Episode 01-

The Contract

Arkham; a city in which the strong rule the weak . Black Lodge, a dark criminal syndicate rules the city with an iron fist, holding themselves above the law. Rather, they are the law. The police fear the Black Lodge. The people fear the Lodge.

Leading the organization is the Anticross, a secretive, highly privileged group of magi, people who can control the very elements. Some had likened this unique ability to that of witchcraft. They couldn't be closer to the truth. However; the major threat of the Anticross and the Black Lodge lies in their Black Lodge Robots, created by one Doctor West.

And amidst all of this; the gears of destiny move, each poised for a different path. It is which here, in this city darkened with fear and horrors beyond mortal comprehension, is where our story begins.


The sounds etched across the field of battle.

The sound of metal crashing against metal.

The two gods stood across from each other. They both remained steadfast in their dedication. Each blow was heavier than the last. Each punch thrown, each blast of energy fired and each movement was thrown with weight.

The black giant stood there, taunting the other blood red giant.

The blood red giant lunged forward, it's movements almost overcome by an animal instinct. For a moment within that second, the black giant seemingly smiled across it's from it's metal face.

That was the end of the giant of the blood red.

The immense being quickly fell, into the immense blue sphere below.

"She will fall to that city. That is without doubt." A dark and sinister voice ran out from the immense black god.

"Yes, my master." Another voice replied, a voice that seemed to encompass many outcomes.

"And so, destiny repeats itself."


Arkham City;

9:00 AM


"And so, I carefully examined the evidence. The culprit was clearly someone I knew. How else would they have been able to access my account? With that in mind, I discovered something."

"Let me guess, Mr. Daijuuji. It was your empty bank account." The blonde haired women stared at the brown haired young man.

"That's right, Sister. It was empty."

"Oh, geez. What am I going to do with you?" Sister Leica sighed as she quickly scooped the money lying on the table with a large grin crossing her face. "Kurou, I'll be needing more this weekend."

"Oh, what's this?" Kurou Daijuuji felt his mind slowly fall down into the depths of despair. "Oh yes, this. I'm hearing my own theme song. Is it really over already? That's it. I've never met a fair woman, I've never had decent food, I've never a decent job. Here it all ends."

"Who are you talking to, Kurou? Nobody's here except for us." The blonde women let loose a sigh of disbelief.

"Forget about it, Sister." Kurou sighed. "I'll be going." Kurou slowly stood and pushed his chair in and was just about when Leica yelled towards him.

"Don't forget to look for another job!"


Daijuuji Detective Office;

Arkham City;

12: 00 PM


"Ah, yes. This is the Daijuuji Detective Office. Um, no. Mr. Daijuuji isn't in the moment. Can I take a message?" The young man grasped the nearby table for a pencil and paper. Lady Luck was not on his side this day. With a flick of his the young man's fingers, a sudden swell in the air.

The sudden swelling of air was immediately dispelled as the old wooden door slammed open. The young man froze in place. His eyes widened and his throat dried, all within an instant.

"Yo, Aika! Grab me a drink, okay?"

The familiar desperate voice rang throughout the room. The sudden smell of warm soup wafted into the young man's nose. The splintering sound of broken wood filled his eardrums. The young man's senses were on high alert. A single mistake could mean the end of his career.

"Mr. Daijuuji," The young man slowly took his glowing palm and put it behind his back, "There's a phone call for you. They say it's important. Someone called Hadi…Hadori. Oh! That's it! Hadou Ruri!"

"Hadou?" Kurou Daijuuji poked his head around the corner, still unbuttoning his black cloak. "As in THAT Hadou? Hadou Financial Group?"

"I think." Aika sighed. "There's only one Hadou in Arkham City, Mr. Daijuuji. Oh, Miss Crusade called. Said something about a tab."

Kurou felt a sinister grin encroach across his face. "Yeah, yeah. Tell her get back to her. But that's beside the point!" Kurou pondered the thought for a moment. "This is the Hadou Financial Group! THE Hadou Financial Group! If they're looking for a lonely detective like me, yeah…no."

Aika opened his available hand and brought across Kurou's face. "Do you even pay attention? They're willing to pay YOU. The man on the phone said something about looking for a Grimoire."

"If that's it, I'll look."

