Somewhere in a place called Grimsby England
"LILLLLLLLYYYYYYYY" I heard somebody shout but straight after.
"Hey Lills I heard you ok. "It was my one of my best friend Katherine along with Josie Ebony and Emily.
I replied "yeh just one of my usual headache shall we go see if Devon and Kyra are in school already".
I was replied with 4 yeses so we made our way to school.
You see I met Kyra and Emily in year 7 and Katherine , Josie , Ebony and Devon in primary ever since then we have been best of friends me and Ebony are sisters by adoption Katherine is a cousin by adoption and the rest of the gang are my best friends.
We walked in the doors and it looked like everybody was looking at us.
So Ebony shouted "what you looking at "so everybody stopped staring.
I rolled my eyes it was typical Ebony to shout out.
Out of all my friends
I and Devon are the leaders.
Ebony and Kyra are the funny ones.
And Josie and Katherine are the helpful ones.
But sadly there all protective of me because I'm the youngest and I usually get my headaches or random shots of pain but I don't know what I'd do with out them .
I heard somebody shout "hey Lills Ebbs Josie Katie ".
We looked to our left and saw Kyra and Devon walking towards us.
"Hey Dev Kyra how are you "I ask.
"I'm ok" they both say synch.
Its weird we all speak in synch quite a few times the teachers get us mixed up because me and Katherine look a lot alike so you can tell what they do
(It's a true story these girls called Annie and Lily there triplets and I can never tell them apart luckily they have a triplet who's a boy)
"So how are you Lily no more headaches I hope" Devon asked me giving me the glare.
"Only one small one Dev I didn't hurt that bad "I said n a small voice.
"Lills you've got to get checked out you have had them to long" Katherine said.
"Yes but you know why I get them ".
"Yes we know why but you still have to get yourself checked out they all said".
At the same time you see what I mean they all start gaining up on me.
"Ok I'll tell you if it starts hurting and if it hurts to bad I'll go to the nurse better?"
Much "they all replied." So Emily Katie have you done you homework for Mrs Gibson? ".
"Yes "they both replied.' What about you lot "I asked Dev Josie and Kyra.
"Yes we have done ours too" they replied.
'Ok so let's getting going we don't want old bird brain after us do we " I said.
We all shivered at the mention of old bird brain she is the most evil teacher in the world she loves all the girly girl ones not like us.
"Yes let's go she will properly have a go at us anyway" Josie said.

A few minutes later about to line up for Miss Birdbrain aka miss Howard
"So what were you to on weekend Dev "?
"It was alright I went to see my dad how was yours you three "she asked.
"We had a major sleep over and we were up all night "Me Katie and Ebo replied.
"What about you two "I asked turning to Kyra and Emily.
"Mine was ok I saw Dylan "Emily replied Dylan was Em's older brother who moved away.
"Mine was boring I got dragged to Horncastle "Kyra replied.
"Oh great birdbrain is here now "Dev whispered".
"Oh great see you guys after than "I whispered.
We all did our special handshake and entered the classroom
Virgil pov
At the hospital after Alan had woken up and told Jeff.
"Hey dad do you want me to go get grandma "Virgil said after they all stud outside after Alan had fallen asleep.
"Oh crap I forgot all about it" Dad replied.
"But yes can you get your grandma please Virgil "Dad finished
"Ok ill use Tracy 1 where is she Grimsby isn't it
"Yes it is Grimsby as she is visiting Marie because that's where she moved when she left Kansas " Dad replied
"Ok I'll got tell Scott Gordy and John that I'm going " I responded
I got a nod of my dad and a keep safe from all of them excluding. Alan as he was still asleep

A few hours later
After getting Tracy 1 sorted and in the sky I was about 3 quarters of the way there I looked across from him and saw that the sun was starting to set and it was becoming a orange colour . I was going to have to paint a picture of that when Al was out of hospital .

An I am so sorry things have been though for me at home and school this is proberly going to be the last update till new year because I found out my dog might not make it through Christmas which had devastated my whole family so thanks for the reviews J and to Jo who told me that this didn't need any editing to it

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