I know your all expecting chapter 1 but I have had a similar idea for a fanfiction where Mia fleas to America to attend college after disagreements over marriage proposals. I do have the first part of this fanfic ready so heres what I have wrote so far. There is too ideas so tell me what you think and which story line I need to stick to.

"I already told you, and that means my decision is final"

"your moving into your dorm tomorrow". "go pack" Dad added. He only adds things and to prove to Grandmere that he is a responsible parent. I know he's not and so does Grandmere, sometimes she has to prompt him to say things to me, know wonder she has me in her sight to be next in line for the throne. "fine" I yelled and stormed off, but not before catching "told you she would warm up to it". So they want me to go to a college that they think is suitable for me, yes that gets me their appreciation but if I follow their dreams then for the rest of my life I will regret it. I have prior arrangements which the family don't know about, they believe I got into Sarah Lawrence and the University of Genovia.

List of Colleges that Princess Amelia Migonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo got into



Columbia (which I plan to go to)



and seriously im not going to mention what else other Colleges I got into.

I picked Columbia because its not as big as some of the other colleges but at the same time has a lot to offer for me and provides the coverage from my other world (Princess) as possible. Well Hogwarts would give me more but seriously (as everyone tells me) Hogwarts doesn't exist.

It stops halfway through but that was when I found similar piece already wrote up on my laptop, heres a part off it

disclaimer- I don't own any of the characters all rights go to Meg Cabot

Chapter 1

"attention passengers we will be arriving in manhattan in an hour"The captain said over the speaker. It's a fresh start I said to myself in my head, no one to tell me what to do or who to marry. My name is Amelia Renaldo princess of Genovia but after disagrements with my dad and grandmere over marriage proposals here I am. To be honoust I paniked and here I am running away with my fake ID (dont ask where she got it from lets say she has links to people who would do anything for her), no bodygaurd and starting a college in the middle of a state which I have never visited before in my life but decided to attend because I liked the sound of the name.

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