Summary : nobody would have thought that a simple accident would have big consequences like this

My 1st fanfic redone

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The ages are Alan and my ocs - 14 Gordon 18 Virgil 20 john 22 Scott 24

"It shouldn't be Ally in hospital It should be me if didn't leave him he would be fine" Gordon thought to himself while passing his brothers room for the what felt like the 100th time this day.


Me and Alan had just got our hover bikes to go for a few laps for a hour or two . when I had to get us lost somewhere while it was already getting dark.

We were looking for a way out I told him to stay there of course then the Tracy stubbornness came in but I managed to get him to stay there in the end but he must of freaked out as next thing I know I'm hearing a large cry of pain the silence so I hopped on to my hover bike and when I find him he's out cold with a bad concussion and a broken leg .

End of flashback.

J - S - J - V - G - A

Later on

Jeff pov

I'm sat hear with Virgil and Gordon waiting for news on Alan while Scott picks John up from thunderbird 5 . I remembered how panicked I became when I got the call from Gordon saying Alan was hurt and was unconscious so then I told Scott Virgil and that was a disaster.


"Scott Virgil come to my office please its about your brothers" less then a minute later they was both in my office.

'Dad what's wrong?' Scott asked as soon as he was in the room.

well I just had a call of Gordon apparently Alan's hurt I told them.

Less then 5 seconds later Scott went into full blown over protective brother time

"WHAT!? When? who? why? " he screamed.

While Virgil just sat there in shock I needed to get Scott to calm down.


"Sorry Dad "he said .

"Virgil are you ok?" I asked .

He looked up with a sad face.

"Is he ddddddead ?" Virgil said sadly.

Scott eyes filled with tears and as soon as he said it Virgil burst out crying

No he's not dead Virgil rushing over to comfort my sons

he is just hurt but we don't know how badly so we are going to ring John and ask him where Alan and Gordon watch tracker is

They both replied with ok


We found out they where right in the middle of the forest if it had taken us any longer my baby boy could have died I sent Scott to get John from thunderbird 5 while we went to collect Alan and Gordon and get Alan checked over at the hospital so John and Scott should be hear any minute now oh here they are

"John Scott over here"

"Hey dad any news on the sprout yet? "John asked

"No not yet they should have some news soon though ".

Just as I finish saying that a doctor calls family or guardian of Alan Sheppard Tracy

That's us we all say

"Well Mr Tracy we have good news and bad news...


Hey guys this a redone version of chapter 1 and 2 but I'm sorting it out so see ya soon