like a leaf by the time they reached Stark Towers. Steve pulled off his Captain America hood and draped Peter's favorite blanket around his shoulders as Tony came running in, his Iron Man suit discarded. Steve wrapped Peter in his strong arms and gently rocked him, like he did as a baby, as Tony sat beside him and gently stroked his hair. Tears weren't able to fall from Peter's eyes; he was too deep in a of a shock to even process what had just happened.

"It's okay Peter, it's okay. You're here with us now, you're okay, nothing is going to hurt you." Steve reassured and held his trembling body against his and Peter could feel his body heat seeping through the blanket cocooning his body.

"Nothing's going to happen to you here, you're safe." Tony added. "Did he hurt you?"

Peter simply nodded and held up his arm, covered in blood from the cut on his forearm. Tony ran to the bathroom and returned a few moments later with medical supplies and tall glass of water.

"Drink, it'll make you feel better." Tony held up the glass to Peter.

Peter took a long sip and held out his arm for Tony to treat his wound. He gently cleaned it off with rubbing alcohol, causing Peter to momentarily wince, and Steve hugged him a little more. Tony wiped the blood off his arm with a washcloth, gently wrapped a white bandage around his arm, and kissed Peter's forehead.

"You'll be just fine Pete, you'll be just fine." Tony reassured and embraced Peter.

Peter nodded again, closed his eyes, and was asleep seconds later. Steve picked up the boy and carried him to his room silently with his husband close behind. He gently laid him down on his bed the pulled the covers over him. Tony sat at the foot of his bed and rubbed his back soothingly. Steve stood beside him as the two just watched Peter sleep and nothing more.

"We have to teach him to fight." Tony said suddenly, looking up at Steve.

"But Tony, he's only eleven…" Steve continued looking at Peter's sleeping form.

"But what if something like this happens again? He'll need to know how to defend himself." Tony replied sharply.

"What happened today was the result of you making a mistake that Norman saw as provocation and is likely to never happen again as long as you don't steal his work." Steve explained but Tony didn't buy it.

"It's not a matter of something like this happening again, it's a matter of him knowing how to protect himself!" Tony said back defensively.

"Shh, you'll wake Peter," Steve gestured to their son. "I think him being able to wall crawl is enough for now, seeing he's just eleven."

Tony sighed deeply, figuring there was no point talking about it now. "Okay, but can we at least teach him a few hand-to-hand combat moves when he's recovered from today?"

Steve nodded and he and his husband left the room. "We'll give this some more thought later, but for now let's just be thankful that Peter's okay."

"Right." Tony said through a yawn. "I need to go to bed myself, I'm exhausted. Goodnight Steve." He gave his husband a quick kiss.

"Goodnight Tony, breakfast is on me in the morning." Steve promised.

"It better be pancakes." Tony requested.

Author: Ahh...the productivity summer brings when it comes to fanfiction writing. It took me FOREVER to write this because my keyboard is a little screwy and I had to type this on my iPad, which took a while, and I had to e-mail it to myself.

I'm quite happy with how this chapter turned out and expect more frequent updates now that I have more free time (FINALLY!). I also have an original novel in the works and have posted some short stories and poems on my fictionpress account, so check those out if you want. My username is Stair Goblin!