"Thank you, Mr. Daijuuji." Aika let loose a sigh of relief as the air finally subsided in his right palm. "I'll be going now. I have to go tell my sister the good news."

"The good news?" Kurou raised an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah, that's right. I haven't told you yet. Well, you see, today will most likely be my last day in Arkham City."

"Last day?"

"That's right. My application came back the other day. They accepted it. I've finally done it. Next week, I'll no longer be Kazuma "Aika" Resolute. I'll be Ensign Resolute, onboard the Earth Federation battleship, Ra Cailum captained by One Bright Noah and the Mobile Suit Task Force led the White Devil himself, Amuro Ray."

"Good for you?" Kurou sighed as he laid back on the torn couch.

"What? I thought you would be happy for me considering I've always been here, getting in the way. I thought you'd be glad to have me gone."

"Not my idea in the first place. Ask Sister Lecia."

"I guess it was her doing after all." Aika let loose a sigh. "Oh well. Been fun, Kurou. You were, how you say, a lovable idiot?"

"Thanks?" Kurou closed his eyes and let out a sigh.

"I'll be going now, so yeah, sayonara." Aika looked one final time at the room he'd spent a year working in. It was bare bones but it had somewhat of a charm that he couldn't see himself replacing. Somewhere deep in his heart, Aika knew he would miss this place.




Arkham City Airport;


1: 00 PM

"Now boarding for Kennedy Space Center, now boarding for Florida's Kennedy Space Center." The intercom rang out .

Arkham City's very small airport was laid out in such a manner that would make the average flight passenger sick before they even managed to reach the plane. However; Kazuma Resolute was anything from ordinary.

"Spending a year working Daijuuji sure paid off." Aika softly muttered underneath his breath. A moment ago, he had been fine. Now, air sickness had struck him harder then he had ever imagined. Aika held his bag in front of him tightly. "God damn it." He felt his stomach heave.

"Attention, passengers. If you look outside of your windows, we are currently experiencing a mana resistance effect. To put it in layman's terms, you can see the physical mana as the density of the concentration is so high." The intercom went on but people had already begun to disrupt it.

"Hey, did you see that?!" The passenger in front of Aika looked out her window. "It was all black and almost entire pitch black. It wasn't the mana, that's for sure." She spoke her mind very frantically, almost as if she had seen a ghost.

"Attention passengers," The intercom began again but didn't continue. "What the hell is that?!" The voice rang out of the pilot's cabin. "What the hell!" A scream. No, it wasn't a scream. It sounded almost…demonic.

Aika tensed up. He wanted to move but his muscles froze. His mind was still there but his muscles refused to obey any command.

A screech. No, more like claws of a cat.

Then it happened.

The entire left side of the plane, opposite of where Aika was sitting, was torn open. Black tendrils quickly entered through the newly made hole. They slithered, almost like snakes. When they reached the passengers, they quickly split, wrapped themselves around them and forcefully dragged them out of the hole.

Some of them weren't so lucky.

Aika felt his stomach heave. This was wrong. He wanted to scream but his body wouldn't listen. It was as if he was living a nightmare. He closed his eyes. He could still hear the screams of the people being dragged.

"Oh god. I don't want to die. This is just too wrong. I don't want to die!" His mind raced as if trying to find a solution to this horror he had found himself in. What did he do wrong?

"Hey, human."

A voice. Aika opened his eyes. He was the only left in the entire plane. If that was true, it was going to crash. But where had the voice come from? Aika looked around but it was true. He was the only one left.


The voice rang out again. This time, even louder. Clearer too. It wasn't a human voice. It was a growl like that of a lion.

"Do you want to live? Do you want to survive this horrific ordeal? If you do, answer me!"

"I…I do." Aika softly muttered, swallowing his own spit down his throat.

"I don't know what the hell's going on. I don't what the hell I did. One thing's for sure, there's so much more I want to do!" He screamed at the top of his lungs to the point his throat was dry. "I just want to survive!"

"Then let that be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, human. Oh, I don't even know your name."


"No, not that one. Your soul name. The name of your soul, damn it!"

"That…" Who the hell was this talking to him like this? Whoever the hell it was, it was way different from Kurou's treatment of him.

"My name is Kazuma Resolute. That's what you wanted to know, right?"

"Yep! And with that, Registration Complete! Nice to meet you, Kazuma! I'm looking forward to our prosperous relationship!"